March 20, 2016

Netflix Daredevil Season 2, Episode 5 Recap: Kinbaku

When we left Episode 4, we were introduced to Elektra Natchios.

That's right. We are getting two major Marvel comics players in Daredevil Season 2. 

What did I first notice about this interpretation of Elektra? She is British (Except, not really. Elodie Yung is French and using a British accent. At times, this accent becomes warbled and she is difficult, at best, to understand. At least she was for recapping purposes.). If you follow my blog regularly, you know Military Husband is an entertainment Brit-a-phobe. He really does not care for the British accent on television shows and movies. I am completely different. I love and adore Alfred Hitchcock, Agent Carter, Idris Elba, the list goes on. 

Even part of my family is British. What up Swanage, Dorset!

But truly, I digress.


Episode 5: Kinbaku

Somewhere Ben Urich is looking down and getting a real kick out of all this. ~ Mitchell Ellison

Episode 5 is a little different than Episodes 1-4. There are some Easter Eggs, a little bit of clunky writing, a whole lot of Elektra and:

NO Punisher. Le Sigh.

We open Episode 5 in a flashback to ten years ago. Foggy and Murdock are crashing a party.

Murdock is about to be kicked out, but then:

Elektra says Murdock is with her.

Back in the present, Murdock wants to know why Elektra is in his apartment. She tells him that she is in New York for a meeting. Her father did business with Roxxon Corporation. It now holds most of her deceased father's wealth. She wants to hire Murdock to be with her at the meeting the next day.

The Roxxon Energy Corporation is a well known "Big Bad" in the Marvel Universe. You will remember it from Ironman, Agent Carter and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. In the comic books, Roxxon was responsible for killing Howard and Maria Stark.

Well, Murdock refuses to travel to Roxxon with Elektra. He even tells her to get out.

The next morning, Murdock heads to the office and finds The Punisher's capture is front page news. Then, Karen arrives with coffee for everyone.

Karen sees the paper and is angry that The Punisher is being portrayed as a deranged lunatic. She tells Murdock and Foggy about The Punisher's military record and family. Murdock is confused, and Karen admits she broke into The Punisher's home. Foggy is upset and wants out of the mess. Murdock does not think Karen was wrong, but he does not want her getting hurt. The two discuss dinner that evening and are interrupted by a call from the bank. There has been a big deposit made in Nelson & Murdock's account.

And Murdock knows who is responsible.

We flashback to the party ten years ago. Murdock orders himself and Elektra drinks. She notices his shoes and reads him as someone who desperately wants to belong, which is why he sneaks into fancy faculty parties at Columbia University. But, BUT Murdock reads her, as well. He says Elektra is just a bored rich girl. Daddy's money can not buy her what she needs - the unexpected. She introduces herself to Murdock as Elektra Natchios and the two leave in an expensive red sports car. Murdock asks if the car is hers and she says it is until they get caught.

Oh. And as they are walking to the car, Elektra says to Murdock:

"On your left."
(this quote is on my Pinterest account, by the way)

Where have we heard this line before, Marvel fans?

I will give you a little hint: "Marvin Gaye, 1972, Trouble Man soundtrack. Everything you missed jammed into one album."

Let me know in the comments your answer!

Anyhoo, Assistant District Attorney Tower arrives at Nelson & Murdock.

He asks for all the files on Grotto, but he has no subpoena. Foggy will not hand over the paperwork. He mentions something to Tower about lawyers being disbarred for less. Tower tells him that Reyes wants to put all her political chips on The Punisher and there might be an opening in the District Attorney's office. Foggy stands his ground, however and Tower tells him that Reyes will roll over him like a tank.

Meanwhile, Murdock is outside the Yakatomi Building.

We then move to a flashback of Elektra and Murdock in his dad's old boxing gym.

Elektra asks Murdock about his father and Murdock explains he was killed from rubbing people in organized crime the wrong way. His father was killed by a man named Roscoe Sweeney. She asks if he ever tried to find him. Murdock says once when he was a child. Then, they start sparring which leads to making out and some weird foreplay. And that leads to sex.

You see, all these Netflix Marvel characters actually have sex, unlike the seemingly asexual Avengers. Captain America is still waiting for that dance, people.

We move back to the present and Murdock is listening to the meeting at the Roxxon Corporation on top of a building. Elektra is with the businessmen, but the meeting comes to an abrupt end. Someone has hacked into the server and they must reschedule. I wonder who that someone could be?

At the same time, Karen is at The Bulletin talking to the editor, Mitchell Ellison.

She thinks the press is lying by omission about The Punisher and tells Ellison he was a war hero. She has no evidence, but has seen his medal and family. She also knows that The Punisher's family died when Frank was hospitalized with a gunshot wound to the head. Karen asks to dig through the newspaper's files to find out more information and she will give the exclusive to The Bulletin. The only problem? There are no digital records of anything thanks to the "incident" - just a bunch of disorganized stacks of paper.

At Josie's, Foggy is having a drink with Marcy. He tells her that Murdock is dating Karen and they have lost two clients in the last hour. Marcy tells him that Reyes has her sights on the mayor's office, using The Punisher as her platform. She further says Reyes is tired of these vigilantes and wants to regain control against them, including one in her office named Jessica Jones. Apparently, Marcy works for Hogarth's law firm now. Well, Marcy figures the next one Reyes will want to eliminate will be Daredevil.

We are seeing all the implications superheroes have - with the police, politically and with the average citizens.

