October 1, 2016

Netflix Luke Cage Episode 3 Recap: Who's Gonna Take The Weight?

When we left Episode 2, Pop was dead thanks to Cottonmouth's goons. Cage is mourning his death, but will he come out of hiding and begin helping the citizens of Harlem to respect Pop's wishes?

Let's find out as we begin Episode 3!


Episode 3: Who's Gonna Take The Weight?

The service should match the man's integrity. ~ Luke Cage

We open Episode 3 in a shootout outside Crispus Attucks building. Our man of the hour, Luke Cage walks out carrying a duffle bag of money.

Say what?!

We then flash back to earlier that day.

Pop's death is all over the news. And poor Cage is trying to find money to pay for his casket and funeral.

At the funeral home, Cage is surprised to see Cottonmouth.

Surprise! Cottonmouth has arranged to pay for Pop's funeral with his "guilty blood money." Cage is furious and blames Cottonmouth for Pop's death. Cage returns to Pop's barbershop and meets up with Bobby Fish, who is Pop's friend. He and Pop used to play chess together and he also did Pop's taxes. Fish tells Cage the bank will take the barbershop and everything Pop has unless Cage can find $80,000 lying around Harlem.

Who would have that sort of money? Cottonmouth. And Cage plans to "rob" him in a sort of way - by taking out everyone around him.

Meanwhile, Detective Knight and Detective Scarfe are at Chico's bedside where he is handcuffed. Chico tells them Shameek killed Dante. They don't believe him and want him to testify against Cottonmouth and his goons. He refuses, and Detective Knight leaves his room. Outside, she runs into Cage who she flirts with a bit. Back in the hospital room, Detective Scarfe slyly removes Chico's handcuffs and informs Chico he is free to return to the streets and face whatever Cottonmouth has planned as punishment.

The detectives are not the only ones there to visit Chico. Cage stops by his room and tells Chico that Tone killed Pop NOT Cottonmouth. Cage asks Chico to help him hurt Cottonmouth. Chico realizes that Cage is "one of them" (Avengers, superheroes, you know) and that is why he survived the driveby shooting. Chico tells Cage that Cottonmouth sells the guns, Black Mariah owns the banks, and the money is all put in stash houses and fronts all over the city. There is one front, Crispus Attucks, that is like a fortress and is the location of the majority of Cottonmouth's money.

Thus, Cage begins his plan to rough up the goons in the stash houses forcing Cottonmouth to move all of his money to Crispus Attucks.

Later, Cottonmouth meets up with Black Mariah. He tells her that four of his stash houses were hit. Crispus Attucks, just as Chico said, is his fortress. There is only one way in and one way out of the building. Cottonmouth plans to move ALL of his money there. Black Mariah tells Cottonmouth that Crispus Attucks is in her plans for the "Harlem Renaissance" and she cares what happens to the citizens of Harlem. Cottonmouth laughs at her, knowing that all Black Mariah cares about is money and power. With this I had to smirk because this "lesser villain" (Black Mariah) is clearly a little wack-a-doodle. She actually thinks she is doing GOOD for the people.

Oh, and by the way, Cage is watching these two the entire time they are conversing.

Remember Domingo? Well, he is not pleased one bit with Cottonmouth. He arrives at the nightclub and wants his money or his product as promised. And he pretty much declares war on Cottonmouth.

Then, we return to the beginning of the episode with Cage outside Crispus Attucks. He puts in his earphones and pulls up his hoodie. What is he rocking? One of Mili Wifey's favorites:

Wu Tang Clan, Bring da Ruckus

And Cage proceeds to head inside Crispus Attucks and raise a ruckus. He uses a car door as his shield, not that he needed one, and kicks everyone in the building's ass. Once Cage finds all the cash, he takes a single small duffle bag, presumably with enough to pay Pop's bills, and leaves the rest of the money for the cops to collect.

While investigating this "crime," Detective Scarfe is curious why anyone would leave the money. Knight points out that the person wanted to take the money off the streets. But Knight is curious why this, as described by witnesses, "big black dude in a hoodie" would care? Scarfe does not care one way or another. He is more than happy to let someone else do his work and thinks this man should be thanked. Knight, on the other hand, thinks superhero types are just untrained vigilantes. In her mind, Knight begins to piece together that Cage might just be the man.

Their conversation is interrupted as Scarfe receives a call from Chico. He is ready to testify against Cottonmouth. Scarfe meets with Chico, alone, and Chico tells Scarfe he wants to testify because of Pop. And he proceeds to go on about Cottonmouth's thuggery and then:

Scarfe strangles Chico to death with his tie! Scarfe is on Cottonmouth's payroll!

By the way, Cottonmouth is pretty pissed because he has lost 7 million dollars thanks to Cage. Scarfe arrives at the nightclub and tells Cottonmouth that Chico is dead in his trunk. He also lets Cottonmouth know that Luke Cage, that guy that washes dishes at his nightclub, is behind all his troubles and he knows where Cage lives. Black Mariah wants Cottonmouth to take care of the problem (she is just so caring and sweet! NOT.).

Speaking of Cage, he presents Bobby Fish with the money and heads home where his landlady cooks him a meal. Cage pays her the money he owes for rent. She gives him a hug and they both smile.

All the while:

Cottonmouth is on a roof pointing a rocket launcher at Luke's apartment building. He blows up her restaurant and his place!

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  1. Pretty much every episode I'm like who's gonna get killed haha

  2. I was so surprised, not surprised when Scarfe killed Chico....I had a feeling he was going to end up being "bad cop".

    OMD...loved the missile shot special effects!! Thanks for the recap!!


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