March 1, 2016

Agent Carter Season 2, Episode 10 Recap: Hollywood Ending

As we closed Episode 9, Dr. Wilkes interrupted Whitney Frost/Madame Masque's plans to kill Vernon Masters - by suddenly exploding into zero matter! Now, Agent Carter must stop zero matter for good as we move into tonight's season finale.

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Now, let's press on because there is so much to cover tonight!


Episode 10: Hollywood Ending

I've learned that dwelling on what might have been is no way to live. ~ Agent Carter

We open tonight's episode with Carter holding a gun to Thompson. She tells him to put the detonator down when suddenly, there is an explosion! Once inside the building, they find zero matter everywhere.

AND, they find Wilkes!

He is alive and the zero matter is gone from his body. However, all of the zero matter on the floor is moving directly towards Frost.

AND she absorbs every drop!

Carter, Thompson, Wilkes and Sousa leave the building. Frost is following closely behind, but Jarvis and Howard Stark run her down in Stark's car. Who missed Howard Stark? I sure wish we had seen more of him this season.

Back at the SSR, Wilkes tells Carter that zero matter is a "dark being beyond dark." He claims it will move on to the world if it is not eliminated.

The good news? Stark declares Wilkes is free of zero matter. However, Wilkes feels he will never be the same because of the things he has done.

Meanwhile, Frost is working on her designs to find a way to open the door to zero matter. Blackwing offers to bring her something to eat, but Frost hurries him away. She is determined to make sure the door remains open this time. Blackwing is terrified something has gotten ahold of Frost. At the same time, Wilkes and Carter are eating lunch with Stark. They realize they must make a gamma cannon to separate Frost from the zero matter. But, BUT, Wilkes does not want zero matter loose on the world.

Stark calls Jarvis to bring more mustard and then this happens:

However, it is all a rouse. Manfredi/Blackwing is friends with Stark. He admits he was wrong for kidnapping Wilkes and needs their help to save Frost and stop her from opening the rift. Carter suggests they open the rift and knock the zero matter out of Frost, sending it back where it belongs. Stark disagrees and says they should steal the research. However, Blackwing lets them know she never leaves the room with her research. Carter tells Blackwing he must distract her.

Blackwing finds Frost enveloped in her sketches. He tells her that he is trying to get information from one of his men, but they are not scared of him. Thus, Frost agrees to help. Meanwhile, Sousa and Carter take pictures of Frost's sketches. After threatening one of Blackwing's men, Frost heads back to her room while Sousa and Carter escape. However, not before Sousa can change a number on one of Frost's equations to slow her down.

After Wilkes, Dr. Samberly and Stark review the sketches, they conclude Frost is building a machine that connects between their world and the zero matter dimension. Said machine could bring about the end of the world. They must construct something to stop Frost's machine and decide to test it at Stark's movie lot. Also, Wilkes apologizes to Sousa for his actions and Jarvis tells Carter that Ana "had a good cry over what could never be," i.e. she cannot have children, and is back to her usual optimistic self.

Then, Thompson arrives at the SSR and asks if he can help. Carter suggests he collect dinner orders and he agrees. If you were a fan of Agent Carter Season 1, you, like me, are thrilled to see this role reversal! After making the orders, he finds Masters portfolio that holds Carter's file. Inside, Thompson finds the pin to the Arena Club which becomes a key! But, BUT, to what?

Later, at the studio lot, everyone is ready while Stark tests his machine. Frost stops her sketches, realizing the rift is open.

While Stark tries to hit golf balls into the rift, Carter and Thompson keep a look out for Frost. Thompson asks Carter if she will turn him in for siding with Masters. Carter says she will not because she believes Thompson is a good man.

AND she will not turn him in because Carter is our hero and heroes are all about goodness and purity, NOT revenge. I know some fans were a little frustrated by last week's episode when Agent Carter seemed to be on a "moral crusade." But folks, this is comic book world, and yes, YES, Agent Carter can get up on her moral high horse and ride it into the sunset because comic book heroes are GOOD, DECENT, MORAL people with very few flaws, if any (see Captain America for further reference).

