March 21, 2016

Netflix Daredevil Season 2, Episode 9 Recap: Seven Minutes In Heaven

When we left Episode 8, Castle was back in jail having a meeting with Kingpin, Wilson Fisk. What could Fisk possibly want from Castle? And maybe, just MAYBE, should we not put all these mastermind criminals and thugs in the same prison? I have always wondered that about comic books. Why is everyone in the same jail or mental institute? It just seems like a bad idea. Am I right?

And I am the ONLY one who wonders how Castle does not associate Murdock's voice with Daredevil? He seems like a perceptive man. Matter of fact, how does anyone not realize this? 

Le Sigh.

Well, let's see what Fisk is up to in Episode 9.


Episode 9: Seven Minutes In Heaven

You don't get to create danger and then protect us from that danger. 
That's not heroic, that's insane. ~ Foggy Nelson

Episode 9 begins in a flashback to the day that Wilson Fisk went to prison.

Alas, being a Marvel supervillian is loads of fun until you get caught! He has to undress from his expensive suit and cufflinks and put on a regulation prison uniform. Incidentally, Fisk looks completely miserable. His attorney, Donovan, comes to visit him in jail and Fisk inquires about the appeal. Donovan tells Fisk they are making progress (by the way, this is attorney lingo when your client has no chance in hell of getting out of jail anytime soon, but you have to tell him something when he calls/when you visit).

Remember Fisk's girlfriend Vanessa? Well, she is safe overseas being taken care of with Fisk's assets. At least, the assets that the government has not seized. Donovan warns him that cash will run low and appeals can be expensive. He tells Fisk to avoid trouble in jail and keep a low profile. Fisk does not need to give anyone another reason to keep him in jail longer.

While in prison, another prisoner named Dutton comes by Fisk's cell. He knows who Fisk is and calls him "the bogeyman of crime."

Basically, Dutton exerts his "prison power" and tells Fisk that he is "the kingpin of this bitch." This does not settle well with Fisk.

Fisk ends up befriending another prisoner who was a mortgage analyst in the real world. He tells Fisk that men like them, white collar criminals, need to stick together.

He becomes Fisk's assistant and obtains information on Dutton. At the same time, Fisk is following The Punisher's story in the news. He asks if Dutton has any connections with the Irish and Fisk's assistant learns that there was a heroin deal that went south.

Donovan returns to the jail to visit Fisk again and Fisk gives him a series of orders; basically, Fisk is paying off people on the outside with connections on the inside. Ah yes, and you thought the prison system helped rehabilitate criminals? Think again. In another meeting, Donovan tells Fisk that his cash is almost gone. However, Fisk is not concerned because he does not think he will need anymore. He has spoken to a guard that will help him.

Back in the present, Elektra is cleaning up the crime scene, destroying evidence and even gets someone to dispose of the ninja's body. How kind of her!

Murdock wakes up and wants to call the police. It is a little too late for all that nonsense, Murdock.

Elektra tells Murdock that she killed a member of an ancient order of ninjas. The war in New York is on and these ninjas know Daredevil and Elektra are after them.

Murdock tells Elektra he sensed her adrenaline spike when she killed the ninja. She enjoys killing.

Elektra tells Murdock that she killed someone for the first time when she was 12 years old. She only did it because she needed to know she could and would not get caught. Murdock tells her they both are poisonous for each other. He tells Elektra he will fight the war alone. And with that, Elektra leaves.

At the prison, Fisk tells Castle he has been following his case and he knows his family was murdered. He also lets Castle know that he has crossed paths with Nelson & Murdock and he is not a fan of their work.

Fisk tells Castle that they wanted to send Castle to a mental health facility which would be a travesty. What Castle needs is closure and Fisk can provide this for him. Dutton was involved in the massacre of Castle's family - he facilitated the deal between the Mexican cartel, the Irish gangsters and the Dogs of Hell. But, BUT, Dutton is guarded in the prison by guards and inmates. Castle is curious why Fisk would want to help him. Fisk tells him that Dutton controls the prison and is making his life difficult.

Castle tells Fisk he does not want to "help a shitbag has been mob boss." Fisk reiterates he is offering Castle something no one else could - revenge. He also reminds Castle that life in prison will not be fun because of all the enemies he has made and besides, the war he raged on New York got him nowhere. Castle reluctantly agrees. Thus, Fisk provides him safe passage to Cellblock A that evening. He hands him a shiv and tells him to make it work.

Meanwhile, Foggy goes to Murdock's apartment. He tells Murdock that perhaps the firm needs a break.

