March 21, 2016

Netflix Daredevil Season 2, Episode 8 Recap: Guilty As Sin

When we left Episode 7, Daredevil and Elektra had found out what the Yakuza were hiding - a HUGE hole. Daredevil threw a flashlight into the hole to see how deep it was and it still had not hit the bottom.

A semi-spoiler and exciting news: Vincent D'Onofrio is returning this episode. Yes, Wilson Fisk, Kingpin, is back!

Let's see what role he exactly plays in this season as we begin Episode 8.


Episode 8: Guilty As Sin

There's a light inside you, I tried to snap it out in college. 
I'm so lucky I failed. ~ Elektra

We return in Episode 8 to Elektra and Daredevil waiting at the hole for the flashlight to hit the bottom. It finally does at 40 stories down! 

It seems the Yakuza are serious about this hole because here they come in full force. Daredevil and Elektra battle them all, but Elektra gets her stomach sliced. Things are headed downhill and then, Stick arrives to save them!

Stick has returned from Season 1.

Elektra, Daredevil and Stick leave the scene in a getaway car. As they leave, Yakuza are fighting them and Elektra is dying. They head to Murdock's apartment in order for Stick to help her live. The blade that sliced Elektra was poisonous.

Stick knows the antidote and it is a concoction of whiskey, baking soda, hot tea, pliers and toilet bowl cleanser. Murdock carries Elektra to his bed and Stick pours the antidote into her wound.

But, BUT how does Stick know Elektra?

At court, Karen asks Foggy why Murdock is not there yet.

Foggy tells her that he told Murdock to stay home.

It is time for Colonel Schoonover to take the witness stand. He is played by Clancy Brown.

He appeared first in Marvel Comics in the earlier issues of Punisher: War Journal around 1989.

Foggy begins to question him. The Colonel has known Castle for the better part of a decade. He relays a tale of heroism that Castle is involved in during the war and sums up Castle as a man who would give his life to keep others safe. Further, the Colonel says the man he knew would not commit the crimes of which Castle is accused. He closes by saying Castle is a hero and a man who deserves respect. Reyes begins her questioning and asks how could anyone know it happened as Castle described unless they were actually on the battlefield. The Colonel quickly states that he was there. He was the officer who did not listen to Castle and got his own men trapped. Castle saved his life and if it were up to him, Castle would be awarded the medal of honor.

And Reyes ends her line of questioning.

I laughed. This was GREAT.

Back at Murdock's apartment, Stick is explaining to him there is a war going on in New York.

Back in the day, a man came across the secret to immortality. Free from the fear of death, he and others killed everyone that stood in their way. The group grew in size and wealth and spread throughout Asia. This group became known as:

The Hand.

The Hand in Marvel Comics is a ninja order that serves a demon known as The Beast. And who was one of The Hand's greatest warriors? Elektra!

Stick tells Murdock that The Hand has something called The Black Sky as a weapon. Over the years, The Hand made enemies. They came into a village and a child pulled the knife from the breast of his dead mother and destroyed some of The Hand's finest warriors. This child was called The Chaste. He is the only protection the world has against The Hand. The Chaste is the order that Stick belongs to which keeps The Hand from getting out of control. Elektra works for him.

Back at court, Dr. Lee, an expert on the brain, is on the witness stand.

He tells the court that Castle was shot point blank execution style in the head. According to Dr. Lee, Castle suffers from Extreme Emotional Disturbance because of the brain injury. The injury keeps him in a perpetual state of emotion and chaos. Any crimes he committed would be crimes of passion.

All is going well it seems, but then a young man has an outburst in the galley of the courtroom. He screams that Castle killed his father. The jury looks horrified.

After court, Karen goes to visit Castle in jail. Karen implores Castle to take the stand and tell the jury what he endures daily.

Castle is worried though. He feels he will never change. However, he will testify. Karen tells Foggy that Castle has agreed to take the stand. Foggy insists Murdock do the questioning. Karen is concerned because Murdock has not spent any time with Castle.

At Murdock's apartment, Elektra is recovering. Murdock wants to know when they met if he was a mission.

It was a mission. Stick trained Elektra like Murdock. He wanted Murdock back and thought Elektra could distract him. She promised Stick she would never fall in love with Murdock, but she did. She tells Murdock that The Hand will not stop until they have infiltrated the entire city. Murdock does not want to fight Stick's way, however, because Stick kills people. He tells Elektra she can be moral like him. Then, Murdock begs Elektra to leave Stick and be with him.

