October 1, 2016

Netflix Luke Cage Episode 4 Recap: Step In The Arena

When we left Episode 3, Luke Cage and his landlady were blown up by Cottonmouth! Will they survive? Well, we know Luke will, but what about the poor Asian landlady? 

Let's find out in Episode 4.


Episode 4: Step In The Arena

No one can cage a man if he truly wants to be free. ~ Luke Cage

Cage is lying underneath the apartment and restaurant rubble beside his landlady. And he flashes back to remember who he was - ORIGINS STORY TIME!

The origins story will pretty much stay true to Luke Cage's origins in Hero for Hire. While I have never held the little comic book in my hand, I did read most of the story online when I was researching for Jessica Jones. #sorrynotsorry, Mili Wifey had Spiderman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Hulk, horror comics and some random GI Joe comics because hello - real American hero.

But truly, I digress.

At Seagate Prison, Cage, who was then known as Carl Lucas, is abused by a prison guard on the regular. And we will call Cage by this name throughout this recap.

Carl has sessions with a psychologist named Reva with the other prisoners. Yes, the Reva who would go on to be his wife (whom Jessica Jones accidentally killed under the influence of Kilgrave). He and Reva have a connection and Carl even gets Reva to open up about her brother passing away in prison while she was working on her Masters.

Anyway, one day the evil guard offers Carl an opportunity to have an "easier stay" in prison by fighting in the prison's underground boxing league. Carl is not interested. The guard wants Carl though and he observes his relationships, most particularly with Carl's best friend Squabbles and Reva. He threatens Carl by using his connections to both and Carl reluctantly agrees to fight. With Squabbles as his trainer, Carl fights and wins over and over again.

But, Squabbles becomes worried.

Squabbles tells Carl that his fighting is causing him to spiral downward. Reva is also concerned. Carl has not attended a group session in months. Carl admits to Reva he has been fighting in an underground boxing match in the prison. The guards have the convicts fight until they are broken. He begs Reva to leave the prison and never return as he fears for her safety. She tells him that he has to find her whenever, wherever.

He does this because Reva gave him hope.

Later, Shades and his co-hort (who is also Marvel's Comanche) find Carl.

Shades and Comanche in the comics:

They learned that Carl wants out of fighting (because they killed Squabbles to find out the information) and they proceed to nearly beat Carl to death.

Reva arrives and sees Carl. Dr. Noah Burnstein tells Reva that Carl will die and she begs Dr. Burnstein to save him. He agrees and places Carl into a device which immerses him in water.

In the comics, Dr. Burnstein's experiments were an attempt to recreate Captain America's super soldier serum. However, this device is only supposed to heal Carl at a faster rate.

The evil guard breaks in while Carl is inside the device. He is furious and turns of the machine. There is a gigantic explosion!

And this emerges:

And Carl says "SWEET CHRISTMAS!"

He breaks out of prison and finds Reva. She tells him that he must find a new name. Carl's father was a preacher and he remembers a bible verse from Luke he always told him. "No one can cage a man if he truly wants to be free."

We then flash forward to the rubble outside Cage's apartment. By the way, Cage is alive and so is his landlady. He tells her that he is "kinda strong" and begins lifting pieces of building to get them out. They emerge and the media wants to know what happened. They ask his name.

And he says:

My name is Luke Cage.

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  1. I haven't watched yet but I just read all the recaps and it sounds like an awesome show!

  2. My favorite epi so far...I'm a big fangirl of any origin story!! Loved seeing how he and Reva met!

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