February 24, 2016

Agent Carter Season 2, Episode 9 Recap: A Little Song and Dance

In Episode 8, we left Carter and Jarvis unconscious after Jarvis attempted to kill Frost! Speaking of Frost, also known as Madame Masque, she is none too thrilled the zero matter pulled up Wilkes instead of her. I have really enjoyed Wynn Everett's portrayal of Madame Masque and overall LOVE the true comic book feel of this season's Agent Carter. Every scene feels like it was ripped out of the pages of an issue I would have loved as a child.

With that being said, I have mixed feelings about a portion of Episode 9. But, BUT, I will talk about it more in tonight's recap so let's press onward.


Episode 9: A Little Song and Dance

Yes Mr. Jarvis, there is a cost. 
One that I have paid for a hundred times over. ~ Agent Carter

We open Episode 9 inside Agent Carter's dream (she is still unconscious). First, she is in black and white and speaks with her deceased brother at the SSR. Then, we return to the Automat from Agent Carter Season 1 and see an old friend:

I totally missed her this season.

Military Husband also pointed out that Carter is wearing the "Captain America" red dress.

Then, it just gets, well, strange:

Out of nowhere, there is a huge musical production involving practically the entire cast singing and dancing.

I just could not even. #wtf

I almost wondered if Joss Whedon was doing some sort of behind the scenes "don't look behind that curtain" Oz shit because ONLY he would think a musical production like this was 1) necessary and 2) not completely out of place AT ALL. Admittedly, Once More, With Feeling grew on me #anyaandthebunnies.

But, BUT, was this needed? It just seemed completely nonsensical and silly. I imagine some Marvel fans enjoyed this, but I was not one of them. I was extremely disappointed particularly after the action packed last episode. To make matters worse, the Agent Carter Twitter account tweeted that the musical's song "Whatcha Gonna Do ("It's Up To You")" would be up on iTunes for purchase.

Ew. Just ew. This is not the Marvel I love and respect. #Marvelshame

But truly, I digress.

Fortunately for me, the singing and dancing ends and Carter wakes up in the back of a van. She unties Jarvis and is furious with him for shooting Frost.

At the same time, Thompson, Dr. Samberly and Sousa are clueless as to what has happened. Suddenly, SSR agents arrive. They plan to kill Dr. Samberly, Sousa AND Thompson. Thompson realizes Masters sent them to eliminate him as well, and he quickly tells Agent Vega not to be an idiot and help him bring in Sousa and Dr. Samberly directly to Masters. Vega agrees.

Meanwhile, Carter hotwires her way out of the van and Jarvis and she begin walking back. In the car with Blackwing and Frost, Wilkes tells them something is wrong. Frost is not worried, but Wilkes reiterates he is not safe around a populated area. Frost stops the car and finds that Jarvis and Carter have escaped.

While walking, Carter calls Jarvis reckless for his action. Jarvis reminds Carter they saved a Russian murderess and spy, also known as Dottie/Black Widow, which placed Ana in danger. He goes on to tell Carter that everyone who is around her dies #ouch. Carter tells Jarvis that he begs to go on adventures with her, then blames her for the choices he makes. She says Jarvis knows nothing of loss and is lucky. But, BUT, Jarvis tells her that Ana cannot have children due to complications after surgery. Carter feels terrible, but Jarvis says no one knows, not even Ana. He calls himself a coward.

At the same time, two of Blacking's henchmen find them walking in the desert. Carter is able to out maneuver them because badass and escapes. She instructs Jarvis to leave and be with Ana. Back at the SSR, Masters asks Vega and Thompson why Sousa and Samberly aren't dead. Thompson tells Masters that Samberly and Sousa can fix the gamma cannon in the lab to use on Frost. Masters is worried about Sousa, but Sousa said if Frost is taken down he will stay quiet. Thompson whispers that he will take care of Sousa and Samberly himself if they deal with Frost. Sousa and Samberly are released, and Thompson tells Sousa he is still with them and plans to trick Masters. #hooray #fornow

Meanwhile, Blackwing takes Frost to a warehouse where he has set up a lab. He tells her it is not special, but she thinks it is perfect. #moresupervillainlove

Frost has Wilkes belted to a table. Wilkes quickly tells Frost he can not hold the zero matter much longer and he is dangerous. He wants to get rid of the zero matter, and Frost?

