October 10, 2016

Netflix Luke Cage Episode 9 Recap: DWYCK

When we left Episode 8, Luke Cage was shot and lying in the back of a trash truck! All thanks to his old pal Diamondback. Let's see where this takes us in Episode 9.


Episode 9: DWYCK

Oh, Sweet Christmas! ~ Luke Cage

Detective Knight is still being investigated by internal affairs.

She is furious she cannot JUST do her job. And Cage?

Well, he is in the trash truck. He climbs out, wounded and in pain.

Meanwhile, Shades is at the nightclub furious that Cage has yet to be found.

Diamondback enters the club and he is more pissed than Shades. He shoots one of Cottonmouth's, now Shades's, thugs. He also is not pleased that Cottonmouth is dead and blames it on Shades.

Simp, one of Cottonmouth's thugs, tells Diamondback that killing Shades will not help him find Cage.

Speaking of Cage, he is in a laundry center obtaining a bullet hole free hoodie. And Black Mariah is at the morgue lamenting Cottonmouth's death.

Shades finds her there and reminds her that what she did was a necessity. The only problem is Diamondback. Black Mariah has to find Cage and be the new face of Cottonmouth's business or else there will be chaos.

Black Mariah goes to Domingo's gym where he is cleaning up after Cage's little interruption.

Domingo tells Black Mariah that he didn't trust Cottonmouth and he trusts her less. But, BUT, she wants Domingo to help run Cottonmouth's business. She needs Domingo to gather all the bosses  because she has a proposition.

At the same time, Claire and Cage are meeting at the diner.

She wants to know who Diamondback is and Cage tells her that Willis was his best friend. He also tells her that there is one man that knows the science of his body and can fix him. Claire knows that he means Dr. Burnstein. The two leave to find Burnstein in Georgia.

When Burnstein learns that Carl Lucas is alive and the experiment worked, he invites them both inside. Cage tells Burnstein that before he was shot, he was bulletproof. These super bullets exploded inside of him and what made him stronger is killing him. Claire gives Burnstein the stolen hard drive Reva took from the prison. Burnstein finds all his files on the hard drive and takes Cage into his garage. He may be able to recreate the experiment, but he needs a blood sample from Cage. He punctures Cage's mucus membrane inside of his throat to obtain same.

Meanwhile, Ridley is talking to Knight. Knight says they need to find Diamondback and deal with Black Mariah, but Ridley insists they find Cage first. Cage assaulted a few police officers when he was on the run and it is all over the news. Knight tells Ridley that Cage will only come in to the station if he is approached by someone he trusts. Thus, Ridley releases Knight with her badge and gun to find Cage.

Well, Black Mariah gets her big shebang with all the bosses that worked with Cottonmouth.

Black Mariah wants out of Cottonmouth's business. She wants to move into a legitimate direction. However, Cottonmouth did have valuable assets and connections and she will sell them for a price. In the middle of this negotiation, Diamondback arrives. He kills four of the bosses, leaving only Domingo alive. Domingo tells Diamondback that he is going to start a war. Diamondback does not care, however.

He does say that Black Mariah is full of crazy. After all, she watched Diamondback murder four men and did not even flinch.

Black Mariah suggests they become friends since they both despise Cage. She also knows about the weapon. If Diamondback kills Cage, everyone else will come to him.

Like who, you ask? Everyone and anyone who wants to eliminate superheroes that are, in her words, "upsetting the order of things." WOW. Just wow. So basically, Black Mariah suggests Diamondback could be a super SUPER villain. He could take out any of the Avengers for other villains and create complete chaos.

Diamondback, not surprisingly, loves this idea. He also tells Domingo that everyone will be buying from him now. "You buy or you die" is his philosophy - meaning, either buy from him directly, or he will kill you.

Meanwhile, Burnstein is working on a cure for Cage. He can replicate the acidity and saline of the potions from the original experiment. However, he can not reproduce the temperature because the heat was turned up by the guard (and there is no way to know what the temperature was).

There is a lot of Marvel-medical mumbo jumbo and finally, Cage does us all a favor and tells Burnstein to speak English. Burnstein says that Cage's skin is velcro working as lock and key around the shrapnel. He needs to weaken the skin to remove the shrapnel. Thus, he is going to dip Cage's body in acid; kind of like putting Cage in a huge FryDaddy. Cage tells Claire that if anything happens to him during this dangerous procedure, she must retrieve the hard drive from Burnstein. It is too dangerous to have others running around in the world like him (you know, not all of them would be good guys like Cage). Claire tells him that if the procedure becomes too painful to make a fist and she will stop Burnstein.

They place Cage in the deep fryer and it does not work. So, Burnstein insists he be re-dipped. This time, Cage is menacing in pain and goes into cardiac arrest. Just as he puts his fist up, he flatlines!

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  1. I haven't seen this show but it sounds intense. I'm currently hooked on American Horror Story.

    1. I can't get into that show! I tried so hard!!
      Love you tremendously though!! :)

  2. Yay, yay, my husband is watching this. Can we still be friends if I admit it's not up my alley :)?

    1. Girl of course! I love you already. You don't have to join the Marvel fandom to be my boo. :)

  3. I'm just trying to catch up after my Nanny sitting duties. I finks its time I ordered a HUGE bowl of popcorn and hogged the remote!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx
    PeeS Apparently I haf to watch Mum's programme on Sky furst just so I can cheer at her name again *sigh*

  4. I really need to check out this show!

    1. For sure! And check out Timeless on NBC. We love it!

  5. I need to check out this show, all this baby stuff really leaves me no time on my hands and it hasn't even begun...haha!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire


  6. I don't watch, but I watch so much other TV shows. I think I watch too much TV at times.

  7. It was so difficult to turn off the TV after this episode ended...It was chock full of crazy!! Diamondback is totally freaky..can't wait to hear his true origin!

    1. Haha yes!! I'm about to finish the last episode!! Should have all recaps up tomorrow!!


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