September 29, 2016

Pug Posts: Exclusively Pet, Inc. Fall Treat Gift Box Review

Disclaimer: Exclusively Pet, Inc. provided my Mommy with a Fall Gift Box filled with yummy treats in exchange for our pug-opinion and review. There was absolutely no pug bribing involved in creating this post. We aren't about that life. Unless, it involved an unlimited supply of cheeseburgers, pizza and trips to fancy ho-tels (with unlimited room service because duh).

Hello Friends!

It has been FUR-ever since I wrote one of my Pug Posts. Mommy has totally been hogging the blog. However, I cannot complain because Mommy has taken advantage of her Puggy Pimping Power on Instagram.

Mommy friended a pawsome company called Exclusively Pet, Inc.

The company sent us for review a Fall Treat Gift Box "Hungry Hounds Harvest Duo" which included Sweet Potato Flavor Dog Treats (made with real dried sweet potato) and Smoochers Pumpkin Flavor Dog Treats (made with coconut oil, dried yogurt and real pumpkin). These delicious snacks are wheat, corn and soy free and great for your furry friend! Plus, they are made in the good ole U.S.A.

BabyBelle Pug and I first tried the "Smoochers" which have a chewy texture and smell just like a big ole pumpkin pie!

BabyBelle Pug is the sweet tooth of our family. She loves candy and desserts. This snack had her extremely pug-cited!

Pug possessed food eyes in 3.....2.....1.....

Yup. She loves them!

Next, we tried the "Sweet Potato" treats.

Here comes #MaddiethePug with her picky nose to "sniff" them out:

Another success! We loved them both and my Mommy loves that the treats are good for us as we are currently eating a raw food diet.

Thanks Exclusively Pet, Inc. for letting us taste your yummy treats!

Exclusively Pet, Inc. offers this Fall Treat Gift Box beginning late summer through the early winter. This gift box would be a perfect surprise to bring a hostess during holiday parties! Include this in a small basket with a good bottle of wine and you are sure to be a hit with your fur loving friends.

Need to know where you can buy these treats? Check out the company's website at:

You can find Exclusively Pet, Inc. at:

As always, I just don't give a pug because I am,


  1. Natalie shrieked, "PUGS! Cute PUGS!" right in my ear.

    I don't have dogs. Just cats. But they do love to eat.

    1. Lmao!! Sorry Mom! She needs a pug!!! Christmas is right around the comes Santas Pugs!! ;)

  2. Oh, Maddie! Those sound awesome! We just love sweet potatoes AND pumpkin. Yummerz!!!! I need to get mom to order some for us.
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher
    PS: If anyone does make that ho-tel offer, please feel free to pass my name along to them. Wink wink.

  3. HEY GURLS!!!!! Long time no see!!!! You are lookin' most FABulous! It must be all those most tasty treaties you've been eatin'!!! I'm not a big pumpkin puppers, butts I thinks I would try those in a heartbeat! Nows, did I hear somethings about WINE??? yes please!
    FABulous review gurls!
    Ruby ♥♥

  4. ooh ohh we love anything with pumpkin. Thanks for sharing
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

    Pee es
    stop by our blog on Monday for a special post and giveaway

  5. How fun! I love spoiling my pets too

  6. Ooh, Maddie and Belle, you girls are just so darn cute!! I would love to give you some cuddles!! Glad you girls enjoyed those treats!!

  7. Aww. My dog always eats the same treats. I've been thinking of trying Bark Box just to give her a little culture!

  8. The pumpkin looks like something our dog would like. It says chewy texture, is it like pig hide chewy or gummy chewy? Charlie is so picky :(

  9. Those doggies are sooooooooo cute!

    If they're calling themselves Exclusively PET, they should have some kitty treats. Harley and Ivy are rather jealous.

    Did you know the ghost of V.C. Andrews just released a sequel to My Sweet Audrina? I bought it at the supermarket, I could not help myself...

    1. No omg need to buy this and I need a Lifetime shitshow stat

  10. Such cuties!!!

  11. Great review girls!! We could definitely get behind those pumpkin treats!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  12. You always know when a doggie doesn't feel good when they turn their nose at a treat. But you can tell which one are their favorites.

  13. These treats are so cool, and from what I understand, pumpkin is really GOOD for dogs!

    1. Yes it really helps their digestive system!

  14. Ohh, those all look super duper yummy! I like that the sweet potatoes are ginormous too! Sorry for being AWOL on visiting. My son and his family just moved and we are trying to get our house ready to sell. It is maddening after 25 years! LOL!

  15. OMD I need Mama to get me some of these STAT! Hers made pumpkin muffins this week and I have been all up in her business every time she eats one cause I wuv pumpkin.

    Matt (& Matilda)

  16. Hari OM
    Hiya Maddie - so good to see you at last!!! I am so glad you got to try out these treaties; but you be sure to cuddle mum a little more after all her troubles of recent times. Life can roll like that but equally it can roll the other way. Our little furries are the ones who keep it all stable, so huggies and wags to you and Baby Belle! YAM-aunty xxx

    1. Thanks so much for this! My pugs have really been great healers!!


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