October 24, 2017

10 MORE Horror Movies That Don't Suck (Ones You Should Watch On Halloween)

Remember oh say, two years ago, when I wrote a post all about ten horror movies that I loved, I claimed to be the queen of all things scream and I went on and on and ON about myself being some horror movie aficionado?


Not even the part where I go on and on and ON about myself?

Which is like 99.9% of the time?

Well, I wrote a post a few Halloweens back and you should check it out:

And then, promptly return to read this post which gives the gift that keeps on giving, i.e. 10 MORE Horror Movies That Don't Suck. You see, I want you to have something to watch on the boob tube while you enjoy your delicious sugary treats whilst sniffing away at the cheap polyester Walmart flammable costume you Boo-ed in all night.


Here are:

10 MORE Horror Movies That Don't Suck (Ones You Should Watch On Halloween)

Now, I am not sure what in the hell was going on with Scream 2. Why was Jerry O'Connell singing? Why was he allowed to sing? And do not get me started on Scream 3. So much NO.

Scream 4 was literally a breath of fresh air. The final film a franchise like Scream deserved. Set ten years later, Sidney Prescott once again must battle Ghostface and tie up some "loose" ends in the family.

Let us all just take a moment, say a prayer for the late great Wes Craven, truly a gift to the horror genre. Scream 4 was the last film Wes directed before his passing.

Scream 4 is currently On Demand and available for rent on Amazon Prime for $1.99.

I could go rally off an entire essay on how this film was Kubrick's masterpiece or is an impeccable piece of cinematic art, but Military Husband says I should cut down on the pretentious nerd gig.

I can't help who I am.

Of course, we all know Stephen King literally despised this film and there are purist fans who feel the same. But, BUT, this film is such a beautiful nightmare into the world of mental psychosis and the paranormal. From that opening long lens shot of the car on the way to the Overlook Hotel, there is an impending doom that never leaves you alone throughout the viewing. Much of this had to do with Kubrick's extensive knowledge of cameras, and his use of the Steadicam (dubbed in The Shining as "The Steadicam Olympics"). By gliding through the hedge maze and the hotel, often at the perception of a child's view, Kubrick gives the audience a front row seat to the horror. He had a way of almost enveloping you in every film he made, and in The Shining, in an extremely unsettling way.

And of course there was this famous scene:

That scared the hell out of little 9 year old me (who was not supposed to be watching this movie).

The Shining is available for purchase at a special price on Amazon Prime currently for $6.99.

3) Saw

Random fact about me: The Saw Franchise is my FAVORITE horror franchise of all time. I "saw," no pun intended, almost every single film at the movies, including being one of about four people in a theater for Saw 3D.

I love everything about these movies - the campiness, the gore, Costas Mandylor (my favorite horror movie super villain), the reverse bear trap, etc. etc. It is all SO glorious.


Since the Devil is all giving and generous on Halloween, a NEW movie, Jigsaw, releases this week!

Perhaps I would not recommend Saw VI, but I think all of the rest are brilliant, wonderful, fantastic, and if there is a Saw-A-Thon on television, I am all in like a gambling addict at a truck stop slot machine.

Can you tell I get a little excited about these movies?

You should watch Saw on Halloween. Because I said so. #MilitaryWifeandPugLifeEndorsement

The entire Saw Franchise is currently streaming on Netflix.

4) Hell House LLC

I actually wrote an entire paragraph on why you should see this movie which you can read here:

My Ratchet Life Lately: Boston Edition

This is a low budget found footage film about a tragedy that occurs at a Halloween haunted house. It is terrifying. Trust me, Military Husband is rarely amused with my horror film choices and I BEGGED him to watch.

And you know what? It scared the ever loving squirtles out of him (or, at least one scene did).

Turn off your lights on Halloween and watch this film. You will not be disappointed. 

Hell House LLC is available on Amazon Prime free for subscribers.

5) It Follows

There is a mixed opinion of It Follows amongst horror films on its actual ability to scare you. However, one thing that cannot be denied is that It Follows is one of the most original horror movies that has been released in a long time. It Follows is all about the worst STD you could ever obtain after a one night stand - something follows you around until it kills you in a horrible way unless you literally "pass it on." The something comes in the form of a person, and it often takes the body of someone you love just to mess with you more.

It is obvious the director is a fan of John Carpenter's style as the film is much like the slasher movies of the 70s and early 80s with eerie quiet streets and a subtlety that draws in the viewer. 

It Follows is currently streaming on Netflix.

6) House of Usher (1960)

With these two ingredients, a scary movie can not go wrong:

Vincent Price
Edgar Allan Poe

Fun Fact: Price was quite the ladies man back in the day.

By far, director Roger Corman's best Poe adaption, House of Usher is a dark and intense Gothic horror. Vincent Price's performance was Oscar worthy as Roderick Usher, and the film itself is a classic. If you enjoy a spooky old castle on a stormy night with a nightmarish atmosphere, this movie is for you.

