March 22, 2016

Netflix Daredevil Season 2, Episode 13 Recap: A Cold Day In Hell's Kitchen

At the end of Episode 12, Elektra saved Stick, Nobu declared that Daredevil must be killed and The Punisher?

He found his arsenal! How fantastic all those military grade weapons were readily available for him. Now that the police assume Frank Castle is dead, The Punisher can begin his own journey as a Marvel anti-hero.

Friends, this is the last episode of the series. Are you ready to read the finale of Daredevil Season 2? 


A Cold Day In Hell's Kitchen

You didn't choose this town, it chose you. 
Because a hero isn't someone who lives among us. 
It's not a god or idea. It lives here among the street with us. ~ Karen Page

We open Episode 13 in Murdock's apartment. Murdock and Elektra have tied up Stick.

Stick reminds Murdock that The Hand will destroy the city looking for Elektra. The Black Sky cannot be controlled, manipulated or transported. It must be destroyed.

Speaking of Elektra, she is on the roof looking like she wants to jump to her death.

Daredevil finds her and Elektra tells him she is worried about being The Black Sky. She will do terrible things in the name of The Hand. Daredevil reminds her that The Hand does not dictate who she is, but Elektra worries she has no control in this situation. Daredevil decides he must find Nobu and remove him from The Hand without alerting his troops. He wants Elektra to work with him.

Meanwhile, Foggy is with Jeri Hogarth.

This is such a great screenshot of Hogarth.
I despise her. She is SO evil!

It seems Foggy is being made partner at Hogarth's firm. He will be taking on cases that involve vigilantes. Thus, we will be seeing Foggy in Jessica Jones!

Well, Daredevil has a mission and he needs new toys. Melvin is busy making Elektra a suit and has made Daredevil his signature billy club.

It has endless possibilities, including being a grappling hook.

Meanwhile, The Punisher is home for the first time.

He reads that he is dead in the newspaper. Thus, he decides to make his costume and is spray painting a white skull on the black bullet proof vest. This is exciting!

Elektra tells Stick that she is fighting the war with Daredevil. Stick tells her that is a mistake. Just as they are getting ready to leave, Foggy calls.

Detective Mahoney needs help. He has been roughed up by some goons who wanted files on Daredevil. Foggy asks Murdock to come to the police station. After all, Mahoney has helped them on numerous occasions.

Daredevil asks Mahoney what happened. The men told Mahoney they would kill his mother and even put her on the phone.

What did they want? Everything he had on Daredevil, which means records on every single person Daredevil has saved.

The Hand has taken them all as hostages, including Karen. They are in a van being guarded by The Hand.

One of the hostages is Turk Barrett, a small time crook in the Marvel Universe.

He has an ankle bracelet on and the police are tracking him. However, Turk tampered with it and turned if off. Karen insists he turn it on. One of the hostages is killed and Turk complies.

Also, Maya Rosewood is in charge of the hostages in the van. I have looked around the Internet, but no one seems to know who she is supposed to be in Marvel Comics. Some are suggesting Typhoid Mary, but this cannot be confirmed.

The hostages are taken to a warehouse. The police arrive, but are shot at by The Hand.

Daredevil tells Elektra he must save them, but Elektra tells him they must be sacrificed. The Hand will kill Daredevil and steal Elektra if he confronts them. Daredevil ignores her warning and crashes through the window. He arrives just in time to save Turk Barrett from having his leg cut off!

Of course, Daredevil saves Karen.

She still has no clue Murdock is Daredevil.

Elektra and Daredevil head to the roof to exit the building.

When Detective Mahoney arrives, Karen tells him that a "weird cult wants Daredevil."

Elektra and Daredevil are worried this fight with The Hand will be their last. Elektra tells him that if she survives, they may never see each other again.

Daredevil tells Elektra if they both survive, he wants them to be together forever.

The two head to the roof and there are 100s of ninjas surrounding them, including Nobu. He tells Elektra this is her destiny. They all engage in a lengthy battle. Nobu attempts to kill Daredevil, but Elektra steps in and is stabbed by Nobu.

She dies in Daredevil's arms.

Daredevil successfully takes on the rest of The Hand.

And guess who is watching? The Punisher. He is in the distance holding a gun.

He says:

"See ya around Red."

And yes, he is in the full Punisher costume.

Nobu manages to survive the rooftop battle, but thankfully, Stick kills him by slicing off his head.

And now, we prepare for Season 3.

Stick and Murdock are at Elektra's grave.

Stick asks Murdock was it worth it to love her. Murdock says he only had a few moments with her, even though he was taught by Stick to cut all ties with humanity. Therefore, yes, it was worth it to love Elektra.

It is Christmas Eve and Karen is having a drink with Foggy.

Foggy and she will still be friends despite the office being closed. Karen heads back to her office and writes a story called "What Is It, To Be A Hero?"

Meanwhile, The Punisher is digging out a disc that reads MICRO. This is a reference to Microchip, a tech guy who helped The Punisher over the years in Marvel Comics. It is the only thing The Punisher removes from his home. And then, he blows his house up.

It is badass and hilarious because over the scene you are listening to Karen read her story which is supposed to be emotional and a tearjerker. To the very end, The Punisher has no fucks to give! Hooray!

Speaking of Karen, she meets Murdock at the old office. He has something to show her.

He is Daredevil.

At the end of the episode, we see that Elektra's body has been dug up. She is being reincarnated.

Looks like we will see more of Elektra in Season 3.

AND THEN, in true Marvel fashion there is a post credits scene!

It's Luke Cage! His series airs on Netflix on September 30, 2016.

Overall, I enjoyed the season. However, I felt that Jon Bernthal was the backbone of the entire series. He is such a great actor. I noted that he really did not have a role in the final episode. This led me to believe the director knew how good Jon was and wanted to give Cox a moment to shine. I think the season would have been a bit lackluster without The Punisher. As I said in Episode 12's recap, I was not a fan of The Hand story arch and felt like they tried to give Karen a huge role in the show. Deborah Ann Woll is wonderful, but I found that a bit unnecessary and often boring.

I highly suggest you watch this season if only to see Jon Bernthal. His performance is outstanding.

Will you be watching Luke Cage this fall? Let me know in the comments below and tell me how you liked Daredevil Season 2. 

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  1. I have to check this out!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire


  2. I might check this out one day. I've been watching Gotham--it's about Bruce Wayne as a kid. Pretty good.

    1. Yes girl, Military Husband has made me watch that since Season 1. Huge DC Fan over here! I think you would like Daredevil!!

  3. I can't wait to make some time and sit my ass down to watch all of these - its why I haven't read these...!! <3

    1. Oh I know!! It's a great show to watch when you have time!

  4. Well, I finished the season. I think your right, Bernthal totally made this season. I really wish Marvel would have just given him his own show tho, and taken a different story arch with Daredevil. I feel the same about Elektra's character and storyline. The only reason I can think of that they introduced questionable ethic Superdude and Superdudette this season is #itsallconnected and Marvel is setting the scene for Civil War.

    That being said, I am interested to see what they do with Season Three. I really hope they concentrate more on Matthew and the Daredevil. Totally psyched about Luke Cage coming out!!!!! was Superman vs.Batman??? Thinking about talking hubby into going to see it next weekend.

    1. We didn't go see it!! Hooray! But I still don't get out of seeing it lol. It's like 3 hours long and we didn't have time today. 3 hours of Affleck as Batman sounds so painful....
      I like the kid who plays Batman in Gotham! He's good!!


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