September 30, 2016

Netflix Luke Cage Episode 2 Recap: Code of the Streets

When we left Episode 1, Cottonmouth's cronies Tone and Shades were escorting Shameek to meet  Cottonmouth. Cage, washing dishes in the kitchen of the nightclub, spots Shades. He recognizes Shades from prison where they shared a cell. Meanwhile, in Cottonmouth's office, Cottonmouth begins beating on Shameek to find out Chico's whereabouts. Then, Cottonmouth beats Shameek to death.

And yes, Cottonmouth has a huge portrait of Biggie in his office.

Detective Knight finds Shameek beaten to death in the streets. She and Detective Scarfe, portrayed by Frank Whaley, look for Chico. Scarfe suggests Knight talk to the man who replaced Dante as the bartender at the nightclub. Later, thugs are roughing up the Asian woman Cage rents from and her husband. Cage interrupts them and the thugs attempt to attack Cage. Of course, he stops them with his powers.

The Asian couple want to hire Cage! But, BUT, Cage tells them he is not for hire, but he assures them that he's "got them."

BUT, BUT, Luke Cage is a HERO FOR HIRE!


Netflix Luke Cage Intro & Episode 1 Recap: Moment of Truth

It is the most Marvel-ous time of the year!

It is time for the Marvel Fandom to embrace Luke Cage on Netflix. After watching the premiere episode, I can honestly describe Luke Cage in three words: different, intriguing and powerful. Marvel fans should not dive into this series looking for the same feels they receive watching the Avengers. This is a grittier tale, deeply woven in corruption, crime and weapons trafficking. And Luke? Well, he is still the impenetrable superhero we all remember from Jessica Jones, but he is low key, hiding out working menial jobs. While there is no mention of the Sokovia Accords, we must assume Luke is well aware of the new laws.

Mike Colter once again takes the reigns as Cage and gives a believable performance. Aside from Colter's Cage, there are other standouts which I will get to during my recaps. Also, I am extremely impressed by the use of music in the series. Did you know that every episode is named after a track by legendary hip hop group Gang Starr?

You can learn more about that here:

Why All Luke Cage Episodes Have Gang Starr Song Titles

With that being said, I begin my episodic recap of Luke Cage. As you may remember, last spring, I did a complete recap of all episodes of Netflix's Daredevil Season 2. These will be written in the same format and available in the Marvel Forever section of the blog. The first episode will be the ONLY recap without reference to major spoilers. While there will be some mild ones, I will not reveal the ending for those of you who would like to watch the entire series.


September 29, 2016

Pug Posts: Exclusively Pet, Inc. Fall Treat Gift Box Review

Disclaimer: Exclusively Pet, Inc. provided my Mommy with a Fall Gift Box filled with yummy treats in exchange for our pug-opinion and review. There was absolutely no pug bribing involved in creating this post. We aren't about that life. Unless, it involved an unlimited supply of cheeseburgers, pizza and trips to fancy ho-tels (with unlimited room service because duh).

Hello Friends!

It has been FUR-ever since I wrote one of my Pug Posts. Mommy has totally been hogging the blog. However, I cannot complain because Mommy has taken advantage of her Puggy Pimping Power on Instagram.

Mommy friended a pawsome company called Exclusively Pet, Inc.

September 15, 2016

5 Date Ideas That Don't Suck

Do you ever find yourself on Pinterest on a Saturday night and.....

Wait a minute, did I just say that? Suddenly, I am "finding myself on Pinterest" on the weekends. What the hell happened to these days?

Le Sigh.

Do you ever peruse Pinterest and see articles titled:




And you click the link immediately thinking to yourself:

"Oh, I might find something fun for me and my husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, Prancing Tree Frog (you know, whatever floats that boat you have going on in your nether regions) to do this weekend. AND, it will not cost me a penny which is awesome since I blew all my cash on jello shots, scratch off lottery tickets and extra lives on my Cookie Jam phone app."

Same. Naturally.

September 11, 2016

Sharing Mili Wifey Lifey: Birthday Weekend

Ever since I made an Instagram account, I feel like we can share a tiny bit more of our lives with all of you. If you are not following me yet, please do (our Gram' Handle is "militarywifeandpuglife") but, BUT be forewarned - I am a tiny bit obsessed with "stories." 

The overshare is extremely obnoxious.

I know, I KNOW. 
#willstopsoon #maybe #cantstopwontstop

But truly, I digress.

September 6, 2016

Lifetime Movie Network Recap: Stalked By My Doctor The Return

Alas, Christmas has come early on Lifetime and I have received a special present from the writers, directors and powers that be ridiculously stupid gracious. The gift came wrapped in the form of a sequel. 

Dr. Albert Beck, aka Stalked By My Doctor, aka Dr. PawPaw The Lech, aka Dr. McCreepy is BACK!

So old, so lecherous, so McCreepy.

September 1, 2016

Q&A With Author Stephanie Faris, Piper Morgan Book Tour + GIVEAWAY!

I am super excited today to introduce all of my readers and friends to my phenomenal friend and children's author, Stephanie Faris. Stephanie is an incredibly inspiring woman because she is basically living my dream - she is a successful published author!

Photo Credit: Stephanie Faris

Stephanie is currently launching two new books in her Piper Morgan series. Piper Morgan is a delightful character who moves to a new town excited for an adventure. She is determined to have fun, be brave and make new friends.


I agreed and am honored to be part of her press tour. If you are here from Stephanie's blog, thank you for stopping by!