For my older blog followers, I highly recommend introducing your teenagers to these movies. As a horror fan, nothing makes my heart soar than these classic films that prove that ambience and quality acting can induce just as much fear as gore and cheap jump scares.

House of Usher is available for rent on Amazon Prime for $2.99.

7) Phantasm (1979)

Phantasm is one of the first "real" horror movies I watched with my dad as a child. The plot is a little strange. It is about a young boy named Mike and his brother, Jody, who discover a man, known as "The Tall Man" is grave robbing bodies to reanimate into shrunken down slaves for his world. It is all up to Mike, Jody and a local ice cream man named Reggie to stop him.

Did I mention "The Tall Man" is protected by a sentinel sphere with blades that flies around a mausoleum and kills you if you are not particularly careful?

Reason #1 I have never liked mausoleums.

This movie has multiple sequels and if you like the first one, I highly recommend at least checking out a few more. There is also a massive cult following for the Phantasm franchise and if you ever want to get on the good side of a geek, just mention your knowledge.

Phantasm is available for rent on Amazon Prime for $2.99.

8) Gerald's Game

I wanted to include at least one new film in my list and, as of late, I have been thoroughly unimpressed with the horror genre this past year. I am completely over all the reboots (sorry not sorry It 2017 fans), I found Get Out and It Comes At Night terribly boring and Happy Death Day was trash. UTTER trash.

However, a little gem appeared on Netflix in the form of another Stephen King novel:

Gerald's Game

Gerald and his wife, Jessie, decide to spice up their marriage with a little handcuff fun in a remote, isolated lake house. When Gerald unexpectedly dies during the act, Jessie must fight to survive handcuffed to the bed frame. Actress Carla Gugino is excellent as Jessie and captivates you throughout the duration of the movie. While this film is not necessarily scary, it is well worth the watch this Halloween.

Gerald's Game is currently streaming on Netflix.

9) Videodrome

Director David Cronenberg's films can be described as unsettling, disturbing and visceral. This is exactly why I truly find him to be one of the most fascinating director's in cinematic history. Take his adaption of Stephen King's The Dead Zone for example. This movie left me unsettled when the credits rolled. Or his 1986 remake of The Fly; I certainly was not in the mood to eat once it was over.

And then, there is my personal favorite of all his works - Videodrome.

How can I describe Videodrome? Uncomfortable.

Without delving to much into the plot, the message behind the movie is surrounding our unhealthy obsession and consumption of visual media. This movie is, pardon my language, fucking bizarre (and this is coming from a die hard David Lynch fan). It is repulsive and intriguing, and if I watch it late at night (even if it comes on cable), I have this conversation with myself:

"Why the hell did I chose to watch this creepy shit so late at night? Is Military Husband awake? Nope. I'm screwed." 

Videodrome is available for rent on Amazon Prime for $0.99.

10) Suspiria (1977)

We end this list on a personal favorite of mine. A movie that easily makes my top five greatest horror movies of all time, Suspiria. From the great Italian director Dario Argento, Suspiria is about a young American woman who travels to study ballet at a school in Germany and discovers something sinister is afoot.

Fun Fact: Lead actress Jessica Harper is married to Tom Rothman,
Chair of Sony Pictures

Argento is a true horror pioneer. Suspiria is breathtakingly beautiful with rich colors and imagery. It contains a spinetingling score by Goblin (who are playing in concert this weekend in Burlington, Vermont).

This movie opens with one of the most memorable scenes in horror movie history (which you have probably seen, but did not realize it before). I could once again bore you with pretentious dribble about why Argento is so important in horror, or even movie history for that matter (he influenced both John Carpenter and Quentin Tarantino). But, BUT, I implore you to watch Suspiria.

And then watch it again.

It is fantastic.

Suspiria is being released in 4K restoration for its 40th Anniversary on December 31, 2017. It is limited edition to 6,000 copies. You can purchase it here:

Suspiria Release

You can also watch this movie free online if you do a little lurking.

Happy Halloween 2017, friends.

Have you seen any of these movies? What are some of your favorite horror movies? Leave any suggestions in the comments below for me to watch!

Getting ready to get my scare on, I am,


  1. Glad to see you back blogging and what a great way to get back into it for Halloween and all the horror movies you love! Definitely need to check some of these out!!

  2. So I'm not the biggest fan of horror movies, but I always like to watch something a little creepy on Halloween! I remember watching the first Saw movie and being so freaked out by it! And I did see that they were coming out with a new movie and figured that everybody would be so excited about it!

    1. They are such ridiculous horror movies, but I just love them! Hahaha. Thanks for coming by!!!

  3. I'm all about the Shining...Phantasm brings back some scary teenage movie moments. Haven't seen Gerald's Game yet, but it's on my list!

    Nice to see you!

