July 31, 2016

Lifetime Movie Network Recap: Killer Coach

Early Saturday night, there was nothing on television. Thus, the following conversation took place:

Me: I have made the executive decision to watch Lifetime's Shitstorm Movie O'Week "Killer Coach."

Military Husband:

Side Note: Don't you just love Nick Fury?

Le Sigh. 

July 19, 2016

The Realest Post I Have Ever Written

Military Husband is in Boston this week for work. If you want to know what I normally do when Military Husband is out of town, you can read this post:

My friends, I have done none of those things this week. Our little pug BabyBelle has been extremely sad and anxious for two reasons:

1) BabyBelle sleeps with her Daddy at night. Since we brought her home, she has gone under the covers and slept by her Daddy's legs. It seems to bring her great comfort.


2) Because BabyBelle is a rescue, she still has abandonment issues and insecurities. As most of you know, we moved at the first of the summer. A new environment and a MIA Daddy is terribly overwhelming for her. I honestly was not expecting this at all because #MaddiethePug is so fearless. However, she has been with Military Husband since she was a baby, endured a deployment and multiple military moves.

BabyBelle was welcomed into our hearts in May 2014.

BabyBelle is SUCH a sweet little pug.

July 18, 2016

Netflix and Chill: What You Should Watch On Netflix

Ever since Military Husband bought me a subscription when we were dating, I have been obsessed with Netflix. Being that I am currently on a "work sabbatical" (translation: yup, still lazy as ever), I am always able to find a new series or movie to pass the time. Most of my favorite Marvel series find their home on Netflix. I recapped Netflix's Jessica JonesDaredevil Season 2  and plan to recap Luke Cage this fall. If you have not seen any of these series, they both come with my highest recommendations. Netflix currently carries all three seasons of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD and Marvel fans are hoping to see Agent Carter on Netflix soon.

Photo Credit: Marvel/ABC 
If you know me, you know Agent Carter holds a special place in my heart. I wrote a post titled 10 Reasons Every Woman Should Care About Agent Carter and recapped Agent Carter Season 2. Agent Carter is my favorite Marvel heroine and I was absolutely heartbroken when ABC canceled the series. However, Marvel's Agent Carter has a good chance at being revived by Netflix. Fingers crossed, Peggy Carter fans!

July 12, 2016

Dying To Be A Military Wife (A Lifetime Movie Written By Mili Wifey)

Introduction: So many of you have asked "Mili Wifey, why don't you write your own Lifetime Movie Network script?" Ask and thy shall receive the gift of moldy rotten cheese, my friends. Enjoy my first original Lifetime Movie. Oscars, I'm coming for ya. Move out of the way, Spielberg. 

*Cue the sleazy saxophone music*

A civilian marriage won't do,
She wants to marry the proud and few.
Benefits, they sound so nice,
She wants housing for life.
She'd do anything to become one,
You had better get to running, son.
She's dying, dying, dyyyyyyyyinnnnnnnggggg 
To be a military wife!

July 7, 2016

5 Things I Can NEVER Unsee

Friends, I am old as dirt. How old? I played with Monchichi, watched MTV emerge in its infancy (like, they played music videos once, I promise, I was there) and could tell you how to get to Sesame Street as a child. I am pure ancient dust. 

It is not fair at all that I keep aging relentlessly.

Le Sigh.

With that being the case, I am here to tell you that the older you become the more things you have seen in your life. Legit, nothing surprises me anymore. Some stuff you see is interesting, some banal, some "je ne sais quoi,"

And some, well......

July 3, 2016

Lifetime Movie Network Recap: Newlywed and Dead

Saturday night, I lost three hours of my life watching the "deluxe" (Read: Add in 40 minutes of more shit to the already huge pile of steaming manure called a film) version of Batman vs. Superman. And because why not, I proceeded to lose two more precious hours on Lifetime.

I know, I KNOW.

I am really getting too old to be losing hours and HOURS of my life.