October 6, 2016

Netflix Luke Cage Episode 6 Recap: Suckas Need Bodyguards

When we left Episode 5, Cage was totally embarrassing Cottonmouth at Pop's funeral. I really feel like this show has picked up momentum and building towards something great. I absolutely LOVE our two villains, Cottonmouth and Black Mariah (to me, she is the more sinister of the two). Can't wait to see what is in store in Episode 6.


Episode 6: Suckas Need Bodyguards

I ain't no hero. ~ Luke Cage

We open Episode 6 with Luke Cage jogging through the city. Everyone on the radio is talking about him as the hero of Harlem.

You know what I love about Luke Cage? He is an "everyman's hero." He is the kind of guy you would like to have as a friend, have a beer with - he is just extremely relatable.  I think that is why I enjoy so many Marvel superheroes, but I particularly like the way the writers have parlayed the character of Luke Cage.

Anyhoo, at the same time, Scarfe is meeting Cottonmouth. He wants $100,000 for the guns. Cottonmouth punches him in the face and shoots Scarfe multiple times with Scarfe's gun. Cottonmouth flees the scene leaving a wounded Scarfe. And Black Mariah? Well, she is filming some sort of political propaganda piece in Harlem. Cage sees her on his run and lets her know that he plans to shut her and Cottonmouth down.

Afterwards, Cage eats breakfast with Fish. Cage tells Fish that he does not want to be publicly honored. Fish suggests he wear a mask to which Cage declines. And then, Claire comes into the restaurant. She recognizes Cage immediately and tells him that she took care of him at Metro General when Jessica Jones brought him to the hospital.

Cage thanks her and she asks him how he is still alive. She says he is amazing and he stresses he does not want to be different. She asks what he will do with his gift. All of this feels a lot like a setup, again, for the Netflix Defenders series (and feels a lot like what Nick Fury did with the Avengers individually).

It should come as no surprise that Black Mariah is furious Cottonmouth shot Scarfe. Black Mariah wants these problems over with and asks Cottonmouth how he plans to handle Cage. Cottonmouth tells her Cage is bulletproof. But, BUT, Black Mariah asks if Cage has gills. Can you drown him, she asks, or burn him, or poison him? She wants Cottonmouth to find his weakness and squeeze.

Wow. EVIL.

Back at the precinct, Knight and Perez are in charge of finding Scarfe after the shootout. Oh, and by the way, Perez is on Cottonmouth's payroll. They head to Scarfe's apartment to investigate. And Knight begins to show some of her own "super powers." It seems she has an extremely high level of perception and "sees things" that others cannot.

At the barbershop, Cage and Claire find a dying Scarfe waiting on them.

Claire assists to his wounds and Cage inquires as to what is going on exactly. Scarfe tells Cage that Cottonmouth is behind everything. He tries to blame Cottonmouth for Chico's death, but Cage demands the truth. Scarfe admits he killed Chico and Cage attempts to strangle Scarfe. Claire reminds Cage he is not a killer. Thus, Cage and Claire leave Scarfe to die in the barbershop. Scarfe begs them to help and tells Cage he has detailed notes on Cottonmouth's dirty deeds (including the names of every cop on his payroll). The notes are hidden in his apartment.

Cage goes to Scarfe's apartment to find the notes. And Perez and Knight are outside casing the apartment waiting for Scarfe to arrive!

Cage finds the notes. But, BUT, Knight realizes someone is in the apartment. She and Perez race inside, but Cage has already escaped. Cage returns to the barbershop and he, Scarfe and Claire all leave in Claire's mom's van. Cottonmouth learns that Cage has Scarfe (thanks to Perez finding evidence at the barbershop) and all of his thugs are in pursuit.  Cage, Claire and Scarfe all escape with a lot of gunfire. Perez and Knight hear about the shootout and Knight wants to head there to find her partner, Scarfe. However, Perez insists they do not leave. Suddenly, Scarfe calls Knight and tells her that Perez is dirty. She tells Perez that she knows he is working for Cottonmouth and Perez admits he is, but he is not as "in Cottonmouth's pocket as Scarfe is." Then, Knight says NO ONE WAS ON THE PHONE.

She was bluffing! She fights Perez for his gun, has him handcuff himself and heads to find Scarfe.

Meanwhile, Black Mariah is going live on television with a reporter for a little question and answer session.

She is not thrilled to learn that the reporter wants information on her relationship with Cottonmouth, a well known criminal. Not to mention, there were millions of dollars found in Black Mariah's office during Cage's shakedown. Black Mariah is furious and wants the cameras off.

At the same time, Knight finds Cage, Claire and Scarfe. Scarfe apologizes to Knight and dies in the street.

AND, Cottonmouth is arrested for all his thuggery!

The reporter wants Black Mariah's statement on Cottonmouth's arrest and she is furious.

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  1. So I officially added this show to my 'to watch' list on Netflix.

  2. Wowsers...Mariah's crazy side really came through in this episode!! I see what you mean when you say she is more evil than Cottonmouth!

    I am really enjoying the grittiness of this series and, like other Netflix Marvel creations, the cinematography really rocks!!

    Keep up the great recap work!!


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