March 19, 2016

Netflix Daredevil Season 2, Episode 4 Recap: Penny and Dime

As we closed Episode 3, Grotto is dead, The Punisher is on the loose again and Karen has shown us our first glimpse at the well known symbol of The Punisher. In Episode 4, we will see more of Bernthal's brilliant portrayal of The Punisher and establish a bit more of his backstory.


Episode 4: Penny and Dime

People have to know the system works. ~ Daredevil

We open Episode 4 with a funeral for all those massacred Irish gangsters. Marvel's Finn Cooley arrives.

He first appeared in The Punisher, Volume 6, #7.

Finn is angry because The Punisher stole 1.2 million from him and killed his son. One of the funeral goers tells Finn that he has been out of the game too long and he must have forgotten that death is part of the deal.

Well, this makes Finn unhappy because:

He stabs him right in the eye, takes pills, swigs whiskey and cheers. Finn lets them all know he wants them to do whatever it takes to capture The Punisher or he will kill them all. Oh, and he wants him alive. The Irish get right to it and are combing the city for The Punisher. They locate The Punisher's home, but not him. Finn sees something pinned to a map and says "that is who you are." Then, they all leave and take The Punisher's dog. While all this occurs, The Punisher is watching from a nearby car.

Karen, Murdock and Foggy all attend Grotto's funeral. The priest notes that Grotto would come to church every Sunday and take whatever money he had, even a Rolex watch, and put it in the collection plate hoping for redemption.

After Karen and Foggy leave, Murdock tells the priest that Grotto's death was not his fault. He failed at protecting him from The Punisher, but the priest notes that at least Murdock tried. However, Murdock is looking for forgiveness. He feels guilty. The priest says that guilt means that Murdock's work is not yet finished.

Meanwhile, it appears The Punisher is mending his wounds in a van.

Back at the office, Karen shows Foggy and Murdock The Punisher's file and the x-ray of his skull.

She thinks Frank's skull is a clue that the Reyes is trying to cover something up. Karen and Murdock have a flirty moment, but are interrupted when Matt calls Murdock into his office. At the same time, Karen is slipping out with the files. Murdock has to find her. As Daredevil, he picks up his new suit and mask from Melvin that is improved with a fortified carbide helmet and reinforced alloy gloves.

In the meantime, Karen is meeting George Bach, a janitor.

She wants to find out why he was fired from Metro-General. It seems he was with The Punisher when the picture of the skull was taken. The bullet tore through The Punisher's head and made him a vegetable. He was a John Doe and had no visitors except for "suits." They pushed for a DNR (do not resuscitate) and Bach was there when the doctors pulled the plug. The Punisher died for about a minute, but then his heart started. He reached up and grabbed Bach saying "take me home." Bach did and he was fired. Karen asks him for the address.

Later that evening, we find The Punisher at a carousel.

The lights go out and several Irish gangsters tell him to come with them or make a mess. The Punisher chooses the latter.

He shoots almost all of the gangsters and holds one at gunpoint. Finn arrives and tells him that he is surrounded. Then, the rest of the Irish gangsters taze The Punisher.

At a murder scene, Daredevil is asking Sgt. Mahoney if it was the work of the Punisher.

Mahoney tells Daredevil to stay out of it and that HE is the problem. Because of Daredevil, the uniform means nothing. Cops are no longer preventing crime, they are simply chasing it down. Daredevil tells Mahoney he is on their side and Mahoney responds, "you're on your own side."


Well, it seems Karen has found The Punisher or Frank Castle's real home. She sees children's toys and a child's room. She finds pictures of Frank with his wife and children, and of Frank as a decorated Marine. She picks up a children's book titled "One Batch, Two Batch, Penny and Dime."

This is a fictional book created for the Marvel Universe.

She also notices dead memorial flowers. Suddenly, a van pulls up and startles her, so she quickly leaves.

Daredevil is now at the carousel asking a gangster who was responsible for the massacre. He tells him it was the Punisher. We then see Finn with the Punisher. He says the Punisher is dying tonight. The Irish gangsters beat on him and Finn sends them out. Why? He wants his money back. The Punisher says "your child is dead and you want money." Finn beats on him some more. We think The Punisher is willing tell him where the money is, but instead he headbuts Finn.

So, Finn puts a drill through The Punisher's foot. Then, he brings in The Punisher's dog. The Punisher needs to reveal the location of his money or he will torture the dog. The Punisher breaks and says the money is a van on 48th and 10th.

As an aside, this is yet another reason I love Marvel. They DO NOT harm animals. I mean, it is Disney after all.

Anyhoo, a couple of Irish gangsters open the van.

They find the case with the money and a bomb goes off. Finn is furious. But, there is a problem. Remember when I said that The Punisher was mending his wounds earlier in the episode? Well, he actually was hiding a razor blade in his wounds so he could escape. The Punisher set this entire meeting into motion. He aims a gun at Finn and asks who killed his family.

Finn responds who cares and The Punisher kills Finn.

Daredevil has arrived and he hears The Punisher repeating, "One Batch, Two Batch, Penny and Dime." The Punisher tells Daredevil they all will pay. Daredevil agrees, but not tonight. He carries The Punisher to a graveyard. The Punisher tells Daredevil he was wrong about him and to leave.

The Punisher feels he is past saving.

Daredevil asks The Punisher about the "One Batch, Two Batch, Penny and Dime" rhyme he heard The Punisher repeating. The Punisher launches into a lengthy monologue. It is a terribly sad tale of a man, Frank Castle, who returned from fighting in Iraq with all the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. He was so detached from his family that when his daughter begged him to read her favorite book, "One Batch, Two Batch, Penny and Dime," he told her he was just too tired. He should have read her the story because he would never see his daughter again after that night. His wife and children were all killed.

Around this time, Sgt. Mahoney arrives. He is ready to arrest Daredevil.

Daredevil tells Mahoney to let everyone believe he caught The Punisher on his own. He wants Mahoney to take the promotion and all the credit in order to protect Hell's Kitchen. Daredevil wants the citizens to believe the police are doing their job. Sgt. Mahoney is reluctant at first, but then, he lets Daredevil free.

We next find Foggy, Karen and Murdock at Josie's watching the news. Sgt. Mahoney is credited with capturing The Punisher.

Oh and Karen and Murdock are flirting again. Karen walks Murdock home.

They kiss and Murdock asks if he can take Karen to dinner.

Murdock goes into his apartment and opens a beer. He is grinning thinking of his plans with Karen. But, BUT, then he senses someone in the apartment. He pulls out a knife.

And the scene closes with Elektra saying, "Hello Matthew."

Once again, this episode was all Bernthal's. He completely stole the show away from Cox's Daredevil. He really is just marvelous in this show.

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  1. I love that The Punisher has such love for his dog!! Have you watched all of them already??

    1. Yes. The recaps are coming! It just takes a little time, haha. And Maddie hasn't been feeling well so I am in between nursing her and writing! xxxoo

  2. I'm with Julie, I melted when The Punisher showed more feeling for the dog than he did for himself! Also...I'm looking forward to seeing how Elektra figures into the budding Matt/Karen relationship!

    Hope Maddie feels better soon :-(

    1. Omgoodness. You know Marvel takes care of their animals! They love them!
      I love how Bernthal played that scene. You can tell he is also a dog lover. I love The Punisher. He's just an amazing character and kind of like I think Chris Evans IS Captain America and Anthony Mackie IS the Falcon and Robert Downey Jr IS Ironman. I now think Jon Bernthal IS the Punisher! Hahaha. ;)


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