Well, she wants to take it from him.

And that "taking" will be painful!


Back at the SSR, Carter arrives and delivers several punches to Masters before she is pulled away #yesssssss. Dr. Samberly is in the SSR lab fixing the cannon. Carter does not want to work with Masters, and Masters claims he has them all at a stalemate - if anyone takes him down, he will take them down with him. Sousa agrees to work with Masters because it means taking down "a lady that kills people with black space goo" #loveSousa. But, BUT, Samberly needs more time. Thompson volunteers to talk to Frost and stall her.

Thompson is like a 1940s version of Grant Ward.

Thompson arrives at Frost's lab and is extremely flirty. Blackwing becomes enraged, but Frost asks him to leave. Then, Frost asks Thompson the whereabouts of the gamma ray cannon. Thompson tells her it is at the SSR under repairs. Further, he lets her know that Masters is going to use the gamma ray cannon on her. Frost wonders why he is sharing this information with her. Well, Thompson wants to give her the gamma ray cannon AND Masters if he can have a seat on the Council of Nine. #ugh #ThompsonSUCKS

Back at the SSR lab, Thompson tells them everything is in place. Carter is surprised Frost believed him and (rightly) thinks Thompson is up to something. Masters leaves to bring the gamma ray cannon to Frost. Sousa and Carter attempt to follow, but the fuel line is cut to their car and Thompson is not responding. Sousa asks to borrow Dr. Samberly's car. Upon hearing this, Samberly tells them of REAL plan. Thompson had Samberly turn the gamma ray cannon into a bomb. The bomb has a remote trigger and Thompson will detonate it when he is clear. Sousa and Carter insist Samberly build a new trigger.

Meanwhile, Jarvis is comforting Ana. Ana begs him to be with Carter and help her. He agrees, and  Ana realizes that Jarvis is hiding something else from her. The scene closes as Jarvis silently, we can assume, tells Ana she will not be able to bear children.

Outside the warehouse, Samberly's new trigger is not working and Sousa begins to argue with him. While doing so, Carter runs off into the building to save Wilkes. Inside, Masters and Thompson have delivered the gamma ray cannon to Frost. She intends to use the cannon to take the zero matter from Wilkes.

Carter finds Wilkes and wants to help him escape. However, Wilkes tells her to leave and that he threatened her with a gun out of his own volition, NOT because of zero matter. Nevertheless, Carter attempts to help Wilkes escape and Wilkes locks himself inside telling Carter it is over. At the same time, Frost tells Masters she knows he was going to kill her. Thompson pulls a gun on Masters to his surprise.

And meanwhile, Wilkes is changing:

Outside the lab, Samberly has fixed the trigger. Thompson leaves Masters with Frost and runs out of the warehouse. He pushes the trigger, but nothing happens!

Carter pulls a gun on Thompson and tells him she will not allow him to blow up the building because Wilkes is inside and Masters needs to be brought to justice, not killed. Thompson tells her no matter because Frost is taking care of him.

Oh, poor Masters. #NOT

Meanwhile, Frost is ridding herself of Masters. But, BUT, he laughs because he points out the bomb is going to detonate and kill her as well.

Suddenly, Wilkes walks in and zero matter explodes from him!

As always, I am still Marvel-ing, 


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    1. Thank you doll!!
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  2. Oh nose, is it really the season finale next week already????? That's come round way too quick!
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  3. I do not know the series, but I admit to being curious

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    1. Get some!! Glitter is like the herpes of the world!

  5. Finally watched this last night and was also a bit annoyed about the musical number...I was relieved that it was just the first scene (remembering the Buffy musical)LOL.

    1. But that grew on me! I have to admit, Once More With Feeling is a guilty pleasure! It's so bad it's good! lol.
      But Agent Carter?? Nooooooo.


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