February 23, 2016

Agent Carter Season 2, Episode 8 Recap: The Edge Of Mystery

When we left Agent Carter last week in Episode 7, Dottie had escaped, Ana Jarvis's life was in peril, and Wilkes was kidnapped by Madame Masque and Blackwing. Let's not forget, the new head of the Los Angeles SSR is the diabolical Vernon Masters. Tonight's episodes should be jammed packed with excitement and intrigue!

However, Marvel friends, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that Hayley Atwell has been cast as the lead in a pilot for a new ABC series titled "Conviction." Of course, yours truly could listen to Hayley Atwell read the phone book for hours so I am thrilled. But, BUT, the bad news is Agent Carter might not be renewed for Season 3.


I must have my Peggy Carter fix! And since she will pass away in Civil War, I feel all the Marvel feels coming on in the near future.

Le Sigh. Let's press on.


Episode 8: The Edge Of Mystery

You don't need to cut corners to get ahead. 
You're better than that. ~ Agent Carter

We open to a scene in New York in 1946 and Jarvis is on the phone with a "Season 1 Agent Carter." Once the call is complete, Ana asks who Jarvis was on the phone with and he eventually responds Peggy Carter. Jarvis tries to distract her from worrying and claims Carter won't interfere with their life. In the present, Jarvis is in the hospital with Ana who is out of surgery. Carter consoles him and goes home to grab Jarvis a change of clothes.

Meanwhile, Wilkes wakens chained up by Frost. Frost is studying Wilkes and the effect zero matter has taken upon him. Wilkes agrees to give her formulas if he can leave. Frost does not agree, instead suggesting they work together. She asks Wilkes if he can hear the "voices" too.

And then, she begins her experiments on him.

Carter finds Sousa waiting for her at home. She tells him about Ana's condition and Sousa informs Carter about his "beatdown" by Masters' "pals." Carter tells Sousa she is willing to give up the uranium rod to rescue Wilkes. Sousa suggests she find Blackwing because in the past he and Frost were an item. Sousa and Carter head to Blackwing's hideout to confront him.

Thompson's non-constipated looked I captured.

At the same time, Thompson is with a British agent obtaining a folder with damaging information about Carter.

Blackwing and his Italian Mama scolding him while he cooks meatballs and sauce.

At Blackwing's hideout, Carter interrogates him about Frost. When he is not forthcoming, Sousa tells him that all they need is a message sent to Frost. Blackwing is not budging. Thus, Sousa threatens to tell a soon to be released mobster that Blackwing turned state's evidence against him. Immediately, Blackwing agrees to deliver the message.

Meanwhile, Frost is telling Wilkes that zero matter is a gift and if he accepts it, he can control same. Blackwing interrupts and tells Frost that Carter wants Wilkes back and is willing to give her the uranium rods in exchange for him unharmed. Frost immediately agrees.

Back at the hospital, a tearful Jarvis is making promises to an unconscious Ana. Ana suddenly wakes and Jarvis is elated. However, Ana's doctor tells Jarvis that due to the surgery she will never be able to have children. Jarvis agrees to tell Ana himself, but, BUT, instead, he says nothing.  

Back at Stark's lab, Dr. Samberly has created fake uranium for the trade. Jarvis arrives and insists Frost pay for what she has done. Suddenly, a message arrives and it is design specifications from Stark. Dr. Samberly realizes Stark wants him to build a gamma ray machine that will eliminate zero matter, free Wilkes and kill Frost. Sousa and Carter are elated, however, Thompson catches them off guard waiting in Stark's living room.

Thompson informs Carter he has information on her from WWII that implicates her in war crimes. She tells him is it something conveniently manufactured by Masters. Carter reminds Thompson he should not cut corners to get ahead. #hewontlisten

Poor, poor Frost/Madame Masque. She is not happy with her new "look." However, Blackwing tells her it is nothing to be ashamed of - the power of zero matter makes her beautiful and she is beautiful. Aww. #supervillianlove

A few minutes later, Carter, Jarvis and Sousa arrive with the fake uranium. Wilkes is exchanged when suddenly, Blackwing drops the cargo. Frost realizes the uranium is fake, and Carter, Jarvis and Wilkes speed away. Blackwing and Frost follow closely behind. In the vehicle, Wilkes tells Carter that Frost will never stop. Carter tells him that Stark sent specifications for a machine with gamma rays to destroy zero matter.  And then, this happens:

Wilkes turns on them and holds a gun at Carter! He tells Sousa to tell him where the uranium is or he will kill Carter. Carter immediately begs Sousa not to tell him, but Sousa complies because, you know, he loves Peggy Carter #andwedotoo. Armed with the information, Wilkes disappears out of the vehicle into the trailing vehicle with Frost and Blackwing.

Back at the SSR, Thompson shows the file to Masters, but he questions its validity. Suddenly, a call comes through to Masters and he quickly asks Thompson to leave. Thompson picks up the phone in the office and hears Masters telling Frost he will retrieve the uranium. Thompson confronts Masters to stop him from doing same.

Carter and Sousa arrive at the SSR and find Thompson in the lab confused. Masters used the memory inceptor on Thompson and stole the uranium. Carter asks Thompson the last thing he remembered and he says he was on the phone. Near the phone are coordinates in Thompson's handwriting. These coordinates will led them to Frost!

Sousa pulls Carter aside and reminds her that Wilkes is no longer a hostage, but instead a hostel. He further tells her that Wilkes is desperate and they need to be dispassionate about the situation. Carter reminds Sousa that he is the sole reason Frost is in possession of the uranium.

Now, Dr. Samberly, Carter, Sousa, Thompson and Jarvis are all traveling to the coordinates to find Frost.

Frost tells Wilkes she hopes the rift will open with the uranium and zero matter will come into existence.

And it does:

Wilkes is pulled into the zero matter while Frost furiously screams, "TAKE ME!"

Carter instructs Dr. Samberly to use the machine to close the rift. Jarvis wants to deal with Frost, but Carter says they FIRST need to close the rift. However, Jarvis runs after Frost and Carter goes after Jarvis. After being told to do what Peggy says, Dr. Samberly turns on the machine and it works! Wilkes is spit out of the rift. Suddenly, Jarvis shoots Frost, but alas, she is still alive. Blackwing turns his guns on Jarvis and Carter immediately, but Frost tells him to stop. Frost says the key to controlling Wilkes is to keep Jarvis and Carter alive.

And Blackwing knocks them both Jarvis and Carter out cold!

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Agent Carter is still Queen and I am,


  1. Loving the new blog makeover! It's so cute!

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  2. *sniff sniff* I am totally going to cry if Agent Carter doesn't get renewed....Great recap, off to watch epi 9....

    OH...and the new look is great!!

    1. I know I know! It just stinks. We all love Peg. It makes me sad that she has to die in Civil War. Just lame.....
      Thank you!


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