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    Storage wheat

    Chuzhou giant Feed Co., Ltd


    In June 2021, the Chuzhou giant feedstuff storage project with an annual output of 240000 tons of poultry raw materials undertaken by Jiangsu Hengxin was successfully accepted and put into operation. This project solves a series of original problems for customers, such as centralized and safe storage and automatic transportation of raw materials, saves a lot of processing and labor costs for customers, and greatly improves production efficiency.

    During the installation and construction, COVID-19 is affecting the hearts of countless people at home and abroad. In the face of this sudden crisis, Hengxin group has been actively discussing with customers about the progress of the project in addition to popularizing the relevant knowledge of epidemic prevention and fully protecting the health and safety of employees. The construction team strictly abided by the quality standards, grabbed the contract duration, overcame difficulties during the tense period of the epidemic, achieved the perfect delivery of the project and won the title of high-quality project.

    Excellent manufacturing and installation technology, high-quality and reliable materials and skilled and responsible construction personnel are the basic of on-time delivery and the cornerstone of the development of Jiangsu Hengxin. Adhering to the craftsman spirit, creating high-quality projects and providing customers with the best service have become the goal and pursuit of every Hengxin person.

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