October 11, 2016

Netflix Luke Cage Episode 10 Recap: Take It Personal

When we left Episode 9, Cage was flatlining! Let's hope Claire and Dr. Burnstein can save his life and remove those nasty super bullets in Episode 10.


Episode 10: Take It Personal

I never back down from a fight. 
Even if you don't trust me, trust the fighter in me. ~ Claire Temple

Cage is in trouble, but Claire Temple is there to save the day! She electrifies the water to bring Cage back to life.

Then, they pour saline into the bath which still does not weaken Cage's skin. Claire realizes that the temperature is the problem. The acid soup needs to reach boiling level to obtain the same temperature from the initial experiment at Seagate. It works and Claire is able to remove all the shrapnel.

Meanwhile, Diamondback and Black Mariah are meeting.

Diamondback shows Black Mariah the untraceable alien metal that is used to make the bullets that can wound Cage. Black Mariah tells him no one can afford the bullets, but Diamondback has plans to mass produce the weapon. He will break it down and sell it in smaller bullets. Then, villains can steamroll through town with machine guns and kill all the superheroes. He just needs Black Mariah to use her power to convince people that superheroes are a really big problem and the cops need to be weaponized to protect themselves.

I mean, do we really need all these indestructible people?

You already know Mili Wifey thinks we do! #AVENGERWANNABE

Back at Burnstein's lab, Burnstein mentions to Claire that Cage is valuable. Cage is immortal, after all. All the other subjects he tested on at Seagate died. Cage holds the secret to many things, like curing diseases and allowing people to live longer.

And then, Cage wakes up!

Part of Diamondback's plan with Black Mariah is to attack police officers and bring fear to the city while pretending to be Luke Cage. He puts on a special glove and kills a police officer yelling "I'm Luke Cage" in the street with tons of witnesses watching. Personally, I found this absolutely ridiculous. I mean, sure, we would see that in a comic book setting, but, BUT, really? This is pretty campy.

Black Mariah is not thrilled with Diamondback's plan either. However, Diamondback reminds her they must bring Cage out of hiding.

In Harlem, the cops are desperately trying to find Cage. They are using whatever means necessary to obtain information.

This whole affair concludes with the police bringing in a young boy as a witness named Lonnie Wilson. He is beaten down at the station and this sparks an entire campaign for Black Mariah against Cage and other superheroes. Thus, Diamondback's plan begins to work.

At the same time, Claire is mending Cage's wounds.

Burnstein tells Cage that he may be the secret to immortality or saving others lives. Claire really does not trust Burnstein and Cage echoes her sentiments. When Burnstein leaves, Cage wants to look at the files on the hard drive and found out more about Reva's involvement with Burnstein. Claire and Cage learn that Reva was plotting to use Cage the entire time for experiments. She chose him to be a guinea pig because of strength and character. Cage is heartbroken she basically lied to him.

Burnstein returns and tells Cage that he was not supposed to learn this information and tells Cage that Reva chose him because he was "triumphant." He also calls Cage by his old name, Carl Lucas. Cage tells Burnstein that he is Luke Cage and Carl died at Seagate. Burnstein presses on calling him Carl and tells him that he is the future and a "walking fountain of youth."

Cage becomes infuriated and trashes the lab, computer and hard drive.

He tells Bernstein that this will never happen to another man again. You see, Cage really does not want anyone else obtaining this kind of power because some would use it for evil and not good. #MarvelSuperheroLogic

Meanwhile, Knight has found out that Cottonmouth is actually Willis Stryker. She learns that Carl Lucas and Willis Stryker were both arrested as youths.

And that Carl Lucas is actually Luke Cage!

Back over in evil supervillain land, Black Mariah is holding a press conference. She calls Cage a super freak and tells the NYPD to arm themselves against these freaks with power. Such a hypocrite. If anyone is a freak with power, it is her!

After leaving Burnstein, Cage and Claire have a long discussion.

Cage is not happy that Reva lied to him. He claims he did not really know her at all and just loved the idea of Reva. But oh well, Cage needs to find out why Diamondback hates him so much and thinks those answers will be found in his hometown, Savannah. Claire tells Cage that they are in this together now and she will help him. There are a few tender moments between Cage and Claire indicating some sort of romantic connection.

And this is where they completely lost me. #sorrynotsorry Marvel, but Cage belongs with Jessica Jones. They are good together and it follows along with the comic books. Do not get it twisted; I absolutely love Claire's character and enjoy Rosario on screen (Although, I still will always and forever prefer her performance in Tarantino's Death Proof - best ass kicking of all time. But truly, I digress.) However, I really do not want Claire romantically involved with any of the Defenders. There is only so much "Marvel sex" I will allow, friends. Luke Cage and Jessica Jones? Yes. Elektra and Daredevil? Yes. Tony Stark? Yes. But, BUT, people like Claire and Nick Fury and the Hulk and Steve Rogers are not doing "Marvel sexy time." Nope. I will not allow this behavior. And since I am all things Marvel, the writers should really listen to me.

Just kidding. Or am I?

Anyhoo, Bernstein is, not surprisingly, trying to piece together his laptop. He is successful and has a copy of all of his research files. Oh brother!

Meanwhile, Knight has ventured off to question Domingo. Knight is one ballsy lady. I enjoy her immensely.

She asks Domingo about Diamondback and why the heads of the Jamaican, Haitian and Cuban crime families are suddenly "missing."

At the same time, Cage is at his family church which has been completely vandalized. He has a flashback of his mother and Diamondback's mother, Dana Stryker.

Cage remembers that Dana was sleeping with his father, James Lucas. Diamondback is actually Cage's brother! Cage tells Claire that Diamondback hates him because their father hated the idea of Diamondback. However, what he does not know is that Cage's father was not particularly nice to him either. Now, Cage is his brother's keeper.

Back in Harlem, Black Mariah is holding a huge meeting at the nightclub to bitch about and stir shit up on deal with Luke Cage. Diamondback is enjoying the spectacle. Black Mariah mentions that the world has changed and is full of new terrorists, like Jessica Jones in Hell's Kitchen. After all, she snapped a man's neck because he was "mind controlling her." Everyone needs protection from Cage and these other "power people" like him.

Out of nowhere, Cage and Claire arrive. And so does Knight! Cage and Knight are sneaking upstairs separately to find Diamondback. Diamondback sees Knight and shoots her! Cage rescues Knight and deals with another hail of gunfire from every police officer in the building. He hunkers down and protects Knight as we close Episode 10.

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  1. You always give the best recaps of shows!

  2. I'm with you(hear that Marvel!!??). I'll be disappointed if Claire and Cage do the deed...but I'm holding out that, because they haven't yet, maybe the MPTB (Marvel Powers That Be)are just toying with us...I kinda liked Luke and Misty together too..but JJ and LC, TOTALLY melted the TV screen!

    1. Jessica and Luke are one of my fave couples!!


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