March 21, 2016

Netflix Daredevil Season 2, Episode 6 Recap: Regrets Only

When we left Episode 5, Daredevil and Elektra were preparing to take on the Yakuza. Despite my thoughts about the last episode, I must say the dynamic of Daredevil-Elektra is a hell of an improvement from that Ben Affleck-Jennifer Garner debacle. I mean, Elodie Young is just SO much better as Elektra than Garner. You know if Garner has seen this, she is somewhere like:

Like really tho. I hope she fired her agent from back then.

Let's press on because Episode 6 is one of Bernthal's hands down BEST of this series. 

Yes friends, The Punisher has returned.


Episode 6: Regrets Only

Is this about saving a man or saving a vigilante? ~ Foggy Nelson

We open Episode 6 with the Yakuza in high pursuit.

The song used in this scene is Date With The Night by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

The Yakuza engage in a brutal fight with Daredevil and Elektra all evening. The next morning, Elektra and Murdock go to breakfast.

You know, fighting makes you hungry. Or at least it makes Elektra famished.

Murdock knows she lied about needing a lawyer and just wanted him involved in her battle. He demands to know how she knew he was Daredevil. Simple. She recognized his ass, ha! Murdock wants to know why the Yakuza is after her and she says the Yakuza never left New York. They have been hiding and waiting for their chance to take the city back. She wants Murdock to help her. He has the skills and she has information from the Roxxon Corporation. He agrees to take them down on the conditions that 1) she will leave New York forever once they are done and 2) no one dies. She agrees and says she has a condition of her own. No sex. He laughs and says she is arrogant, he is seeing someone and reiterates she is to get out of his life after they take down the Yakuza.

Meanwhile, Frank Castle/The Punisher's public defender is meeting with Karen and Foggy.

He wants Karen to sign a statement of her testimony after the Metro-General shooting. Karen notices there are details missing, including Reyes' involvement. Then, the public defender drops the bombshell. Reyes wants the death penalty for Frank Castle. Foggy points out New York does not have the death penalty. But, BUT, the Dogs of Hell were murdered in Delaware which does, and he could be prosecuted there instead. Karen refuses to sign the statement and sends him on his way. Murdock arrives and Karen tells Matt and Foggy that the statement was probably written by Reyes. Murdock says maybe they should negotiate for Castle. Foggy worries that tampering with the case could get Reyes on their bad side. However, Murdock insists that if Castle is going to plea guilty, he should have a fair plea. Karen leaves the room and Murdock tells Foggy that The Punisher was trying to do something noble in his own way and saving human life is the crux of what he does as Daredevil.

Thus, we have a running theme of Foggy not being happy with Murdock and his superhero alter ego. He does not understand why Murdock insists on being involved in every battle. And he worries that Murdock's activities as Daredevil could hurt their law firm, both of their careers and put innocent people in danger.

Nevertheless, Foggy, Murdock and Karen go to the hospital to see Castle.

Sgt. Mahoney is outside the hospital room. Except, he is no longer Sgt. now he is Detective Mahoney. They tell him they want to represent Castle. Mahoney warns if they go up against Reyes and lose, it will be career suicide. Murdock insists if they do not help Castle, then he will die.

Inside the hospital room, Murdock speaks to Castle:

The Punisher has quickly become my favorite Marvel badass.

Murdock wants to make him an offer. He wants to find out why Reyes seems hell bent on putting Castle away. Karen shows Castle a picture of his family and says that she wants to help. Castle wants to know where she obtained the picture and she tells him she found it at his house.

Suddenly, Reyes barges in and orders them out of Castle's room. She informs them Castle has a lawyer, and without his permission to talk to his client, they are violating ethical rules. Murdock says he wants to represent Castle and he believes the public defender is inept. Reyes reminds them that there is a conflict of interest - they represented Grotto, one of The Punisher's victim. However, Murdock says that Grotto's deal was all but erased by Reyes, plus she tricked them into using their client as bait. Not to mention, the District Attorney should not be communicating with a defendant without his attorney present. He will be sure to tell the ethical board all about her antics. It really does not matter though because Castle has sent word through Detective Mahoney that he wants Nelson & Murdock to represent him.

Just as the team begins to huddle up, a car arrives for Murdock. Murdock tells Foggy that he scheduled a meeting with the new client that put the huge deposit in their account. He then kisses Karen goodbye and Foggy immediately wants to know if they are dating. Karen tells him they are not labeling it and walks Murdock out.

In the car, Elektra tells Murdock they are going to a gala in hopes of securing a top secret Roxxon ledger that will give them intel about the organization's illegal activities. The target is an accountant named Stan Gibson. She is going to pickpocket Gibson for his keycard to gain access into secret Roxxon storage.

Oh! This is exciting! Espionage with an evil organization at the helm. Now THIS is the kind of comic book story I always enjoyed.

