October 9, 2016

Netflix Luke Cage Episode 7 Recap: Manifest

Well, when we left Episode 6, Scarfe died and Cottonmouth had been arrested for all his dirty deeds. I would like to apologize to all my readers for being a bit behind on posting these recaps. CBS Big Brother OTT and all the new (GOOD) fall shows are taking over my mind! I promise to finish the series this week because #MarvelForever. I hate myself for letting my Marvel fangirl self down.

Now, let's press on to Episode 7.


Episode 7: Manifest

There's nothing that can hurt you, so what the hell are you afraid of? - Claire Temple

As we open the episode, Cage is busting up more of Cottonmouth's weapon running. This time, the thugs just run away when he appears. At the same time, Cottonmouth is being released from jail. There is no evidence against him outside of the word of a dying cop.

Cottonmouth is back at the club, Domingo has his guns back and all Cottonmouth needs is the bullet to kill Cage. Shades tells Cottonmouth that he cannot have the bullet yet, therefore, Cottonmouth, angrily, insists on talking to Diamondback. Back at the barbershop, Cottonmouth receives a phone call from Cottonmouth to come to the club. And Detective Knight? Well, she has to answer to Inspector Priscilla Ridley who is with internal affairs. She wants to know why Luke Cage is the one man involved in everything that is currently going on in Harlem.

Time for Cottonmouth's origin story!

Cottonmouth lived with his cousin, Black Mariah, at Mama Mabel's brothel with their Uncle Pete. Cottonmouth was a talented pianist and Black Mariah was studying to be a lawyer. Uncle Pete thought Cottonmouth she go to school for his talent, but Mama Mabel had different plans for him. When Wilfredo and Pop arrive, Mama Mabel tells Pop to leave and is angry with Wilfredo for getting involved in crack sales (she will deal in anything but drugs). Thus, she cuts off Wilfredo's finger and tells Uncle Pete and Cottonmouth to deal with him. Cottonmouth, shaken, returns from the beatdown with bloody hands and sits down at his keyboard to play.

In the present, Cage has arrived at the nightclub. Cage tells Cottonmouth he is talented on the piano. He wants Cage to confess everything to Knight. But, BUT, Cottonmouth calls Cage "Carl Lucas" and threatens Cage to either work for him or return to prison. Cage wants to run, but at the encouragement of Claire, he remains in Harlem to take Cottonmouth down.

Meanwhile, Shades pays a visit to see Black Mariah and it is pivotal. He tells her that she is not doing her family name proud and plants a seed that Mama Mabel would want her to grab her power.

More Cottonmouth origin story!

Mama Mabel is furious with Cottonmouth for not being around when she needed him. Well, he tells her that Uncle Pete took him to an audition and stopped in Spanish Harlem. He hung out with Salvador Colon's little brother Domingo will Pete was dealing with Salvador. This information is interesting to Mama Mabel and she thanks Cottonmouth.

In the present, Cage finds Domingo at his boxing gym, Colon's Gym. Cage fights off all Domingo's thugs and gets Domingo to tell him where the stolen guns are located.

Back to Cottonmouth's origin story!

Mama Mabel is not happy with Uncle Pete. She accuses him of betraying the family to the Puerto Ricans. He tells her that Salvador wants them to come in business with them and own the city. Mama Mabel claims she already owns Harlem. She brings Cottonmouth in holding a gun, and she, Black Mariah and Cottonmouth all take Uncle Pete outside. Uncle Pete pleads with Cottonmouth not to shoot him. Black Mariah tells Uncle Pete he deserves it for what he did to their family and for what he did to her (we assume, sexually abusing her). Thus, Cottonmouth shoots Uncle Pete relunctantly and Mama Mabel says "you know the rule baby, family first, always."

In the present, Black Mariah is at the nightclub with Cottonmouth. She wants Cottonmouth to "drop the Luke Cage shit." She had to step down from the council and no one is giving her political funds anymore. She reminds him they are family and of what Mama Mabel would want for their family. Cottonmouth does not want to hear any of it and reminds her that Mama Mabel sent her to a private boarding school and made him learn to thug. He said that Uncle Pete had his back and paid for his music lessons. Black Mariah tells Cottonmouth that Uncle Pete did sexually abuse her. And then, Cottonmouth accuses Black Mariah of flirting with Uncle Pete and wanting him to be with her sexually.

This infuriates Black Mariah. She hits him with a bottle, pushes him out of his window and beats Cottonmouth to death with a microphone stand screaming "I DID NOT WANT IT I DID NOT WANT IT."

Told you she was pure evil!

Well, Shades arrives and he is proud that the seed he firmly planted grew into a villainous ugly Black Mariah.

He tells her what to do and plans to pin the entire murder on Luke Cage!

Speaking of Cage, he has turned the "Justin Hammer guns" from the heist into Knight. Knight tells Ridley that she received anonymous tip and brings all the guns in to the station. Then, Cage and Claire walk the streets of Harlem talking.


Cage is shot! Cage collapses on the street.

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  1. OMG..What a totally awesome episode!!
    I kinda thought Luke was going to get wounded...but Mariah killing Cottonmouth??

    Luke Cage is moving to "as good as Jessica Jones" level for me!!
    Thanks for giving me a place to gush!

    1. I miss his character. He killed that role.


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