March 21, 2016

Netflix Daredevil Season 2, Episode 7 Recap: Semper Fidelis

Closing Episode 6, we are left with Frank Castle headed to the trial of the century. Murdock is busy helping Elektra fight the Yakuza who seem to have mysterious plans for the city in the works. Yours truly is just thrilled The Punisher has returned. Without him in an episode, the series is really lacking! 

Episode 7 is simply called "Semper Fidelis" and, when Military Husband saw the title, he wanted me to write:

"Shoutout to Military Husband!"

So there. The things you do for love, right? Let's get started.


Episode 7: Semper Fidelis

You don't get what you want by day, you take it by force at night. 
This is who you are Matthew. 
Don't fool yourself into thinking you are anybody else. ~ Elektra

We begin Episode 7 with the jury pool selection for The People vs. Frank Castle. Of course, everyone has a different opinion about The Punisher. Some think he is reckless and dangerous. But, BUT others? Well, remember, this is not just ANY New York. This is a New York that has battled aliens not so long ago. It should come as no surprise that some people think the city needs an extraordinary vigilante like The Punisher to take care of business.

Back at the office of Nelson & Murdock, Murdock has decided the insanity plea is their best bet. Karen totally disagrees. They must prepare an opening statement, and Murdock wants to play up Castle's post traumatic stress disorder.

In order to do this, Murdock needs Castle on board with the idea. They decide to send Karen to talk to Frank.

At the jail, Karen asks Frank if there is anyone in his unit that could speak on his character and what he went through overseas.

Frank does not want to Murdock to use PTSD as a defense. He says it is an insult to veterans who actually suffer. Castle tells Karen his life went to hell when he returned home, not on the battlefield. Karen urges that Castle cooperate so they can help him. Reluctantly, Castle gives her the name of a Colonel to use as a character witness.

Marvel seems to be sensitive to the issue of PTSD in military veterans. You probably remember The Falcon running a support group for those suffering with PTSD in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Or the issues of PTSD, anxiety and panic attacks explored in Ironman 3. Of course, being a military family, it just makes me love Marvel a little bit more that they extend a sympathetic ear by showing some of what it is like to suffer PTSD in their films and television series.

While Murdock prepares, he receives a call from Elektra. She needs his help in tracking down an NYU professor who encrypted the ledger. Daredevil and Elektra go to the professor's penthouse and beat him senselessly until he tells them the code.

The professor tells them Yakuza wanted a code that could not be hacked. He put the Japanese alphabet through a cypher. If you put the characters through the matrix, it is decodable. He does so and tells Elektra and Daredevil they are receiving weekly shipments. The next one arrives that evening at 11:00 p.m. at the Bay Ridge Railyard. If they find the boxcar, they can see what is being shipped.

And all I can think is, Murdock, should you not be preparing for trial in the morning? Do these superheroes EVER sleep?

Back at the office, Foggy is preparing for trial. Karen tells Foggy that Castle will not endorse Murdock using PTSD as a defense.

Foggy and Karen decide that they need to get Dr. Gregory Tucker, the chief medical examiner, to admit on the stand he falsified Castle's family's death certificates. But how?

Meanwhile, Daredevil and Elektra are at the rail yard. They open the boxcar and it is full of dirt. It is a decoy! The Yakuza arrive in full force.

Sorry this is a bit blurry.
So much action in these scenes! It is difficult to capture a good screenshot.

Daredevil and Elektra practically fight off a mob of Yakuza. As an aside, you might be interested to know that Elodie Yung has a black belt in karate. It is one of the reasons Marvel cast her for the part. Also, Charlie Cox's stunt double is Chris Brewster.

If any of the fight scenes remind you of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, well, that is because Brewster is also Chris Evans' stunt double. Brewster is a skilled martial artist and acrobat who is willing to take on any kind of stunt, including fire, stunt driving and wires.

But truly I digress.

