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Lifetime Movie Network XXL: The Bride He Bought Online : One of my first Lifetime recaps that an actor from the movie read and commented on! Shout out to actor Randy Blekitas for having such a great sense of humor.

Lifetime Movie Network 2 1/2: My Stepdaughter: Lifetime teens are superfun; make sure to marry a man with one.

Lifetime Movie Network Recap: Stalked By My Doctor The Return : Dr. Paw Paw The Lech, aka Dr. McCreepy, aka Dr. Beck is back. And this time, he is serving up poo poo tea and pancakes spelling out a teenage girl he's got the funky bones for! #MUSTWATCH

Lifetime Movie Network Recap: You May Now Kill The Bride : Lifetime celebrates bridal season with your typical #Lifetimepsychodoingpsychothings and a little "ew" factor on the side.

5 Crazy Things That Happened At My Wedding : No wedding is perfect! But really tho, my wedding was dope.

Lifetime Movie Network Recap: Killer Coach : More like "Killer Cooch." Ba dum dum, tss!

That Night We Starred In Tex Mex-Machina, Or Donna The Evil Robot Waitress : No one should come between me and my chips and salsa. Or my alcohol. Donna must be stopped.