About me

All About Mili Wifey

Born and raised in the Dirty South.

New resident of Boston, Massachusetts because #militaryspouselife.

I have multiple college degrees and a law license.

I do not use them because lazy ass "life sabbatical."

I am a kitchen magician.

Because I love you I write How To Cook Series for kitchen dummies.

I am just an Avenger trapped in a Mili Wifey body.

Because #MarvelForever.

My pug #MaddiethePug (hashtag and grandiose was ALL her idea) writes Pug Posts.

My soul is weekly devoured by Lifetime movies. And then, I recap them for you.

When I am not blogging for you, I sometimes freelance write for others.

My writing has been featured at BlogHer and SheKnows.com.

Some people find me amusing, however, Comedy Central has yet to bang on my door.

Military Husband is my best friend.

I am blonde, an only child and a Virgo.

Spoiler Alert: Crazy is my co-pilot.

And writing is my free therapy.