  4. My favs are the original Halloween and the original Wicker man

    1. Oh yes!! The original Halloween made my first list! It's fantastic!!

  5. Saw will always be a favourite. I have seen most on this list and it's a nice compilation indeed. Greetings to you.

  6. I am not a big horror film watcher cause I am a sissy and get nightmares LOL but my son loves them. With that being said my best friend begged me to see the first Scream with her then proceeded to practically sit in my lap the whole movie and she had to sleep in my bed in our apartment for a week. 🤣 She was the biggest Stephen King fan and would make me sit with her when we were younger while she read his books and then make me watch the movies with her cause she was too scared.

    1. Omg! Did the scene with the sister in Pet Semetary freak her out too??? Rachellll Rachellll...I hate the scene!! Lmao

    2. I refused to watch that movie with her cause my cat Smokey looked just like the cat in movie and I would never sleep again with that cat in the house if I watched it. LOL

  7. House of Usher is probably one of my favorite films! Vincent Price was amazing!

  8. ha- I haven't seen any of these shows....I think the scariest one I ever saw was the Birds.

    1. Omg. That movie is crazy!! Haha I always run from the seagulls out here at the beach.

  9. The very first horror movie I ever saw was Motel Hell, and it still scares the crap out of me just thinking about it. Next was The Shining, and I can never look at twin girls the same. I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of the genre, but Thomas and my husband love them so they're always dragging me along. The Cabin In The Woods was pretty good.

    1. Omg, Motel Hell is a classic! Haha.
      So funny, those twins got a kick out of appearances all through the years. They really enjoyed working on the film and loved Jack Nicholson.
      My dad is a huge horror fan. He and I always watched them together!!

  10. I need to check out some of these films. Natalie LOVES scary stuff, so we'll have to watch together.

    1. Yay!! I love Natalie. Haha when/if we move to Texas, I’m adopting her as my sister I never had lol.

  11. HEEEEEEY GURLS!!!!!! (and boyz...heheheee) What up??! Boy, have I missed my SUPERNATURAL gifs!!! Can't gets enough of them! Okays, you lost me on the Saw movies. sorry. I got a thing about amputations. All my life, can't explain it. I knew I would never see any of these movies..ever. So I can't comment on those, butts I do loves me horror movies! I likes the Scream movies and the Nightmare on Elm Street movies...classics. I likes my horror with some funny (you knows that! ☺). Butts, I do likes me some Stephen King and really, you can't go wrong with the Exorcist. I know, butts it's a must. You know, I have found some of the best 'make you jump' stories on TV! Have you seen A Haunting? I think it's in it's ninth season, but the best ones are around the middle. A Haunting in Alaska is good too. There are a bunch more I can't think of right now, butt Oh, Paranormal Survivor! Again, the middle seasons seem to be the best. Anyhu, Ma is gonna have on all of these..she's been DVRing them just for Halloweenie!
    I hopes you guys are doin' well, and havin' tons of funs there in Boston! {{{hugs}}}
    Ruby ♥

    1. Omg thanks for the recommendations!!!
      Love you lady!! Supernatural kissies!!

  12. I'm not a fan of the modern horror genre when it's over reliant on gore for shocks. I love classic Hammer horror films, sadly they're rarely shown. Gerald's Game looks good and is on my list to watch.

  13. "House of Usher" is more our speed! We like the old black and white Dracula movies!
    Happy Howl-o-ween! Please stop by our blog to see Cam's good news!!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher AKA Mags the Impaler

  14. A friend of mine had a teacher that would go "home for lunch" most days. One day he did not come back. The staff just thought he was sick and would call in. He didn't show up and a couple of hours later someone reported his car was still in the driveway of his house. Police were called when no one answered the door. The door was not locked to police found the teacher unconscious on the floor with his wife handcuffed to the bed in lingerie. The husband was wearing a batman cape and mask with no pants.

    So glad you agreed about Happy Death Day - it couldn't have been worse if the killer was determined to be a groundhog.

    1. That movie was shit!!! Ugh!!!
      Jigsaw wasn’t bad though...

  15. I loved the original saw. The dr is the same guy that played Westley in the princess bride. I hate to even admit that I’ve never seen the shinning. I know it’s a classic and I need to watch it.

    1. Omgosh of course he is! I love Princess Bride; what nerd doesn't?
      Ok, so when you come to Boston, we must watch The Shining!! Or put that in your bachelorette party idea! Haha, I expect the girls will be planning you something fun!! Love you!

  16. Not a fan of horror films but I got to watch Saw or some part of it. It's not scary. It's sick. LOL

  17. Saw is my favorite horror movie franchise too. I took my teen son to watch Jigsaw last week. Although some of the other Saw movies are better, Jigsaw didn't disappoint. I'm adding 'It Follows' to my list of movies to watch.

    1. It was pretty good huh? I liked it!! I miss Costas and Jill, but maybe we will get some flashbacks in the future movies??
      Enjoy It Follows! It’s creepy.

  18. Some great Movies there,thanks for the visit on my blog,xx Speedy


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