March 22, 2016

Netflix Daredevil Season 2, Episode 12 Recap: The Dark At The End Of The Tunnel

As we closed Episode 11, Elektra was prepared to kill Stick. Frank Castle is dead. Or is he? If you have not seen a body, more likely than not, he is still alive. Besides, no one ever dies in comic books! They can ALWAYS return.


Episode 12: The Dark At The End Of The Tunnel

Whatever it is you've got inside you, 
whatever it is burns so hard it's good, but you gotta control it. ~ Stick

We open in a flashback and see Elektra as a child.

Young Elektra is a badass. Stick is training her and she is sparring with another boy. Star, who is a member of The Chaste, is also watching Elektra. She begins beating the boy to death and Stick pulls her up before she kills him. Stick tells her that you do not kill your own. However, little Elektra does not feel wrong killing anyone. Stick reminds her that they are going to war and he needs her to tone down her inner fire.

In the present, Elektra is attempting to kill Stick.

Daredevil arrives and stops her. He wants Elektra to help him find the members of The Hand and see what they have planned. Elektra is furious. She wants to kill Stick and if Daredevil gets in her way, she will kill him too.

Back at the pier, Detective Mahoney tells Karen to go home.

Of course, no one can find Castle's body. Mahoney thinks he is dead, but Karen believes Castle is still alive.

Meanwhile, Murdock and Foggy are at the office of Nelson & Murdock. Foggy tells Murdock he paid the electric bill until the end of the month.

Foggy has been hired by Hogarth's firm. Murdock does not try to convince him to stay. Foggy does ask Murdock what he is looking for, and Murdock tells him that he needs to find a mysterious group. He thinks they might be in the subway tunnels. Foggy tells him those are protected by police, but there are abandoned railway tunnels in Hell's Kitchen. Murdock needs to look for manhole covers.

Thus, Daredevil heads down a manhole to look for The Hand.

In the tunnel, he finds members of The Hand and has a fairly lengthy fight sequence.

Since Nelson & Murdock have closed their doors, Karen has returned to The Bulletin.

Ellison asks her about her story. Karen tells him that everyone in the story is dead and she wants to quit. She also feels that Castle was not a psycho murderer, but instead, he was a father and husband. Ellison reminds her that the story is not over if there is more to Castle. She needs to find personal sources who knew him. And Ellison tells Karen:

"Face the truth Karen Page, this is your home now."

At this point, I am curious as to how other Marvel fans feel about this part of the story. I was not overly impressed Ben Urich was killed so quickly last season. Ben Urich is a prominent figure in Spiderman, and since the MCU is all connected, this means Ben will never work with Spiderman in upcoming films. I really am not sure that I like that Marvel basically put Karen in Ben's role to give her a bigger story arch.

Anyhoo, Karen goes to see Colonel Schoonover.

She needs to show the world that Castle is more than just The Punisher. The Colonel tells Karen that Frank had a sense of humor and even did impressions. Karen asked if he knew about the shipyard explosion. Castle might be dead. As she is talking, she notices one of the men in a picture on the Colonel's wall. She saw this man's body at the dock. She realizes the Colonel is involved!

The Colonel tells her that man was in war with him and tracked him down to find out how he could serve The Colonel. He was "loyal until Frank murdered him."

And then, he pulls a gun on Karen.

At gunpoint, he forces Karen into her car. She pleads with him to let her go, even citing that she is not a "real reporter." As they are driving, a car hits them on the passenger side!

Meanwhile, Daredevil is still being attacked by members of The Hand.

He hears Stick's voice telling him to track the ninjas' breathing. Incidentally, Stick is being tortured by Hirochi.

Daredevil finds Stick and saves him. However, Elektra arrives still planning to kill Stick. But wait! Nobu is here, as well. He has something important to tell Elektra.

We then flashback to Elektra as a child again. The boy she almost killed decides to kill her.

Instead, Elektra kills him violently. Star tells Stick that Elektra is dangerous. Stick tells Star that he will take care of Elektra and kills Star.

In the present, Nobu tells Elektra she is The Black Sky, their greatest living weapon. The Hand serves her. She was taken from them many years ago. Members of The Hand present her with a sword and bow down to her.

Daredevil tells her it is a trick and not to believe them.

