October 12, 2016

Netflix Luke Cage Episode 12 Recap: Soliloquy of Chaos

When we left Episode 11, Luke Cage was arrested, Shades was arrested and Diamondback had escaped. Now, we need Detective Knight to clear Cage's name. There are only two episodes remaining in this powerful series!


Episode 12: Soliloquy Of Chaos

It's something powerful about seeing a black man that's bulletproof and unafraid. 
The streets got mad love for Cage 
and I got mad love for Cage. ~ Method Man

We open Episode 12 with Cage being heavily cuffed.

Knight warns Cage that every officer has a modified weapon and will kill him if he attempts anything. The police take Cage to the station and Cage breaks out! He runs and a police officer catches up with him. However, Pop cut the police officer's hair for twelve years. He lets Cage go and tells him there are "more people rooting for him than he thinks."

Diamondback, in the meantime, is at a warehouse with the weapons.

Simp, one of Cottonmouth's thugs arrives with Turk Barrett. Diamondback tells him that Shades going to be "fired" and there will be an opening if he wants to step up. Plus, Diamondback has something exciting for Cage he plans to unleash.

At the police station, Knight tells Ridley she wants to prove Cage's innocence. Ridley is having none of this because Cage escaped once again.

Knight insists on talking to Shades, but Ridley sends her home.

At the nightclub, Black Mariah is upset.

The place is destroyed and it is all because of Diamondback.

On the streets of Harlem the next day, Cage sees a robbery of a store in progress. He does his duty to stop the criminals and inside the store he finds Method Man! An awesome cameo! At the same time, Knight receives a phone call from Candace. She needs to speak with her and tell her the truth. And Ridley is interrogating our old pal Shades.

All he wants is a lawyer and will give Ridley no information.

Later, Candace meets with Knight.

She tells Knight that she was at the club the night Cottonmouth died. Black Mariah killed Cottonmouth. She heard Shades and Black Mariah planning the entire coverup and Shades had the idea to pin the entire murder on Cage. Candace was paid $50,000.00 to lie to the police. If Knight can guarantee her safety, she will testify. She is terrified of Black Mariah. Knight agrees and sends Candace to stay with Claire.

Method Man is on Sway's Universe, a talk show, discussing Cage!

He also drops a track named "Bulletproof Love" dedicated to Luke Cage.

Later, Cage arrives at the barbershop and tells Fish he needs someone to find Diamondback. Fish suggests Turk Barrett.

At the same time, Shades is bailed out of prison. He is picked up by Diamondback's thugs and Simp tries to kill him!

Shades is able to get away and shoot everyone except Simp.

Shades takes him to the roof and shoots him.

Meanwhile, Black Mariah receives a phone call from Diamondback. She is furious, but Diamondback tells her that Shades is dead. He is giving her a chance to work with him. Black Mariah tells him that she is out of the politics.

But, BUT, surprise! Diamondback is in her home.

He shows Black Mariah a bag of money. This is for her new Harlem renaissance project and to refurbish the club. His only condition is loyalty and once he kills Cage, he will leave the city.

That night, Cage finds Turk in what is one of my favorite scenes of the series.

Cage tells Turk that he ratted out Chico and is the reason Pop was killed. He wants to know where Diamondback is hiding out. Turk refuses to tell him and Cage tosses him in a dumpster and crushes it. Turk finally admits that Diamondback is in a warehouse by the Harlem river. Cage leaves him in the dumpster and tells him to sit tight, trash pickup is tomorrow and there is food in there, too! Turk is yelling that there are baby diapers in the trash can and he cannot be left inside. It is absolutely hilarious!

At the warehouse, Domingo and his men arrive to kill Diamondback. He tells Diamondback that Shades is very much alive.

And Diamondback runs and somehow kills them all. Because he is just pure evil!

At the same time, Shades is visiting Black Mariah. He gives her the champagne bottle she hit Cottonmouth with that is evidence. He tells her that they are in this together now.

They both decide that they can use Cage to eliminate Diamondback. Black Mariah has something Cage wants - his freedom. She has files that have all the information (that Diamondback set him up so that he would go to Seagate) that would clear his name.

Thus, Shades and Black Mariah arrive at the barbershop. They ask Cage to destroy Diamondback and offer the files as payment for services rendered. Black Mariah tells Cage that she will say Diamondback killed Cottonmouth and Boone.

However, Knight arrives and she is ready to arrest Black Mariah for the murder of Cottonmouth! Shades pulls out his gun. And out of nowhere, someone tosses a grenade in the barbershop.

It is Diamondback!

He is full on supervillain now! Erik LaRay Harvey is really having a good time with this role and you know, he kind of looks like Diamondback.

Fish sees Diamondback in his costume and asks who the hell is he some kind of "pimp stormtrooper." I died laughing!

They all attempt to kill Diamondback and nothing happens. They scatter and Diamondback threatens to kill them all later. Cage tells him that he has to get past Cage first. Diamondback says, "I don't go past, I go through."

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  1. I love reading your recaps. Then I can have semi-intelligent conversations with my hubby about this show!

    1. Your husband seems awesome!! Too bad we don't live closer. We'd have a great time all chatting!!

  2. Why, why, why are the series so very short?? Another great episode and recap!!


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