October 9, 2016

Netflix Luke Cage Recap: Episode 8 Blowin' Up The Spot

When we left Episode 7, Cottonmouth had been murdered by his own cousin, Black Mariah. Not to mention, Luke Cage had been shot and was in deep trouble! 

Let's see what happens next in Episode 8.


Episode 8: Blowin' Up The Spot

I give you wings, I set you down and you come back with superpowers.
Ain't that a bitch. ~ Diamondback

Cage is hurriedly placed in a stretcher with Claire and a friend who has borrowed an ambulance. The bullet has drilled inside Cage's skin. She wants to take Cage somewhere to look inside and see what is happening internally, but the gunman blows up the ambulance.

Cage knows this gunman. He is Willis Stryker, aka Diamondback.

Now, in the comics, Reva Connors actually is killed because of Diamondback's criminal activities. He and Cage have a long history.

Meanwhile, Black Mariah is instructed on the lie to tell the police about Cottonmouth's murder. She needs to find someone to claim they saw Cage killing Cottonmouth. Detective Knight arrives at the nightclub and she believes Black Mariah to be the killer due to her super intuition. But, BUT, Black Mariah tells her that Candace Miller, Cottonmouth's VIP hostess, saw Cage kill Cottonmouth.

Black Mariah also proceeds to tell the press that Cage killed her cousin.

At the same time, Claire is treating Cage's wound.

They try to remove the bullet and it will not budge.

Back at the police station, Knight brings Candace in for questioning. Knight knows Candace is lying and wants to know what Black Mariah has on her. Then, Cottonmouth's lawyer arrives and breaks up the interrogation. Knight is convinced it was Black Mariah and this was a crime of passion. She calls Cage and tells him that Cottonmouth is dead. Cage and Claire tell Knight about what happened and Cage has an alibi. However, it does not matter because Shades has planted bloody kitchen gloves at the barbershop with Cottonmouth's blood all over them.

At the nightclub, Shades is in charge. He tells Cottonmouth's thugs they work for him now and they need to go buy some better clothes.

Oh friends, Cage is in trouble. What makes him super strong is trapping the bullet's shrapnel in his body and forcing it in deeper. Not to mention, Knight arrests Cage because the cops have found the bloody kitchen gloves. Out of nowhere, Diamondback shoots at Cage, Claire and Knight! Cage follows him, they fight and Diamondback runs.

He traps Knight, however and Cage must rescue her. Cage follows Diamondback to an empty theater. Diamondback laughs at Cage and tells Cage he has been torturing him for years (the crimes Cage went to jail for, prison torture - ALL HIM). He begins shooting at Cage and then kicks Cage in his wounds. Finally, Cage tosses him out of the theater.

Meanwhile, Detective Knight is at the police station interrogating Claire. Claire stands her ground and tells Knight that Cage was not the killer. We also see Black Mariah handing Candace a wad of cash. Candace wants to know if Cage really killed Cottonmouth and Black Mariah tells her "you never know what someone is capable of."

Diamondback has caught up to Cage on the street. He points the gun at him and Cage apologizes to Diamondback. Cage says "I loved you like a brother." And Diamondback says "I am your brother" and shoots Cage. Cage's helpless body is carried off in a trash truck.

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  1. Oh nose, you're at episode 8 already...where haf I been to miss the start....please excuse me while I go back and do a catch up...
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. I feel like I like reading your recaps more than I would like watching the show.

    1. I think you should give the show a chance!

  3. Okays, Ma scrolled through the whole postie, cause she doesn't have the Nexflix, and she really really really wants to see this, so she doesn't wants a spoiler! Butts, I wanted to say HEEEEEEEY!!!
    WHAT UP??! I hopes you guys are doin' well, and are havin' tons of funs and drinkin' lots of marg....oh...wait...you don't likes the margaritas! Okays, I hopes you (the kerazy woman) , are drinkin' lots of vodka tonics and twerkin' your little heart out! ☺
    Ruby ♥

  4. Another great episode, I watched this and 9 back to back! Diamondback really intrigues me...

    1. I think he's having a lot of fun with the role!


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