However, Elektra does believe it to be true. It explains why she is out of control. She tells Stick that he knew and that is why no one loved her. She believes this is her destiny and tells Daredevil to leave. Thus, The Hand hid their greatest weapon in a child and they came to find her when she was a grown woman to fulfill her destiny. Interesting! This all makes sense comic book wise. Elektra was the leader of The Hand in Marvel Comics for a long time.

We flashback again to Elektra as a child. Elektra is being adopted by an ambassador and his wife.

Elektra wanted to stay with Stick, but Stick does not want to be hunted. He tells Elektra that someone will come for her one day and change everything. He wants to prevent this from happening for as long as possible. She is devastated.

In the present, Daredevil says he is the enemy of The Hand so Elektra should kill him. She does not because she loves Daredevil, and Daredevil grabs her sword. He tells Elektra to kill him and prove them right or save Stick and prove them wrong. She saves Stick.

Back at the car, Karen is crawling out. Surprise! The Colonel survived the crash, too. But, BUT, The Punisher is there, as well.

The Colonel tells Castle it was not about a drug deal or his family. He is angry with Castle for something that happened overseas on the battlefield. Karen begs him not to kill the Colonel. He ignores this and drags the Colonel into a shack.

He kills the Colonel with Karen outside crying and horrified.

Oh. And inside that shack there is something else.

An entire arsenal of weapons and the makings of the soon to be Punisher costume!

Totally reminded me of this:

I have said this before, but it is truly cool we live in a time when we can see all these comic book characters come to life on television and movies!

Episode 12 concludes with Nobu saying Daredevil must die.

Before I conclude this recap, I have a tiny rant. This whole story arc with The Hand and Elektra is really reminiscent of Batman's Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins. And that bothers me so much.

Why? Charlie Cox seems to be trying to imitate Batman with his acting when he is in the Daredevil costume. I noticed it more and more towards the end of the season in these last few episodes. It is almost as if he watched some Batman movies and took notes. Thus, you have Cox acting like Batman and a story line that is all too familiar to D.C. Comic fans. Military Husband noticed this as well (of course, he is a D.C. fan so I knew he would). Look friends, I am not one of those rabid dog Marvel fans who cannot admit when something is not good and does not work. I really like Elektra's character more than I thought I would, I LOVED The Punisher and of course, I enjoy the dark nature of the Netflix Marvel series.

What I do not like? Trying to imitate the D.C. Comics series. It was fine to make these series a little darker, but we are heading off into some clear territory that is going to cause a bunch of nasty D.C. fanboys to yell:

"Marvel is trying to copy Arrow!! Marvel is SO trying to be like Batman. Pathetic."

I know, I KNOW. I am obsessed with Marvel, but the last thing we need is a reason to give D.C. fanatics any evidence to support their claim that Marvel wants to be more like the D.C. franchise.

Anyhoo, rant off.

Let me know how you feel about this in the comments below. Am I alone in this line of thinking?

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As always, I remain,


  1. Hmmmmm, interesting point about the Batman/Daredevil similarity. I wish I could weigh in, but the first "in depth" dark Batman experience I have had(other than Adam West's TV show when I was little, and that does NOT count;-), is the first season of Gotham and the Christian Bale Movies(which I need to watch again to "study"). Unfortunately, I did see a similarity with Arrow/Flash, but I think that was Marvel's mistake in casting Clancy Brown as the Colonel and seeing him him as in 2015 as General Elling on Flash. Of course, he does play the "evil army dude" very well.

    All this being said, I am still enjoying the series, and would watch another season! Planning on watching the final epi tomorrow night while sequestered in a hotel room with the pups!

    Love the recaps....wish you were doing AoS, some freaky stuff going on over there.... ;-)

    1. I suppose DD is as close as Marvel gets to a Batman. Batman is such an iconic comic book hero, it's almost difficult not to model yourself after him (I mean even unintentionally) if you are playing a dark role. But we can't do that. Because DC fanboys be tripping. ;)

      I wish I was doing AoS too. But I didn't start at the beginning and I'd feel so halfass just jumping in now! I do plan to do Marvel's Most Wanted. I mean, why not? I get so many feels for AoS. Some of what is going on I don't like (I have some fundamental problems with Marvel's timeline in the comics vs. the movies), but I do appreciate how absolutely badass every single woman is on that show. It's really quite groundbreaking. I wish more people took notice of that, but they spend all their time pissed off ScarJo didn't get her own stand alone movie.


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