March 21, 2016

Netflix Daredevil Season 2, Episode 10 Recap: The Man In The Box

When we left Episode 9, The Punisher has escaped from prison. Hooray! Have I told you all how much I love The Punisher, lately? I am legit ready to raid the Internet for the The Punisher gear. Are any of you as obsessed with him as I am? Let me know in the comments below!

For now, let's get started on Episode 10 because things in Hell's Kitchen are about to become strange.


Episode 10: The Man In The Box

If you are worried that Frank Castle will reek havoc on Hell's Kitchen,
just wait. ~ Wilson Fisk

At The Farm, Detective Mahoney is literally in shock.

I mean, this is some weird shit! Daredevil tells Mahoney that the people inside were being drained and he believes it was manufactured by the Yakuza. He tells Mahoney to take the people to safety because it may not be completely over. Mahoney transports them to Metro-General where Claire will take care of them and not tell anyone they are under her care.

At Metro-General, Claire begins tending to the survivors. She notices all of their fingerprints have been burned off. Murdock arrives and tells Claire that he saw the same ninja, Nobu, that he killed in Season 1. He tells Claire all of the survivors are in danger

Claire is really the unsung hero of Netflix Marvel. She is always helping everyone.

While Murdock is talking to Claire, he hears on the police scanner that Frank Castle has escaped prison. He is not as excited about this news as I am though.

Karen, Foggy and Murdock are all called to the courthouse by District Attorney Reyes.

Foggy tells Murdock that the Punisher was in Cellblock D in prison. Murdock says that is the same Cellblock that holds Wilson Fisk. This is no coincidence as far as Murdock is concerned and he is upset.

Reyes calls them all in her office to ask them if they have information about Castle's whereabouts.

Reyes admits that she made mistakes and Central Park was one of them. ADA Tower tells them that last year, they learned about a new player in the drug trade - The Blacksmith. They planted an undercover police officer in one of the gangs. He learned there would be a meeting between three factions one afternoon in Central Park. Then, everything went south. Reyes says she did not clear the park because an empty park would show their hand. Now, Reyes is scared because she found The Punisher's x-ray in her daughter's backpack. Karen does not believe he will go after her family. She tells Reyes The Punisher has his own internal code. They all agree to contact Reyes if they hear from Castle.

And then:

Shots are fired and Reyes is dead! Foggy is also shot in the crossfire.

Outside the courthouse, Tower tells Foggy and Karen that he suspected the coverup. Reyes was altering medical records and police reports. The more she did, the sloppier she became. When he finally caught wind of everything she did, his hands were tied. This is why he let Karen have The Punisher's files. He wanted to help.

Friends, you can just tell Stephen Rider is having a ball playing Blake Tower. It always seems like he is about to burst into a huge grin. I was really happy to see this scene because Tower has always been an ally of Daredevil in the comics. We can be certain to see more of Tower next season.

Murdock has gone to the prison to see Wilson Fisk. Fisk's attorney gives Murdock a contract and plenty of rules before he speaks with his client. Of course, Murdock signs the contract and ignores the rules.

Murdock tells Fisk that he knows he helped Castle escape. He calls Castle a killing machine and now, he is on the streets. Who did Fisk aim this loose cannon at? Fisk denies helping him. Murdock tells him that is "bullshit." Fisk asks his attorney to escort Murdock out. However, Murdock mentions Fisk's girlfriend Vanessa. He knows she is out of the country and he intends to use every legal loophole to make sure she never gets back into the country. He plans to break Fisk without breaking the law.

This, not surprisingly, infuriates Fisk.

Fisk attacks Murdock and tells him that he has regained power in prison and when he is released, he will finish him and Foggy. Murdock tells him to keep Foggy out of this matter, but Fisk reiterates that he will kill them both.

It is a pretty awesome scene. Fisk is still the badass he was in Season 1.

At The Bulletin, Karen tells Ellison she was at Reyes' shooting. They need to find the medical examiner before it is too late.

Were you missing Elektra?

She is at a private airport. A man named Jacques buys her a drink and the two begin talking in French.

Your girl Mili Wifey is actually proficient in French. I understood Elodie Yung better when she was speaking French than when she spoke English.

Anyhoo, Elektra tells Jacques her name is Louise. But, BUT, he knows her name is Elektra and he knows who all she has killed.

Meanwhile, there is bad news at the medical examiner's apartment. He is dead and Ellison and Karen have walked in on a crime scene.

Ellison believes Frank is going after anyone who crossed him. Karen needs to give all the names to the NYPD of anyone she knows who Frank might attack. Ellison wants police to go with her to her apartment. However, Karen is not afraid of Frank. Ellison insists. He tells her that he wished he been more careful with Ben and perhaps he would still be alive.

At Metro-General, Stan is with his son. Claire tells them that the police will be around soon for questioning.

Daredevil is outside the hospital and meets with Claire.

Claire tells Daredevil that she has the toxicology reports from the lab and there are eight separate unidentified objects in their bloodstreams. The survivors were all drained for months and toxins were put into their bodies. The doctors at Metro-General think maybe they were being used to incubate the toxins like human chemical farms.

Then, Daredevil tells Claire that he feels useless. Everything he does gets undone. Fisk is running the prison he sent him to and now he has placed Foggy in jeopardy. Daredevil just has to be a brooding superhero, doesn't he?

At Karen's apartment, Frank is waiting for her. He tells her that he did not kill Reyes.

Suddenly, there is gunfire in Karen's apartment! Frank immediately protects Karen.

Back at the prison, Fisk is enjoying dinner and wine. He orders a prisoner named Miguel to call his attorney. He wants to reexamine Murdock's files.

At the airport, Elektra and Jacques are fighting. And then, this happens:

Elektra stabs Jacques. Before he dies, he tells her that Stick sent him to kill her.

Back at Metro-General, things get, well, strange. The lights go out and the building is crawling with ninjas outside, presumably members of The Hand.

Then, the patients kill Stan Gibson and they all rise like zombies.

Click here for Episode 11: .380.

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    1. Haha! I'll have the rest up tomorrow! Come back when you guys finish!!

  2. Gosh, theres alot going on here!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx
    PeeS Yes we do watch Luther and luffs it, but we watched it on BBC before it got to Netflix

    1. I need more Luther! Idris needs to make the movie!!

  3. Wow that's a lot going on for sure haha.

    1. You should start the series! I think you'd like it!

  4. The punisher!? I don't know maybe I should read up on your reviews more, as the man and I desperately need to get into a series with lack of walking dead. He has a shirt with the punisher symbol. All I know about that villain. Haha.

    1. Yes and it's Shane (Jon Bernthal) from TWD. I know you'd both love it...

  5. This was such a great episode, that I caved and watched Episode 10 right afterwards....things are heating up for sure!!

    1. Haha it's so difficult not to binge right??


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