March 18, 2016

Netflix Daredevil Season 2 Intro & Episode 1 Recap: Bang

Finally, the long awaited Daredevil Season 2 has arrived on Netflix. Last year, I was impressed by Season 1 and Charlie Cox's portrayal of Matt Murdock, the lawyer with an alter crime fighting ego, Daredevil. By far, this is my favorite Marvel series deserving of much more praise than it receives. If you have not yet had an opportunity to watch Season 1, I highly recommend you do immediately. There is more of a dark, graphic novel quality that appeals to the adult viewer who may not be a fan of the more PG/PG-13 Marvel television series.

Basically, this ain't the wholesome goodness of Agent Carter, friends.

Netflix Marvel is all about explicit language and violence.

Thus, I begin my episodic recap and review of Season 2. As you may remember, last fall, I did a complete recap of all episodes of Netflix's Jessica Jones. These will be written in the same format and available in the Marvel Forever section of the blog. The first episode will be the ONLY recap without reference to major spoilers. While there will be some mild ones, I will not reveal the ending for those of you who would like to watch the entire series.


Episode 1: Bang

Hell's Kitchen is about to explode. ~ Sgt. Brett Mahoney

We open Episode 1 with a group of criminals running down the streets of Hell's Kitchen after what appears to be a robbery. 

Hell's Kitchen is just as dark and gritty as ever.

Daredevil is on the chase, and manages to take them all down with ease. The season is not wasting a moment in bringing the viewers lots of action, which is quite a difference from last season's "slow burn," so to speak.

After the opening credits and composer John Paesano's signature music, we meet Foggy and Murdock on the way to work. Foggy tells Murdock about his failed date the evening before and suggests Murdock come out as his wingman. Then, Foggy stops and wipes blood off the back of Murdock's skull. Foggy expresses to Murdock that Karen has been asking about all the unexplained injuries that go along with being Daredevil. He worries that if Murdock is ever caught in the suit, he will be disbarred at the very least. Murdock reminds Foggy that he if he quits his "night job," people will get hurt.

Hell's Kitchen is a dangerous place, after all.

Once they arrive at the office, Karen, you remember Karen right?:

Deborah Ann Woll is really quite endearing in this role.

Marvel Comic's Karen.

Karen tells Foggy and Murdock about their new clients. Business is great at Nelson & Murdock. The only problem? Clients are paying in bananas and pies. Translation: they are broke. Murdock feels they will manage because they have each other.

In another part of Hell's Kitchen, a man passes through a back room where a group of Irish men are celebrating. He brings up a toast and states that there was a time when the Irish owned Hell's Kitchen, but "a piece of garbage" named Wilson Fisk took it all away. Daredevil's removal of Fisk provides them with an opportunity to reclaim Hell's Kitchen. Suddenly, the man is shot down and a hail of gunfire enters the room. Everyone dies except one lone survivor.

Meanwhile, Foggy, Murdock and Karen are enjoying a game of pool at Josie's. There is a tender moment between Murdock and Karen, but that is overshadowed by Murdock sensing an accelerated heart rate in the room. Murdock approaches a man at the bar and gives him a warning. The man tells Murdock he has business with Nelson & Murdock.

His name is Grotto and he relays the story of the Irish shooting. He believes an army took them out. Grotto is the only survivor and he wants Nelson & Murdock to arrange for him to be in the witness protection program. Murdock agrees.

Speaking of the Irish shooting, the NYPD is at the bloodbath taking evidence. Foggy and Murdock arrive and Murdock overhears the police talking with his super enhanced hearing. Foggy tells Sgt. Brett Mahoney (back from Daredevil Season 1 and his cameo in Jessica Jones) he has a client who may be able to provide information on the shooting. Mahoney indicates that this is not the first hit like this in Hell's Kitchen. There are new players in Hell's Kitchen - a paramilitary organization. Mahoney tells them to turn over their witness to help the police. Of course, Murdock wants to find this organization and Foggy is worried about the results of Murdock taking on an army.

Grotto, after suffering wounds from the shooting, is in the hospital with Karen at his side. Grotto awakens and wants to leave. He is terrified there is a target on his back. Karen tells him not to worry because she has provided the hospital with a cover story.

At the same time, there is a gun deal taking place between several men. Daredevil arrives and breaks this up quickly.

He asks the salesman about the Irish massacre and the paramilitary organization. At first, the salesman tells Daredevil that he does not know anything. With a little "persuasion," he admits that it has something to do with Fisk. All of the gangs in Hell's Kitchen are trying to grab what Fisk left behind. He claims there are military style weapons coming from a warehouse in the Meatpacking District.

While Daredevil extracts information on the massacre, Foggy is attempting to get into a the Dogs Of Hell's motorcycle gang clubhouse. He says he needs to talk to Smitty and is an old friend. They rough him around and finally, Froggy learns Smitty is dead. A gang member tells Foggy that Smitty was on the run with other men and was hit by an army. Everyone, including Smitty, was left for dead.

At the Meatpacking District, Murdock finds several men hanging on meat hooks in between the animals. One is alive! Murdock wants to help him and is looking for the army who is massacring people. The man tells Murdock it was no army.

It was one man.

Wow, friends, this opening episode was fantastic. Plenty of action and a great introduction to our story for this season. I hope you will join me on this journey!

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    1. Hey pretty lady! Yes!! Tell him to watch and show him the recaps! ;)

  2. WE have NetFlix Too... and we keep hoping they will have the super crime fighter extraordinaire... CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS.

  3. Maddie and Baby Belle your Mom's reviews are so good we are thinking about adding this program to our summer viewing list.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  4. Loved the first episode!! It was VERY hard not to start binge watching all the episodes but I really want to savor this season! I also want to take a peak at The Punisher...can't wait to see how the season progresses!!!

    Thanks for the great recap!!

    1. Jon Bernthal is incredible! Totally stealing this series. Also there's a post credit scene at the last episode so heads up.
      PS there's gonna be like 3 post credit scenes for Civil War so we will be in the theater 3 hours or so lmao

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    1. Yes!!!!
      But Episode 5 tho. "On your left." Where have we heard that before.... ;)

  6. I didn't read this post because I haven't had the chance to watch the show yet, but I'm super excited for it!

    1. I can't wait to hear your thoughts after the show!! You are going to LOVE everything about Jon Bernthal. He is terrifically awesome!!


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