March 22, 2016

Netflix Daredevil Season 2, Episode 11 Recap: .380

As we closed Episode 10, there are members of The Hand all over the outside of Metro-General. The survivors are now "The Walking Dead." This has really become strange and intriguing. Also, Frank Castle saved Karen from a hailstorm of gunfire. Will he ask her to help him?

Let's press on. There are only three episodes remaining in Season 2!


Episode 11: .380

Once you cross over to my side of the line, you don't get to come back from that. 
Not ever. ~ Frank Castle, The Punisher

As we open Episode 11, we see ninjas, or members of The Hand, crawling along Metro-General.

Daredevil attacks the ninjas, as does Claire. Daredevil even rescues Claire mid-air!

However, all Daredevil's work is in vain. The Hand took the survivors.

Murdock tells Claire that they were taken because there is an organization with members who believe in something strange. It is called The Hand.

Claire is curious why they take the patients. Murdock has no idea. Then, Claire says something that I was thinking. She tells Murdock:

"That candle that you are burning at both ends? Sooner or later it is going to fizzle out."

She also says this is not Daredevil's city anymore. He is in WAY over his head. Claire is legit the Nick Fury of Netflix Marvel. She and Fury always are the voice of reason.

At the police station, Karen is giving Detective Mahoney a statement.

She conveniently leaves Castle out of her story. Mahoney puts Karen under 24/7 police protection.

Outside the station, Murdock is waiting for Karen.

Karen tells Murdock she can take care of herself and does not need his help. She lets Murdock know that Frank Castle did not kill Reyes. He saved her at her apartment. Whoever killed Reyes knew that Castle would take the blame. Murdock is angry she did not tell the police, but Karen said that Castle saved her life and he asked her for time to find who is setting him up. She tells Murdock that The Blacksmith came after her because she and Ellison are working on a story. Murdock tells her to back off and Karen tells him that she is no longer his to protect.

After the police check Karen's apartment, she sneaks out to meet Castle.

He is waiting in her car and is playing Earth, Wind and Fire's You're A Shooting Star. It seems Castle is enjoying the song and I rather like this playful side of Castle. Karen tells Castle that she should not have lied to the police. He tells her she should walk away then. However, Karen does not want The Blacksmith to kill her. The two leave together.

At Metro-General, Marcy visits Foggy.

She tells him that people are talking about how well he did at the trial. This could be a new beginning for him. She wants to set up a meeting for him in the near future, presumably with Hogarth's firm.

Elsewhere at Metro-General, Claire is in trouble.

She had to kill one of the ninjas and the administration is not pleased. The doctors are doing an autopsy of the ninja and surprise, he has scars from a previous autopsy. Why? Because he has been reincarnated!

Meanwhile, Daredevil finds ADA Tower and wants everything he has on The Blacksmith.

Tower has nothing on him, however. The only lead he has is that Reyes was looking into his competition. If anyone knew The Blacksmith, it would be his enemy. Where is the competition? Chinatown.

Karen and Castle are at a diner having coffee.

Castle knows The Blacksmith is a ghost and works alone. Then, he begins to chat with Karen. He asks her if she picked out her gun, a .380, herself (hence the name of the episode). Karen tells Castle she does not like what he does and she thinks he should be in prison, but he is honest. Castle asks if Murdock thinks the same and Karen responds that Murdock has issues. He is complicated. Castle remarks that she loves him. Karen says Murdock is the kind of man who hurts people. Not like Castle; Murdock damages people and breaks them. She needs to get this sort of person out of her life. Castle tells her that these are the kind of people you need. He talks about how his wife could really get under his skin, but how much he misses that feeling. He wishes anything he could feel it again. He tells her to hold on to Murdock.

Am I the only one who kind of sees a chemistry between The Punisher and Karen? Karen brings out a sweet side in Castle and Karen trusts Castle. I think these two have a much stronger connection that she and Murdock ever will. Whatever it is, I really enjoy their scenes together!

Castle tells Karen to get everyone out of the diner. There are men coming in and he plans to attack them. Karen realizes he used her as bait to find these men. Ah, he hurts her! But, BUT, Castle said these are the kind of people you want to hold on to tightly. Karen Page + The Punisher = Forever.

Meanwhile, Daredevil is in Chinatown. He finds Madame Gao in the basement of a laundry.

She is running a crime organization in Hell's Kitchen again. Daredevil needs information about her competition, a heroin dealer named The Blacksmith. Madame Gao does not want to give him the information, but Daredevil threatens to have her arrested. She agrees that their interests are aligned and tells him The Blacksmith is ruthless. His crew is eliminating her chemists and street dealers. She knows that his product comes in by ship, but she has no idea what pier.

Back at the diner, Castle shoots first and kills all of the men but one. Even though he told Karen to leave, she is hiding and listening.

Castle asks the only man he kept alive about The Blacksmith. He refuses to tell Castle, so Castle beats him relentlessly. Castle beats on him so much that it tears his face! The man tells Castle that The Blacksmith is on 41st Street at the pier. After he obtains the information, Castle kills him. Karen walks out and is horrified at the scene. Castle tells her to call the police and stay away from him.

At Metro-General, Claire learns she is not fired, but this incident is considered strike two.

Claire is to keep her mouth shut and not get involved in anything else. Metro-General is sweeping the entire incident under the rug. Claire is furious. She wants to report the killings. However, Metro-General received a large anonymous donation and the administration happily accepts it in exchange for silence. Claire barges into the room with the administrators and quits. Of course, we fans know that Claire will be in Luke Cage this fall so this is not the last time we will see her!

Daredevil is at the pier looking for The Blacksmith. And who else is there?

The Punisher.

He is going to set fire to the boat at the pier. One thing I love about The Punisher is he just does not waste a second asking questions. And he loves blowing things up!

The Punisher ends up capturing a man he thinks is The Blacksmith. He demands the man admit he is and that he killed The Punisher's family.

However, guess who interrupts him?

And Frank is all:

"Oh for Christ's sake."

I mean REALLY. Why is Daredevil mucking things up! I want to see The Punisher at work.

Daredevil tells The Punisher that is not The Blacksmith. He knocks the gun out of The Punisher's hand and The Punisher attacks Daredevil.

He also says: "I'm so sick of you."

Suddenly, Daredevil decides that The Punisher is right. Daredevil's way is really not working and maybe this time he should let The Punisher take care of The Blacksmith.

Some goons arrive at the pier and The Punisher pushes Daredevil off the boat. He whispers, "One batch, two batch, penny and a dime. Here I come." The goons shoot the boat and everything explodes!

Meanwhile, Stick learns from two men that Elektra killed Jacques. He tells the men to follow the plan. They head to their car and are both stabbed by Elektra. At the same time, Karen and Detective Mahoney arrive at the pier and they assume Castle is dead.

In The Hand weirdness, Gibson's son and the other survivors are being drained willingly by Hirachi.

At Murdock's apartment, Murdock hears the noise of car wheels screeching. The two men that Elektra killed show up in their car outside his apartment.

One of the men is still alive and able to tell him that Elektra is headed to kill Stick. 

And Stick? Well, he is sharpening his sword.

And in the closing scene, Elektra enters the room.

As always, I remain,


  1. "We need to talk""...just loved that last line!!

    I also thought Claire was majorly badass in this episode, telling off the hospital administration, quitting and walking out! Love a gal who stands up for what she believes in!!


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