October 12, 2016

Netflix Luke Cage Episode 11 Recap: Now You're Mine

When we left Episode 10, Detective Knight had been shot and Cage was hunkering over her to protect her from more gunfire. Let's see what happens next in Episode 11!


Episode 11: Now You're Mine

Not on my watch. ~ Luke Cage

Cage is still protecting Knight and carries her out of the nightclub into the kitchen. Some of the thugs capture Claire and all the other people in the nightclub as hostages. Shades wants to leave and Diamondback insists they remain and kill Cage and Knight.

After all, this would make them heroes. The city hates Cage and they can claim Cage killed Knight.

Cage takes Knight out of the kitchen through an escape to a storage room under the floor.

Knight asks who Willis Stryker is and Cage responds that he is Diamondback and his half-brother. And then, Diamondback blows a hole through the kitchen.

When he cannot find Cage, Diamondback has another plan. He holds Councilman Damon Boone at gunpoint and has him call Inspector Ridley.

He forces Boone to say that Cage took them all hostage and will kill them if he does not get his demands.

Meanwhile, Cage is stabilizing Knight who is wounded. And Claire is helping Candace, also a hostage, who has sprained her ankle. Candace admits to Claire this is all her fault.

She tells Claire that Black Mariah paid her to say Cage killed Cottonmouth. Claire asks her if she knows where Cage could hide and Candace thinks it might be the storage room under the kitchen. Claire tells Candace to pass out in order to create a diversion. Claire tells the thugs that Candace is diabetic and she needs to obtain her medicine. She leaves with another thug and knocks him out!

Outside the club, Ridley refuses to enter the building after speaking with Boone. But, BUT, guess who arrives in Harlem?

ADA Blake Tower from Daredevil!

He is there to coordinate through the mayor's office. The mayor is in a closed door session with Black Mariah discussing enhanced weapons for law enforcement. There is an experimental weapon that can kill Cage. About this time, Boone calls Ridley again and tells her that Cage wants a helicopter on the roof and he will release half of the hostages. Ridley wants proof that Knight is alive and Diamondback refuses. However, he does release some hostages. ADA Tower warns Ridley that he does not trust Black Mariah and these weapons, well, they could be dangerous in the wrong hands. He mentions how Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, pretty much destroyed Hell's Kitchen. Not to mention, the police chief is not on the scene and if something goes wrong, Ridley will be blamed.

Meanwhile, Claire is looking for Cage. Cage hears her and busts through the wall.

Knight is not doing so well and Claire immediately tends to her wounds. Cage heads back upstairs to the club to deal with Diamondback. By the way, Knight's arm is not looking so good with all the gunshot wounds. Maybe one day she will receive her bionic arm!

Oh Diamondback.....

He is doing what all Marvel supervillains love to do - telling a long prologue and soliloquy regarding his evil plan all the while "Son of A Preacher Man" plays in the background. He tells Boone that his mother, Dana, slept with her boss, Reverend Lucas. Thus, he was born. Reverend Lucas, however, would not give Willis his last name. No one said anything about the "bastard" child and Carl and Willis were best friends. There was always tension though. Diamondback even goes on to say he was a good boy, but his father loved Carl the best.

Shades informs Diamondback that the first set of hostages have been released. Shades is not happy with Diamondback's plan. Then, they learn that Claire has escaped to find Cage. Diamondback tells Shades to deal with the problem.

Diamondback comes over the intercom and lets Cage know that if he does not surrender himself and Knight, he will kill a hostage every ten minutes.

Diamondback then continues his story. Carl and he stole a red corvette as kids. Because Carl's father was Reverend Lucas, Carl was sent to join the Marines and Willis went to juvenile hall. He was shanked and Willis killed the boy in self defense. Thus, he received hard time.

While he was in jail, his mother died of cancer and she died alone in a shelter. Boone wants to know why he is listening to this entire story and Diamondback tells him because he is going to meet Diamondback's mother.

And he kills Boone.

Diamondback has his thugs toss Boone outside the club dead.

At the same time, Cage shuts off the power in the club. Shades attacks Knight and Claire and Knight handcuffs him. Cage is able to help some of the hostages out of the club. However, Diamondback has Candace. He tosses her off the balcony and Cage catches her. The police storm the nightclub and arrest Cage. Knight is taken out on a stretcher.

Knight refuses to leave the scene because she wants Ridley to know Cage is innocent.

As we close the episode, Diamondback escapes and Shades is arrested!

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  1. The excitement is ramping up....Diamondback is seriously whacko!! I have to say, I am really enjoying Theo Rossi bunches more than I thought I would as Shades!
    Happy Weekend!


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