After they battle the Yakuza, Daredevil and Elektra return to Murdock's apartment to stitch up Elektra's wounds. While doing so, Murdock asks Elektra why she left him. She tells him that he deserved better. Interesting; Elektra and Murdock have MUCH more chemistry on scene than Karen and Murdock.

It is the morning of the trial and Murdock is late for court. Murdock was supposed to do the opening statement! Foggy is upset and nervous. Karen assures him that he will be fine.

Opening statements begin and Reyes talks about how Frank Castle took the law into his own hands and "this is not the wild west." Reyes also says:

"We need to take back the city from lawless vigilantes like Castle."

Where have I heard that before? The trailer for Captain America: Civil War. People are calling Captain America a vigilante after New York, Washington, D.C. and Sokovia. That is right, friends, all of this is tied directly into what we will see on the big screen in May. #itsallconnected

Foggy begins his opening statement a little shaky, but then speaks from the heart. I was really impressed by this scene because this is not far off base from what we attorneys have to do in court - think on our feet. Foggy says that Castle was a decorated Marine and a good husband and father. He returned from war to go back to his life. His family was murdered by criminals, and no one, including the District Attorney made it right. Castle never came home; he just traded one war zone for another.  The trial, Foggy says, is about the failure of the justice system. It is a brilliant opening statement that should definitely tear at the heartstrings of the jurors.

By the way, Murdock has finally made it to court.

Karen tells him that Dr. Tucker is on the prosecution's witness list for the next day. Foggy is furious that Murdock has not been around to help.

That evening, Karen goes to Murdock's apartment to help him catch up on the trial. Murdock  is impressed with Karen's work and thoughts on the trial. He even suggests that Karen attend law school. Karen REALLY should be an investigative journalist. And she will be; she just does not know this yet.

The two begin discussing Castle's case and Murdock tells Karen that Frank Castle needs to be in prison. Karen is not so sure about that at all. She asks Murdock what happens with the law fails. Who will protect the citizens then? Karen believes there is no difference between superheroes and vigilantes. It seems this is a fundamental disagreement between the two and Murdock sends her home without even a hug! I guess Murdock did not like being compared to a unhinged vigilante.

Surprise, surprise. Elektra was in Murdock's apartment the entire time. She tells him that she looked into Roxxon's construction investment. If they pay a visit to the site where all the dirt came from, they will find out what Roxxon has been hiding.

The next day in court, Dr. Tucker takes the stand. And he is sweating bullets!

He tells the court that he wants to say something about "what he did" on the record. Tucker admits that he altered the autopsy reports on Castle's family. After the Castle's family was murdered, two men warned him if he did not fix the reports, his family would be attacked next. Not only did he alter those reports, but he altered a report of a John Doe with multiple gun shot wounds to the head.

He further tells the court he needed to tell the truth because a woman came to his apartment the evening before and threatened him. I wonder who that woman could be!

Foggy asks for a mistrial, but the Judge refuses. Instead, she completely strikes Dr. Tucker's testimony which is not helpful for Reyes or Nelson & Murdock. Murdock tells Foggy that it was Elektra who threatened Tucker. Foggy is furious; he reminds Murdock that Tucker's testimony was the key to bringing down Reyes. He tells Murdock to have his "girlfriend" stay away from his trial. Oh! And he mentions that Murdock might want to tell Karen about Elektra.

Daredevil finds Elektra that evening and tells him to stay out of his life.

She ignores this and tells him that they should go to the site and find out what the Yakuza have been hiding before it is too late. They do and what do they find?

A hole. A HUGE hole. But what is this hole for?

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  1. I finks you must be a Super Hero as well 'cos you watch all these programmes so we don't haf to….well we only watch the good ones, you haf to watch all the bad ones fur us as well!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx
    PeeS We luffs Luther, we watched it on BBC 1 when it first came out, pawsome

    1. Omg isn't it amazing? I love Idris Elba in it! He's fantastic!

  2. I soooo think Foggy and Karen have a better on screen presence than Matt/Karen. I also loved Foggy's opening statement scene in this episode, along with he and Matt's bathroom arguement!



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