Matt agrees and says that if he is holding them back, maybe the office should close down for good. Foggy tells him that he wants to talk to his friend, not a vigilante. Murdock tells him they are one in the same.

Daredevil just INSISTS on being a loner, doesn't he?

At the office of Nelson & Murdock, Foggy is packing up and Karen arrives with some new information.

Remember when Tucker said he also forged the death certificate of a John Doe? Well, there is a picture of the crime scene with the man in the picture and ANOTHER picture with the man removed from the crime scene. This seems like a coverup. Foggy is intrigued, but he tells Karen that Murdock and him are currently in a disagreement and the office is closing its doors for awhile. Karen tells Foggy that when she stopped by Murdock's apartment the other evening, she found a woman in his bed. She says whatever is going on with Murdock it seems he is not capable or willing to make room for anything else in his life. Foggy feels bad he did not warn Karen, but Karen did not need to be warned. She is simply tired of being lied to by Murdock. Foggy tells her to start planning her life outside of the office.

Later, Daredevil has found Stan Gibson. Gibson says he was forced to work for the Yakuza.

He tells Daredevil that the Yakuza are holding his son hostage at a warehouse. The warehouse is called "The Farm." Gibson and Daredevil head to "The Farm" to find Gibson's son.

At the same time, Karen has taken her photographic evidence of the John Doe to Ellison at The Bulletin. Ellison and Karen decide they must find Tucker to find out who is this mysterious John Doe.

At Tucker's apartment, Ellison and Karen tell him they work for The Bulletin and they need information on the John Doe.

Tucker tells them he does not know the John Doe's name, but he had a police call sign hidden in his left shoe. The John Doe was an undercover cop. Ellison and Karen head back to The Bulletin and Karen inherits Ben Urich's old office. Karen is now an investigate reporter!

Back at the prison, Castle is on his way to find Dutton.

He cuts Dutton's cellmate's throat and grabs Dutton. Castle wants to know why Dutton was at the massacre in Central Park.

Dutton was brokering between the Mexican cartel, the Irish gangsters and the Dogs of Hell. He had been warned, but did not listen. It was all a sting. The feds had infiltrated one of the gangs and learned this was a huge drug deal. They wanted to capture the man in charge, someone known as The Blacksmith. Once Castle has this information, he shivs Dutton in the stomach. Castle leaves the cell, but the guards lock him in under Fisk's orders. All of Dutton's men come out to kill Castle. No big deal, Castle is used to taking on many men at once. He kills them all and the police come in to retrieve Castle.

It is one bloody mess.

Meanwhile, Daredevil is asking Hirochi what exactly is going on at The Farm.

Hirochi does not tell him anything, but Daredevil senses the sound of blood.

At the prison, Fisk goes to Castle's cell.

He tells Castle that he planned to kill him, but plans change. Castle has a gift and Fisk uses his new prison powers to help Castle escape the prison. Why? He wants Castle on the outside to eliminate people so that the city will be his for the taking when he is released. Fisk wants to win war when he is released, not wage war. He tells Castle to find The Blacksmith and kill his way to justice. Castle tells Fisk the next time he sees Fisk only one of them will walk away.

What about poor Dutton? He is still alive, but will soon be dead. Fisk enjoys a nice dinner beside him and says that he was right, there is only room for ONE Kingpin.

Well, Daredevil has learned what The Farm is - the Yakuza are farming people for blood!

Daredevil rescues Gibson's son who is almost dead. And then, a familiar ninja arrives. The ninja is Nobu, the ninja who Daredevil killed last season. Stick was right. The Hand has found the key to immortality.

By the way, Castle escapes the prison.

And he is looking more and more like The Punisher of Marvel Comics.

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  1. Since I don't have NetFlix, I am so outta the loop!

    1. It's really one of the best investments you could make! So much quality television there! Also, they have lots of ambience videos now - like underwater, landscapes. Sometimes I just turn those on during the day for noise or to sleep to!

  2. I am partially blaming you for me watching Iron Man 3 last night until 1 in the morning and actually googling the difference between Marvel and DC comic characters. LOL

    1. Different comic book publishers.
      Ironman 3 wasn't my favorite. Ironman 2 was significantly better.

  3. This episode was over the top! Loved every twist and turn. This episode was so brutal, I thought I was watching a DC Comics based series... WOW!

    1. Right? Thank you so much for stopping by!!! xxoo

  4. They really packed tons into this episode! Love that Fisk is back, and am wondering if he is behind the whole sting operation that resulted in Castle's family getting killed...He did have lots of NYC government under his control...

    I really think The Punisher needs to be a new Netflix series, there is so much depth in his character!!


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