Elektra is in Murdock's bed, half dressed, recovering and guess who shows up? Karen! She sees Elektra in Murdock's bed and Murdock tries to explain.

Oh please, Murdock. You just told Elektra you want to be with her. Anyhoo, Karen does not care either way, she just came to tell Murdock that Castle is testifying the next day.

The next day, Murdock arrives at the courtroom. He attempts to apologize to Karen, but she ignores him. On to more important matters - Murdock needs to prove that Castle relives the day his family died over and over and that is why he is insane. By the way, the courtroom is full of people booing and hissing and holding up signs. It is very comic book!

Castle takes the stand.

However, as he does, a deputy whispers to him:

"Think about what you want Frank."

Murdock asks Castle what happened the day his family was killed. Castle sees the deputy out the corner of his eye and tells Murdock "you don't understand shit." Murdock asks for permission to treat Castle as a hostile witness. He says the city needs Castle and other vigilantes because of all that has happened. Murdock insists that Reyes is trying to destroy superheroes and the city needs them because they provide hope. People in the courtroom are cheering! Murdock goes on to say that Castle is not a common criminal, but instead, a good man who does not know the difference between right and wrong. He needs to be placed in a mental hospital and receive treatment.

Then, Castle says he would like to speak. And this is an incredible scene by Bernthal. I have seen a lot of interviews with him before I watched this series and Bernthal said time and time again how hard he worked on this role. He knows how important The Punisher is in Marvel Comics and he wanted to do the fans proud. He most certainly did it justice.

Anyhoo, Castle becomes extremely emotional. He says he is not crazy and he does not need Murdock's help. He claims he is sane, he killed them and it was something he enjoyed. As a matter of fact, Castle said he is itching to do it again. He looks at the courtroom and says he is being called The Punisher. Well, he is The Punisher and he is guilty.

He LOOKED like everything The Punisher embodies in the comic books. It is terrifying and fantastic at the same time. If you watch this show for only one reason, watch it for Jon Bernthal.

Outside the courtroom, Murdock thinks that someone got to Castle. The behavior was just strange. Then, he tries to apologize to Karen.

Karen does not care though. She tells Murdock the city needs heroes and he is not one of them. Ouch. Military Husband asked me what the hell was wrong with her. And I said, "she suffers from cliche' comic book girlfriend syndrome."

Basically, Karen does not know Murdock is Daredevil. Because she does not know this, everything that happens is confusing or makes her feel like she is being played by Murdock. Friends, this is Gwen Stacy/Mary Jane/Spiderman cliche' comic book stuff. You HAVE to tell these women about your superhero alter ego or they get all fussy! This all makes me believe that at some point in the series, Murdock is going to tell Karen about his alter ego.

Back at Murdock's apartment, Stick tells Elektra she cannot be with Murdock. She cannot change who she truly is for anyone.

She orders Stick out of the apartment. Stick leaves, but not without asking her what Murdock would think when he finds out who she is and what she has always been.

Murdock returns to the apartment and Elektra tells him she wants to be with him. He is the only person who believes she can be good. Suddenly, this happens:

A ninja shoots an arrow through Murdock's chest! After a brief fight, Murdock captures the ninja and asks who is his employer.

Before he can get an answer, Elektra slits the ninja's throat.

She tells Murdock:

"This is who I am. Do you still want me?"

Meanwhile, Castle is in jail and is taken to a yard by the same deputy from the courtroom for a meeting. Who is that meeting with?

Wilson Fisk! He tells Castle:

"I see you got my message."

Geez, you might not want to put all these criminals in the same prison, right?

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  1. Dad was sick all weekend so MOM actually got hold of the remote and watched some lifetime movies...whooohooo......stella rose

    1. Yes!! My lifetime recap is coming. Later this week! I'm trying to get all the Daredevil recaps out of the way for cohesion purposes. Hang tight!! I've got people assuming the Lifetime position hanging out in the wings lmao!!

  2. My Mum told me I looked as guilty as sin when she came home from work tonight….maybe the screwdriver in my mouth was a give away. (Dad was doing sum DIY and got distracted fur a moment!)
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. ;)
      Did you see my last response to you? Have you guys watched the BBC's Luther? You need to! It's on Netflix.

  3. This was a pretty dark episode....Not just content either. Did you notice the dark cinematography?? I love when they tweak the lighting to help the mood (sorry, the photographer in me coming out ;-))!!

    Happy Easter!!


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