Three hours pass and Ellison checks on Karen. He tells her that if the murder of The Punisher's family is not in the paper, it was because it was covered up. They find a clip about gang on gang violence involving the Mexican cartel, Irish gangsters and the Dogs of Hell that happened in April when The Punisher was hospitalized. These are all of the groups that The Punisher gunned down. Karen sees the incident took place at the carousel she saw in a picture at The Punisher's home. No wonder The Punisher wants vengeance - his family was caught in the crossfire at the carousel.

That evening, Murdock and Karen go on their dinner date and it is awkward.

Karen excuses herself to the bathroom and a waiter brings him a phone. It is Elektra and she tells him to keep the money because she is firing him.

We then move to a flashback of Elektra and Murdock breaking into a home that is supposedly one of Elektra's father's business partners. They are eating and talking about their future, with marriage and kids. Elektra begins breaking wine glasses in the kitchen, recklessly. She is obviously unhinged. Murdock hears someone enter and wants to leave. Elektra insists they stay, and goes to the door. The man who enters the home is Roscoe Sweeney and she has him trapped to Murdock's surprise.

Back in the present, Murdock tells Karen that he would like to leave the restaurant. Karen suggests that they go eat at the famous Panna II, an Indian Restaurant.

The two enjoy dinner, discuss New York and Karen describes the restaurant as magic because of all of the lights (the restaurant is famous for Christmas lights that shine year round). They walk home and share another kiss. She invites Murdock up, but he tells her that he brings disaster to the best things in his life and tonight was perfect. He does not want to ruin anything.

We flashback to the mansion where Sweeney is tied up.

Elektra has a knife to his throat and tells Murdock to hit him. Sweeney seems confused, and Murdock tells Sweeney that he killed his father. Murdock hits Sweeney multiple times. Elektra appears to be eating this up and she tells him to "do it for his father and for them." Sweeney realizes who Murdock is and says he will bloody the street with his corpse just like he did to his dad. Murdock continues hitting him over and over. Elektra laughs and asks Murdock to end it, but Murdock will not. She tells him to cut Sweeney's throat; after all, Sweeney knows Murdock's name. Murdock will not and we see the fine line Murdock draws between right and wrong. Murdock instead calls the police and reports him as a wanted felon.

Elektra is displeased.

In the present, Murdock is at Elektra's penthouse. He asks her why she took him to Sweeney's mansion. Her response? "For fun." Elektra believes there is a darkness inside of him and that is why she took him to the mansion and why she loved him. Murdock hears someone coming. She believes it is the Yakuza; after all, she planted a bug today at the meeting.

We close the episode with Elektra suiting up and handing Murdock his Daredevil costume.

Ah, friends, I told Military Husband I could really feel a difference without Bernthal's involvement in an episode. Also, there was much going on in this episode, to the point where it became a bit confusing at time. I feel like the pacing was not exactly where it should have been and the writing was messy. I have read some mixed reviews on Daredevil Season 2, with some of the same complaints I had about this episode over the series as a whole. While I do not agree with that, I do agree this particular episode could have been a little smoother. 

Click here for Episode 6: Regrets Only.

As always, I remain,


  1. Fade in on a beautiful Washington D.C. morning. A man named Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) is running around the National Mall when another man flies by him at five times his speed. “On your left,” Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) says not one, not twice, but three times as he continues to lap Wilson. When they finish their runs, Wilson jokes about how fast Rogers was running and they introduce themselves. Wilson knows who Rogers is and relates to him a bit because he’s also a solider. The two chat about the changes in society and Wilson recommends a record: “Marvin Gaye, 1972, Trouble Man.” He says it’s everything you’ve missed, all on one album. Rogers pulls out a notebook and says, “I’ll add it to the list.” We then cut to this “list.” “Steve Jobs,” “Star Wars/Trek,” and about 12 other things are on there. I’d report more of them but I was laughing too hard. Rogers has watched Star Wars; that half of the entry was crossed off. (Captain America - The Winter Soldier)

    1. Berlin Wall (up and down), disco, thai food, I Love Lucy, Nirvana (band), Rocky (Rocky II?)

  2. Hidey Ho Maddie and Baby Belle...happy 1st day of Spring although it is very chilly here and dreary. Earlier this week we had several days of mid 80's Crazy Crazy March weather
    Hugs madi your bfff

  3. Hey gurls!!! Again, Ma is all jealous that you can watch these FABulous series on the Netflix, and she can't...maybe she should gets her some Netflix and stop complain'...just sayin'...amirite?
    I hopes you gurls had some poppycorn and some margaritas to enjoy your show, I had some catchin' up on Carter (Ma saved a few episodes so she could binge watch! ☺)
    Ruby ♥

    1. Get Netflix!! Lol!! All seasons of Supernatural are on there just saying!!
      Omg as in Agent Carter?? Yay!!! :)

  4. Captain America. Funny story. Jordan and I went to the movies to see Captain American and were a little late. I was like, we are fine. We can miss a minute of the movie and he was SO upset and said there is no way we could miss any of it so we stayed until the next one was starting. So now we know when he said on your left at the end we would have been like, what the heck does he mean, haha.

    1. Haha omg I would die!! I can't miss a minute of this stuff!! Lol

  5. I'm with you on this episode being a bit crowded and less "organized" than others...but it was still enjoyable!!

    Speaking of British, hubby and I just finished watching Idris Elba's Luther...OMG, what a powerful show!! I also love that Idris will be playing Roland in the upcoming Stephen King's, Dark Tower movie...if they have to make it into a movie, at least there will be something nice to look at/listen to ;-).

    1. I'm so glad you loved it as much as I did! I love Idris for a variety of reasons, one being he's a fellow Virgo and two he absolutely loves music! You need to look up the album he created for the show when you have time. It's called Murdah Loves John. He's singing on some of the tracks! :)


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