October 13, 2016

Netflix Luke Cage Episode 13 Recap: You Know My Steez

When we left Episode 12, Diamondback had gone full supervillain which is always fun! Time to finish up the series in our final episode.

Friends, this is my favorite episode of the entire season. It is an AWESOME, if not one of the best, season finales to a Marvel series. It gave me all the #MarvelFeels. My hats off to the director, producers, Marvel Studios and all of the incredible cast who made these characters come to life.

Now, let's finish the season!


Episode 13: You Know My Steez

People needed someone that didn't require a warrant or shield to get things done. 
Call it a vigilante or a superhero, call it what you will, but like it or not, 
I've finally accepted that the someone had to be me. ~ Luke Cage

We open Episode 13 "back in the day."

Willis is training Carl. Carl wants to beat up some guy who hit him at the bowling alley to teach him respect. Willis tells him not to do it, and Carl tells Willis, "you wouldn't understand, I can't let it slide, I'm a Lucas." He tells Willis that his father is not in his corner, but will he be? Willis tells Carl "always" and insists he keep practicing.

We then move back to the present day.

Diamondback tells Cage that his costume was made by Hammer Tech to handle Cage. Who the hell let Justin Hammer out of prison? He is back up to his evil ways, I see.

Diamondback and Cage fight while a crowd watches outside the barbershop. It is a battle to the death and spills out into the street.

Friends, go watch this fight. I apologize for not taking many notes, but you just have to watch this unfold. It is epic and quite enjoyable. Spoiler alert: Cage wins! As he knocks out Diamondback he says "Am I my brother's keeper? No, I'm not."

Diamondback is left alive to be punished for his evil ways.

Knight arrests Black Mariah. And she tells Cage that she must bring him into the station for a statement even though Diamondback has been captured.

At the station, Ridley reminds Cage there is a warrant for his arrest. Cage wants to clear his name. And Black Mariah? She is losing it in the interrogation room.

Cage tells Knight that he was in Georgia when the police officer was killed by Diamondback. Dr. Burnstein repaired him. And he did everything he could because Pop knew about his abilities and asked him to use his powers to set things right in Harlem. It is a wonderfully motivating speech and echoes something you would hear out of the mouth of Steve Rogers. Luke Cage is an every man's hero and a generally good guy.

Afterwards, Ridley heads into the interrogation room to question Black Mariah. Black Mariah tries to pin everything on Diamondback. Knight enters the room and calls Black Mariah a liar.

Knight tells Black Mariah that, according to the lab, Cottonmouth was struck in the back of the head with a bottle before he was pushed. Cottonmouth landed on his back, turned over and crawled, pleading for his life when he was smashed to death by a microphone stand. And it turns out the microphone stand is missing from the nightclub. Knight said someone killed a weakened Cottonmouth that was passionate about killing him. She has Black Mariah listen to the tape of Candace saying that Black Mariah killed Cottonmouth. Maybe, just maybe, if Black Mariah can help nail Shades, Diamondback and some of Cottonmouth's connections, they can make her stay in prison easier. Black Mariah says they do not have any evidence and brushes it all off.

Knight is taken out of the investigation room to hear some bad news. Candace is dead.

Shades shot her in the head. Candace was tricked into thinking Knight needed to speak with her because Shades stole her phone at the barbershop. Knight returns to the interrogation room and calls Black Mariah a murderer and says that Candace is dead. Black Mariah tells Knight that she loved her cousin and would test that love against the voice of a dead whore any day. And, Black Mariah is set free! Knight is furious.

As Black Mariah leaves, Cage asks for the file and she fluffs him off. Knight tells Claire and Cage that Candace is dead. The confession is now worthless. Candace took money from Black Mariah, changed her statement and now she is dead. The district attorney will not take the case.

More bad news. Two marshals arrive to pick up Carl Lucas for unlawful escape from Seagate Prison.

Black Mariah identified Cage as Lucas on television. Cage agrees to go with the marshals and he will prove his innocence. Claire promises to call her "lawyer friend" to help and then, Claire and Cage kiss. STOP THAT MARVEL! I need Cage and Jessica Jones together. Enough with this Claire nonsense! #listentome #ImthevoiceofMarvelfandom

As we close the episode, Black Mariah and Shades are running the nightclub together. Claire finds a sign that reads "defense training call Colleen Wing" which is our link to the next series, Iron Fist. Fish is cleaning up the barbershop and finds the folder with all the information to prove Cage's innocence.

And Knight arrives at the nightclub looking like this:

Totally dressed like her comic book character. Can I just tell you how much I loved Detective Knight? Simone Missick KILLED this role. She is such a strong, confident Marvel female badass. I am so proud of Marvel with her character. She was incredible and I look forward to seeing her again.

Oh, are you wondering what happened to Diamondback? He is at the hospital being treated by Dr. Burnstein! This is exciting. I cannot wait to see what happens with him next!

Friends, I absolutely loved this series. It was a lot of fun and all of the cast did a phenomenal job. If you have not watched Luke Cage, I highly recommend you check it out on Netflix! You won't be disappointed.

All of my love to Marvel forever and ever,


  1. Oh my goodness Maddie and Baby Belle your mom does the bestest recaps E V E R!!!
    We miss you are you in the midst of moving?
    Hugs madi your bfff

    1. We will be pretty soon! Still it's been kind of busy!

  2. I was trying to find this show on Netflix last night, thankfully I did...sometimes Netflix Canada doesn't have the same shows you guys have. Yay. Now it's officially added to my list.

  3. Mili Wife
    Now you've done it. . . you've given me a reason to watch Luke Cage.
    Love Noodles

  4. Ok now I really need to watch it!

  5. No Luke - We're on Team Jessica Jones!

  6. This does sound like an intriguing show.

    1. You should watch! I'm also watching Westworld currently. It's pretty good!


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