Anyhoo, Thompson gives Carter the Arena Club pin-key and Carter asks the same question I did. What is this a key to?

Meanwhile, Frost has arrived and is heading towards the rift. Stark points the gamma ray at her.

And this happens:

All of the zero matter goes towards the rift! Carter arrests her while Frost screams "I need it back."

However, the rift is becoming unstable. Stark suggests they use the manual override. The crank is on the device though, so whoever shuts it down will get sucked inside the rift. Suddenly, Sousa a hose around his waist and heads towards the rift. Carter suggests they detonate a bomb inside the rift to close it quickly.

AND THEN, this happens:

Sousa's hose comes lose and everyone has to grab on to keep Sousa from being sucked into the rift!

Jarvis and Dr. Samberly arrive and Jarvis places an explosive in Stark's hover car (a hover car! Just like Agent Coulson's beloved Lola!). The car heads towards the rift exploding inside the rift and closing it for good. HURRAY!

As we close our show, a lot happens. A LOT, friends. And quite honestly, I got a little wrapped up in watching and missed a few pictures. For that, I am sorry, but here is a rundown:

1) Stark hires Wilkes to work at his new facility. He is developing a new project in Peru and needs Wilkes to help him. You know, a little something called "The Tahiti Project."

How do you know you are a Marvel nerd?
When you see a Bath and Body Works candle called "Tahiti" and yell out in the store: 
"It's a magical place!"

2) Ana is not sore at Agent Carter one bit. As a matter of fact, Ana gives her a huge hug and insists Jarvis drive Carter to the airport to return to New York.

3) Frost. Well, Frost thinks this is happening:

She and Chadwick are plotting to get zero matter back.

When really, this is happening:

She is chilling in a nuthouse.
Any Marvel aficionados want to guess which one?
(Since The Ravencroft Institute doesn't appear until the 90s.)

4) Agent Carter meets with Chief Sousa one last time before returning to the New York SSR. Only something pressing would keep her in Los Angeles.

And that something pressing is.....Chief Sousa! Finally, she gives him the kiss we have all been waiting for. I do not know who was more thrilled over this - the fans or Hayley Atwell (I swear her eyes lit up like a child's on Christmas morning).

Is this it? Is Chief Sousa that elusive husband Agent Carter referred to in The Winter Soldier? For now, we shall believe it to be so and that is indeed a very satisfactory ending to this season.

BUT is not over.

Thompson has been shot in the last scene! Whoever shot him, stole Carter's file! Noooooooo!! You cannot leave us on a cliffhanger, Marvel! Particularly when we are not even sure if there will be an Agent Carter Season 3!

I have the strangest feeling that, even if ABC cancels the show, this will not be the last we will see of Agent Carter. #RenewAgentCarter

What a wild ride! See you all in Daredevil Season 2.

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  1. And you do each and every recap with purrfectly and with such fun!!
    It must take a lot of time too. I was not familiar with the program until I found you great blog
    Hugs madi and mom

  2. Okays, you knows Ma is WAY behind in watchin' her shows, so she had to scroll alllll the way through REAL FAST so she didn't see anythings that will ruin it for hers! BOL!!!! Butts I told her I had to say..HEY! And she will return after she watches it to gives you her OMG, OMG, OMG reactions! That is if she is still coherent after her 87th margarita...hehehehe
    Ruby ♥

    1. Awesome!! I hope she loves it!!! xxxoo

  3. I enjoyed Season 2 as much, if not more than Season one and will be VERY bummed if there is no Season 3 #renewAgentCarter!!!! Now, back to Shield! I'll miss the first couple of Epis while on vacay but am looking forward to seeing how the second half of the season unwinds!

    Can't wait for Season 2 of Daredevil and your DD Recaps! I just finished re-watching Season 1!

    1. I will be sad as well.
      I can't wait to see AOS next week!! I'm so excited to see Ward as Hive!!!


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