February 17, 2016

Agent Carter Season 2, Episode 7 Recap: Monsters

In Episode 6, we saw the return of the OG Black Widow which was pretty damn exciting. Especially since we left her IN PERIL! Whitney Frost is now the head of the Council of Nine and poor, poor Chadwick is dead. Shouldn't mess with Marvel supervillians, Chadwick. 

Because this is a limited series, these episodes are JAM PACKED. Thus, like always, we have a lot to cover in the 2nd half of tonight's two part episode event.


Episode 7: Monsters

You underestimate your allure, Miss Carter. ~ Jarvis

We open Episode 7 with Frost mourning her husband's death at a press conference. Frost claims her husband and several of his colleagues perished at sea. Yeah right, more like a sea of goo. Sousa and Carter are watching and know that Frost was responsible for their deaths.

Meanwhile, Masters is questioning Dottie. He plans to torture her with Nazi torture devices to retrieve information. This scene reminds me a lot of:

With ScarJo's Black Widow in The Avengers.

Bridget Regan's acting is really top notch in this scene and reminded me how much I enjoyed Season 1 of Agent Carter (you would, too!). She tells Masters she is not afraid because she has pulled out her own teeth, nails and hair - even burned herself with a blowtorch #gangsta. Masters threatens to use truth serum on her and she simply laughs.

I mean, they train these chicks in the Red Room in Russia to be professional badasses.

Do you really think she would be afraid of Vernon Masters?

Meanwhile, Wilkes is working on his chamber and Jarvis is attempting to retrieve the signal from Dottie's necklace. Wilkes wants to know why finding Dottie is so important. Carter tells him Dottie is her responsibility and she must save her because you know, Marvel heroes are all about goodness and such even if it means saving someone awful.

Wilkes thinks Dottie should just die and becomes furious with Carter. But, BUT, then he apologizes and claims he is not sure what has gotten into him. Maybe it was because he saw Sousa and Carter sharing a brief hand touching gesture that screamed "more than friends" or maybe it is because zero matter equals pure evil. #orboth

Meanwhile, Blackwing (who you may remember from his appearance on the show last week) tells Masters that Frost wants to see him immediately. Blackwing has been appointed, incidentally, new head of Frost's security. Frost tells Masters he needs to find the uranium rods that Carter stole and she will deal with Dottie. She heads down to the basement where Dottie is being held and after Dottie attempts to appease her, Frost grabs her.

This is why I love Marvel.
Looks straight up like a comic book still. #fantasticspecialeffects

She asks Dottie what Carter wants from her. Dottie admits Carter needed a sample of her blood to fix Wilkes. Dottie goes on to tell Frost that Wilkes is a ghost, or possesses molecular instability, which Dottie finds fascinating. Frost finds Dottie useful, thus she reconnects her tracking device.

Back in the lab, Wilkes has created his device with the blood sample. It works and he immediately kisses Carter!

Then, the locater begins working and Jarvis learns Dottie is at Chadwick Ranch. Carter calls Sousa to tell him the news, but he is with Masters. Masters tells Sousa he needs to find the uranium and Sousa basically shoos him out of his office with a "I give no fucks attitude" which makes me REALLY like Chief Sousa. At the same time, Carter realizes the tracking device is a trap. She and Jarvis cook up a plan to rescue Dottie with another one of Stark's fantastic devices.

On the way to Chadwick Ranch, Jarvis is poking around to learn Carter's thoughts on Wilkes and Sousa. He says Carter has created a "sticky wicket" (LOVE IT, USING IT #jarvisisms) with Chief Sousa and Wilkes. Well, Carter  claims she did not intend to catch the affection of two suitors and is torn.

She does realize that she is pretty much a comic book hottie, right?

No? Ok, then. #butsheisqueen

Once they arrive at the  ranch, Jarvis has the device. He tries to use it, but it does not work! So, they are captured and taken down in the basement with Dottie.

Dottie admits to Carter she spoke to Masters. When Carter asks Dottie where Frost is, Dottie angrily tells Carter that her idealism blinds her and it will kill them all. There are other forces against her than Masters, so she claims. Suddenly, the device goes off! Jarvis entered the wrong code and put it on delayed release. The three escape and Carter realizes Dottie told Frost their plan. This was a trap, but it was set for Wilkes NOT Dottie.

Oh. And there is a rather dull scene between Ana Jarvis and Wilkes. Basically, Wilkes eats dinner after having not eaten in ages and Ana is worried about Jarvis running around helping Carter on missions. I barely paid NO attention because #snooze #pugsnore #whocares. Let's return to the action.

Meanwhile, Frost has broken into the lab.

She is impressed with Wilkes's design. She wants the uranium and attempts to unleash zero matter on Wilkes. But, BUT, it doesn't really work and comes back at her!

Another very cool scene!

And Frost admitted it stung a bit. Wilkes has no idea how he did it or how to control his "power." Frost insists he come with her. She thinks they can help each other and "control the world." Suddenly, Blackwing enters. The two knock Wilkes out. Incidentally, Sousa is attempting to help Carter, but is attacked by masked men at his home! And at the same time, Ana Jarvis sees Wilkes being taken out and begs them to let Wilkes go. She tells Frost that Carter will never stop coming for her.

And Frost agrees, but thinks she can slow her down. BY SHOOTING ANA!

Jarvis and Carter arrive just in time to rush Ana to the hospital. With Dottie locked in the trunk, Carter specifically tells a police officer she has a prisoner in her trunk and NOT to talk to her. While they are in the hospital, Dottie escapes and kills the police officer.

There is SO much going on!

The next day, Sousa is back at work. Masters arrives and Sousa informs him matter of factly they may never find the uranium. Thus, Masters, obviously furious, says he will be taking over SSR operations in Los Angeles until Sousa is back on his feet. Carter calls and finds Masters is answering the phone and she knows what is up.

And poor Ana is still in surgery and they are not sure if she will make it!

Poor Jarvis.

Overall, tonight's episodes were a rollercoaster ride. As we reach the end of the season, the action is really intensifying. I really wish Agent Carter was moved to Netflix so we could binge watch this instead of waiting for new episodes every week!

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As always, I am still a Marvel-holic and I am,


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