October 3, 2016

Netflix Luke Cage Episode 5 Recap: Just To Get A Rep

When we left Episode 4, Cage was crawling out of the rubble with his landlady. Will Detective Knight learn of his abilities? 

Let's press on to Episode 5!


Episode 5: Just To Get A Rep

I don't believe in Harlem. 
I believe in the people that make Harlem what it is. ~ Luke Cage

We open Episode 5 in Cottonmouth's nightclub.

He's not a happy camper.

And with Luke Cage picking up pieces of rubble with his bare hands while a crowd watches.

AND with Claire Temple!

She is back! Claire is the Nick Fury of the Netflix Marvel World.

Claire, if you did not know, was actually in the Luke Cage comics so I expected to see more of her on this series.

Well, thanks to Luke Cage, Cottonmouth is completely broke. And his thugs are broken by the scary "dude with the hoodie" running the streets. One of them even suggests they leave Cage alone. This leads to Cottonmouth shooting him immediately.

I am really enjoying Mahershala Ali in this role. He is a good actor and beginning to embrace his inner "unhinged sociopath." Also, I thought it was interesting to note that Ali is 6'2" - Marvel really loves tall male actors!

Anyhoo, Cottonmouth tells his thugs to steal money anywhere and everywhere to rebuild his stash. He also lets them know to tell people that Cage is responsible. Because of course they do, the thugs go to work robbing money and jewelry from all over Harlem. They even take a championship baseball ring from a woman named Ivy who owns a sports memorabilia store. The ring belongs to her father, a former New York Mets baseball player.

Back at the barbershop, Fish had Dapper Dan make Cage a suit to wear to Pop's memorial service. Out of nowhere, Ivy comes in the barbershop demanding to know what is happening in Harlem.

Cage tells her that he will find her father's ring. As Cage leaves, many Harlem residents begin asking Cage for help.

Meanwhile, Claire is meeting up with her mom at the restaurant where her mom is a waitress.

Harlem is Claire's home.

At the same time, Cage is taking back all the stolen money and goods with force. Seems like Cage is coming out of hiding and becoming a superhero! However, Detective Knight and Detective Scarfe find Cage and tell him to leave town and not attend Pop's memorial.

Back at the nightclub, Shades tells Cottonmouth he should really let go of the beef with Cage. It is making Cottonmouth look weak and Cage look strong. It does not  matter, though, because Cage arrives at the nightclub! He tells Cottonmouth to leave Harlem alone. And Cottonmouth tells him that it "costs to be a savior. Ask Jesus." Thus, Cage proceeds to beat up all of Cottonmouth's thugs and stop bullets. Shades recognizes him as Carl Lucas. He tells Cage that he should be dead to which Cage responds, "you can't kill me." When Cage leaves, Cottonmouth wants to know how Shades knows Cage.

At the restaurant, Claire is talking about the hospital attack we saw in Daredevil Season 2. Metro General Hospital fired Claire and she will not be able to work in any other hospital in New York. She explains to her mother she worked with Daredevil and Luke Cage and she believes it is her duty to help superheroes. The whole dialogue between Claire and her mother is a way to establish the upcoming Defenders series on Netflix.

Back at the nightclub, Shades tells Cottonmouth he was in prison with Carl Lucas and Lucas should be dead. And, of course, Cottonmouth wants Luke Cage dead. But, BUT, how do you kill a man impenetrable to bullets? You find a bullet that will penetrate impenetrable skin. Shades introduces Cottonmouth to a Russian film where a man in a bulletproof vest is being shot by a high tech bullet that penetrates the vest and kills him. This bullet was made by Justin Hammer (our old friend from Ironman 2) and is made of a metal "not from this earth." Cottonmouth MUST have this bullet. Shades tells him that he can get the bullet by paying for it or asking Diamondback to handle Cage for him. Cottonmouth does not want Diamondback involved and asks Shades how much the bullet will cost. When he sees the figure, he asks Shades if Diamondback will front him the money. Shades says that he will not because Cottonmouth has made too many mistakes. Cottonmouth considers calling Diamondback himself, but Shades warns him that if Diamondback kills Cage, he will take Harlem. Cottonmouth decides to get Domingo his guns so that Diamondback will front the money and he can personally kill Cage.

Meanwhile, Detective Knight learns that Detective Scarfe is under investigation for being a dirty cop. Knight does not believe it though. When Scarfe arrives at the station, he receives a call from Cottonmouth. Cottonmouth needs weapons and Scarfe manages to obtain a gun disposal claim in the police department to get a huge amount of weapons for Cottonmouth. Strangely, when Cottonmouth texts Scarfe to see if he has the weapons, Scarfe deliberately does not respond.

And Cage? Well, he has found the thug that stole the baseball ring. He takes it back after another shakeup of Cottonmouth's thugs.

Well, it is time for Pop's memorial and Cage has managed to get his brand new suit full of bullet holes. By the way, everyone is at this memorial, including Shades and Cottonmouth. Ivy is waiting at the memorial with a gun. Cage sits beside her and crushes the gun with his hand. Then, Cottonmouth gets up to speak at the memorial.

What an ass. He's the reason Pop is dead! He goes on to say that "strangers with abilities" are causing harm to the city as a direct shot at Cage.

But, BUT, Cage has some words for Pop too. He says that he is trying to protect those that are hurt and being harmed by others. Cage does not like bullies, especially ones who call themselves a friend. He talks about the people of Harlem and says "I don't believe in Harlem. I believe in the people that make Harlem what it is."

Everyone cheers! Cage returns the ring to Ivy and she says "you are one of them (superhero)." She gives him a big hug.

Outside the memorial, Cottonmouth is pissy.

Cage tells him that it was fun embarrassing him in public. #ILOVEDTHIS

Nevertheless, Detective Knight was not thrilled with the whole display. She warns Cage that he might be bulletproof, but Harlem isn't.

Now a few thoughts by Mili Wifey......

I really enjoyed this episode and felt the momentum of the series picked up tremendously. It seemed like the series found its "groove." I am enjoying the performances by everyone, especially Ali and Theo Rossi (who I also liked in Sons of Anarchy). Both bring a lot of character to the table and make the villains fun to watch!

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As always, I am,


  1. I keep seeing this Luke Cage thing everywhere today! I think maybe the universe is sending me a message to watch it.

    1. It's the Marvel fandom calling you!! We are persistent! Lol

  2. I've heard good things about this show!

    1. I like it! But I'm going slow. I haven't had a lot of time this week to devote...these recaps take a lot of work lol.

  3. Replies
    1. Girl yes!! They have Netflix Kids too and your kids would love it!!

  4. I think I could get into that show, I've seen it pop up a couple times.

  5. I need to tell my husband about this show.

  6. That guy in the first photo is also in House of Cards, another great show ;)

    1. Yes girl!! He was amazing in that and I love him in this show!! He's great!!

  7. Loved this recap. Maybe if we don't loose power me and the guys will binge watch this tomorrow.

  8. This epi was chock full of great stuff...but I have to say, watching Cage cut down Cottonmouth at the memorial was my favorite part of the show!!

    Welllll...seeing Claire was another definite highlight ;-).

  9. What metal is Shades referring to that the bullet is made out of?

    1. I assume it's a form of vibranium. That's the only alien metal we know of in the MCU. There's a form called Antarctic vibranium that basically does the opposite of what vibranium like you see in Steve Rogers shield does.
      Now we know Hammer had his hands on a bunch of this crap from IM2....but like I said, who let him out of prison?? Lol


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