March 19, 2016

Netflix Daredevil Season 2, Episode 2 Recap: Dogs To A Gunfight

When we left Episode 1: Bang, Daredevil learned that it was only one man, not an army, causing havoc in Hell's Kitchen. Folks, we are about to meet that man for the first time.


Back at the hospital, a man is walking through the halls with an assault rifle. Karen and Grotto hear him and immediately prepare to leave. The man begins shooting everyone in his way. Karen and Grotto escape to her car, but her windows are blown out. The man has his rifle targeted on Grotto. However, Daredevil arrives. He and the man engage in a struggle on the roof.

The man shoots Daredevil and says, "Bang."

Episode 2: Dogs To A GunFight

Maybe we created him. All of us.
Men who think that the law belongs to them. ~ Karen

At the hospital, NYPD officers are collecting evidence. Foggy tells Karen to remain at the precinct with Grotto until he arrives. Then, he heads up to the roofs of several buildings to find Murdock. Spotting a shoe out of the corner of his eye, he finds Murdock bleeding and unconscious. 

Foggy takes Murdock back to his apartment. Murdock was shot in the head and is still bleeding. Foggy tells Murdock not to do anything more with this matter. Murdock reminds Foggy that a killer is walking the streets of Hell's Kitchen. However, Foggy insists worried Murdock will be caught and it could mean huge trouble. Plus, Foggy is ready for Murdock to take a break from being a superhero.

Friends, I got all the feels for Captain America: Civil War through this episode. I am sure I have said this a thousand times, but I absolutely love how well Marvel ties their universe together. If you are a fan of the movies and you are not watching these series, you are missing out!

At the police station, Grotto and Karen are waiting for the District Attorney. Froggy arrives and tells Grotto that he knows it was done by one man, not an army. Grotto admits he lied and knows it was one man, who he calls a sociopath. At first, Grotto could not believe one person could take down that many men at one time. Now, he is certain that this man is the Grim Reaper. Karen and Froggy look concerned. Then, Sgt. Mahoney arrives and urges Froggy and Karen to accept whatever deal is offered. Sgt. Mahoney believes the shooter is a vigilante. He is similar to Daredevil, but more of the "devil" - he bloodies the streets and makes people think twice about superheroes. Sgt. Mahoney says there are many copycats or "Devil Worshippers" out there, but this man is different.

Oh boy, another reason for everyone in the Marvel world to be concerned about superheroes. Not only are they causing all sorts of ruckus in the streets fighting supervillians, but they are causing copycats. Copycats that become ruthless, psychotic vigilantes.

Meanwhile, Murdock is realizing the affects of being shot in the head. He attempts to take aspirin, but loses control and breaks a glass of water. He screams, and alas, hears nothing. His super hearing is gone!

District Attorney Reyes arrives. You may remember her from Jessica Jones Episode 13: AKA Smile. She was the one who attempted to prosecute Jones for killing Kilgrave. Reyes tells Foggy she is preparing Grotto for transport and will be handling the matter, belittling the firm of Nelson & Murdock. Foggy threatens to call the Department of Justice to protect his client. He tells Reyes he will represent Grotto in simple fashion - "cut the shit lady, you're dealing with us." I love it! #goFroggy

Grotto tells Reyes he wants a deal. Reyes wants him to wear a wire in a conversation with a man named Edgar Brass, a known drug dealer in order to take down a major drug ring. Grotto does not want to be involved. Reyes tells him to leave with no deal, but he will not go far. She shows Foggy, Karen and Grotto pictures of people killed by the man. Anyone who is lucky to escape him is eventually killed. Reyes is working on a profile, but they are calling this man:

The Punisher.

Speaking of, The Punisher is at a pawn shop.

He is looking for an NYPD communications rig that picks up tactical frequencies. He offers cash, and the shop owner brings out a stolen rig from a cop car. He also wants video tapes from the shop and the double barrel under the counter. As he is leaving, the shop owner asks him if he is interested in child pornography. He says for $100, The Punisher can have child pornography involving a 12 year old girl. The Punisher stops, turns around and grabs a baseball bat.

We are left to imagine what happened to the shop owner. You have to admit, that sick shop owner needed some punishing.

Back at the office of Nelson & Murdock, Froggy goes through the firm's unpaid bills. Karen is running searches on morgue reports to find names of all those The Punisher has killed. She is clearly shaken from the experience at the hospital.

Later on, we see Murdock at his apartment and his hearing has recovered. He hears a knock and opens the door to find Karen.

Still upset from the hospital, Murdock hugs her. She tells Murdock what happened with District Attorney Reyes and that the man is known as The Punisher. Karen believes The Punisher was inevitable and created because of Daredevil. People are applauding vigilante justice. Superheroes are opening the door for men like The Punisher and it is frightening.

This theme is currently all over the Marvel Universe. Superheroes are not necessarily as good as we all believe them to be. We know this will all lead up to:

Superheroes are bringing as much fear as they are applause. Marvel brilliantly ushers in The Punisher in this series under that same theme. Karen's fears are what many citizens feel. The creation of superheroes brings about havoc, death, destruction and vigilante copycats.

It is also important to note that Murdock is completely dismissive of Karen's fears. He leaves and goes to Melvin to have his mask and costume repaired. You have to wonder if the pending registration act should come as any surprise to these superheroes. People are outright telling them the reaction from the public is mixed. If you watched Jessica Jones, you will remember that she was confronted by the daughter of someone who was killed during the Battle of New York in Episode 4: AKA 99 Friends. Here we see Murdock flippant about what Karen is trying to tell him. I thought this was a nice touch by Marvel in the development towards Civil War.

Anyhoo, after Melvin tells Murdock he can do a patch job on Daredevil's mask quickly so he can chase The Punisher, Murdock heads to the Irish crime scene to look for clues.

Using his super senses, he walks the streets and hears a police scanner. He finds the scanner in an apartment. This is The Punisher's house.

Meanwhile, the Dogs of Hell are gathered in a garage disposing of a dead body. The Punisher arrives.

And he kills them all. The song played during this scene is The Price of Punishment by The Warriors, in case you were curious. I like to throw in tidbits about the music because I always enjoy Marvel's musical selections in the movies and series.

Froggy, Karen and Grotto are preparing for Grotto to put on the wire and meet with Brass. Grotto is nervous, but Foggy tells him to take the deal, get Brass to admit he is dealing drugs and then, he will be safe from The Punisher. Grotto heads to an alleyway with Reyes watching. Suddenly, the wire goes silent. We see Grotto being pushed down by an officer. Froggy and Karen realizes Grotto has been set up as bait for The Punisher! A truck arrives and the officers on the ground begin to shoot. But, BUT, it is diversion. The Punisher knew it was a trap.

He is posed on a nearby building prepared to shoot.

However, Daredevil is also on that building. The two fight.

In the meantime, Grotto runs and gets away. Daredevil and The Punisher come face to face, but Daredevil loses his senses again from that head wound. Foggy and the officers run to the building to find them, but they are both gone. 

Click here for Episode 3: New York's Finest.

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  1. I admit, I stopped reading so I can download the series and be surprised. I have a Netflix issue...well really it's an internet issue but it's a long story. One of these days I will binge watch!

    1. Hooray! You will love Daredevil. It's a fantastic series.

  2. We are watching this right at this moment - well hubby is - he loves the show :)

  3. Even though I watch I love your recaps, haha. I love Daredevil!!

  4. This was a great episode and you are definitely right, in order to get the full Marvel experience leading up to CW I think it's important to watch all Marvel movies/TV/Netflix shows!!

    Thanks for the great recap...and I think I have a little crush on Foggy!! ;-)


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