Meanwhile, Foggy asks Castle if he plans to plead guilty to all the charges. Castle decides he wants to  talk to Karen alone. Karen agrees and Castle asks Karen what all she knows about his case.

Karen shows him a police report regarding his family's death. It reads that the victims were stopped at a traffic light and all shot. The driver, Castle, was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the head. Karen tells Castle she knows his family was a the carousel and were caught in the crossfire of a gang fight. She asks Castle what he remembers. Castle says they went to the carousel and he heard shouting and screams. He did not know who all the people involved were, but later found out it was the Mexican cartel, Irish gangsters and the Dogs of Hell. He felt like he should have seen it coming. He failed at his job to keep them safe.

At the same time, Elektra and Murdock are at the party.

They spot Stan Gibson, but Murdock can hear Roxxon Corporation's security talking. They are heavily monitoring Gibson so Murdock and Elektra need to get him alone. Matt spills wine on Gibson and when Gibson is upset, he plays the blind card. It works and Gibson heads to the bathroom.

Back at the hospital, Castle tells Karen she was not in danger at the Metro-General shooting. He was only after Grotto. Castle explains how Grotto murdered an old lady in cold blood.

Castle says he was a scout sniper in the Marine Corps. This falls right in line with his comic book origins. Karen wants to know why he asked her to stay. He worries his memories are going to disappear of his family. He never went back to his home after his family was murdered. He asks her to tell him about their home. She describes the kitchen with dishes washed on a rack, a piano with a bench that Castle said his son hid cookies in, and children's bedrooms with toys and plastic dinosaurs his daughter loved. Karen hands Castle back the picture of his family and tells him that his family loved him. Castle thanks her for helping him remember.

It really is a touching scene and a phenomenally acted scene by Bernthal. You can tell how deeply Bernthal invested himself in this character. You felt so much empathy for The Punisher. He only wants vengeance for his family's death.

Back at the party, Murdock knocks out security in front of the bathroom and manages to steal the key card from Gibson. Murdock and Elektra head to Gibson's office.

At the hospital, Foggy tells Castle that the death penalty is off the table. Reyes initially wanted three life sentences without possibility of parole. Foggy brought her down to one, with the possibility of parole in twenty-five years. The only problem? Castle will be placed in general population in jail. Nevertheless, Foggy thinks it is a good deal and Castle agrees. Foggy instructs Castle to tell the Judge when she and Reyes enter that he is pleading guilty.

The Judge and Reyes come into Castle's hospital room. She asks how he pleas. Castle looks deadpan into the camera and says.

"Not guilty."

Then yells, sneering at Reyes:

"I plead not guilty. You hear that witch. I'm going to watch you burn right along with me. Do you hear me?"

YESSSSSSSS!! I LOVE THE PUNISHER. Both Military Husband and I are laughing and cheering. He is just so damn badass and does not give any fucks. 

While all this is taking place, Elektra and Murdock are looking for the ledger and having no luck. Security finds Gibson (The song in this scene is Science by Epic Beats.) and are hot on the chase. Elektra and Murdock find a secret passageway in Gibson's office and just like that - Elektra finds the ledger. They attempt to escape, but end up fighting their way through most of the building. Finally, they pretend to fool around half dressed so security will leave them alone.

The two exit the party pretending to be drunk.

In the car, Elektra says the ledger has invoices for drugs, ammunition and human trafficking. There is also a portion of the ledger written in code. What could they possibly be hiding?

At the Roxxon Corporation, Hirochi accuses Gibson of aiding the theft. He tells Hirochi he respects the Yakuza.

Hirochi in Marvel Comics was a leader of one faction of The Hand.

Back at Murdock's apartment, Foggy is waiting for Murdock to return.

He tells Murdock that Castle pled not guilty and Reyes has fast tracked the trial. The worst part? Frank agreed to the trial's expedition. The trial of the century begins next week.

This was another fantastic episode. If Bernthal is not nominated for an Emmy/Golden Globe, it will be just criminal. He has quickly become one of my favorites in all of the Marvel movies and series.

Click here for Episode 7: Semper Fidelis.

As always, I remain,


  1. The peeps haf FINALLY finished their binge on House of Cards so I is hoping to get thems to watch sumfinks more interesting on Netflix......what do you recommend fur their next binge?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. My dad likes tv programs like this I must tell him to check them out.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  3. I may have to check this out, I have heard good things from a lot of people!

  4. What a great episode!! I also loved the scene where Karen and Castle are interacting about what she saw around his house, and his emotional response!

    I am looking forward to seeing just how Reyes fits in to all of this, is she really bad, or will there be a Marvel twist that will turn her from the dark side?

    1. This was one of my favorite episodes. The Punisher is usually such a stoic character and to see him lose control and scream at Reyes. Hahaha I loved it.


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