September 30, 2016

Netflix Luke Cage Episode 2 Recap: Code of the Streets

When we left Episode 1, Cottonmouth's cronies Tone and Shades were escorting Shameek to meet  Cottonmouth. Cage, washing dishes in the kitchen of the nightclub, spots Shades. He recognizes Shades from prison where they shared a cell. Meanwhile, in Cottonmouth's office, Cottonmouth begins beating on Shameek to find out Chico's whereabouts. Then, Cottonmouth beats Shameek to death.

And yes, Cottonmouth has a huge portrait of Biggie in his office.

Detective Knight finds Shameek beaten to death in the streets. She and Detective Scarfe, portrayed by Frank Whaley, look for Chico. Scarfe suggests Knight talk to the man who replaced Dante as the bartender at the nightclub. Later, thugs are roughing up the Asian woman Cage rents from and her husband. Cage interrupts them and the thugs attempt to attack Cage. Of course, he stops them with his powers.

The Asian couple want to hire Cage! But, BUT, Cage tells them he is not for hire, but he assures them that he's "got them."

BUT, BUT, Luke Cage is a HERO FOR HIRE!


Episode 2: Code of the Streets

Boys run. Men stand. You're a man. ~ Pop

Episode 2 opens with Cage being held at gunpoint!

Then, we move back in time to find Detective Knight imagining the crime in her head. She believes Chico did not want to be a part of this crime. She describes the entire affair as: "somebody got jacked, somebody got pissed and somebody got dead."

At the barbershop, Pop mentions again that Cage could be helping people instead of sweeping hair and washing dishes. Cage asks Pop if these thugs are shaking people down to fund Black Mariah's New Harlem Renaissance. Pop tells Cage that Cottonmouth and Black Mariah's grandma was "Mama Mabel" and was the Devil's ex-wife, basically, a badass. However, Pop is not worried because his place is neutral ground. Around that time, Cottonmouth and Shades arrive for a shave!

Cottonmouth asks if Pop knows where Chico is hiding out and, when he is unable to extract any information from Pop, leaves. Pop tells Cage that Cottonmouth killed Shameek and will kill Chico if they do not find him first. He begs Cage to find him and when Cage refuses, he reminds Cage that he keeps Cage's secrets and Cage owes him one. Thus, Cage goes about the mission. Chico is not a very good hider because Cage is able to find him in a matter of four hours. Chico refuses to go with Cage. Cage returns to Pop to tell him about Chico.

Pop then tells Cage about his past. And we get a flashback!

He was named "Pop" for beating people and he ran with Wilfredo, Chico's dad, and Cottonmouth. He called them Thing 1 and Thing 2. He was their leader and they were street thugs. This is why he decided to mentor Chico and help him get his life together. After this, Chico arrives at the barbershop and so does Turk Barrett!

You might remember he escaped from his ankle bracelet in Daredevil Season 2!

Detectives Knight and Scarfe arrive and ask about Chico. Cage and Pop act surprised about the crime and shootout. Luke also tells Detective Knight "looks like you found some better clothes to audit in" and they exchange a few words. Once the detectives leave, Pop talks Cage into parlaying Cottonmouth for a pardon for Chico. He does not want Chico to end up like Shameek. Cage goes to the nightclub and tells Cottonmouth that Pop will get all the goods back to him and Chico will disappear from New York. Cottonmouth agrees to come by the barbershop for a haircut. He tells Tone to call off the search for Chico and he will settle everything in the morning. HOWEVER, Turk has ratted out Chico to Shades. Shades and Tone head to Pop's barbershop for a driveby shooting. Tone opens fire on the barbershop and Cage shields Chico from the bullets with his impenetrable skin.

However, this happens:

Pop is dead! This really made me sad. Pop was one of the more interesting characters on the series.

Tone and Shades head back to the nightclub rooftop and Tone proudly tells Cottonmouth he made an "executive decision" and opened fire on the barbershop. Cottonmouth is furious, but decides he can clean up the mess by sending Pop money to rebuild. When Shades tells Cottonmouth that Pop is dead, Cottonmouth is enraged. Out of nowhere, Turk arrives wanting payment for ratting out Chico's location. Cottonmouth grabs Tone, tosses him off the building on to the ground and tells Turk to collect it off the street. Turk wisely suggests he is returning to Hell's Kitchen where it is safe. By the way, this entire time, Black Mariah is watching and although she is displeased, she does nothing. I love Marvel's more sinister "minor villains."

We end this episode with Cottonmouth weeping in his office over Pop's death and Cage fighting off his attacker we met in the beginning of the episode by shooting his ownself in the stomach with the attacker's gun.

Do you think Cage will come out of hiding and help people now that Pop is dead to honor his wishes?

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  1. I do not watch this show. But it sounds interesting!

  2. I LOVE Pop, I wish he could have stuck around more! But at last, we'd have no movement with Luke!

  3. I cried when Pop died...I also loved his character and wish he could have stuck around! Love the angst of Cottonmouth..I get the feeling that he once had a bit of good somewhere, but it's slowly getting eaten away.

    Do you think we will see the music of this series published?? Still hoping they'll put out the music for JJ!!


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