February 16, 2016

Agent Carter Season 2, Episode 6 Recap: Life Of The Party

As we closed Episode 5 of Agent Carter, Wilkes had completely disappeared. We also discussed Agent Carter's love life and the will she/won't she/back and forth relationship with Sousa.

Folks, without a doubt, Marvel is trying to lay the groundwork for Agent Carter's husband to be. And my money is still on Sousa, if not before, then more than ever now. Unless Sousa dies at some point (and if so, I quit life on Marvel messing with Peggy Carter's heart #forrealtho), I firmly believe he ends up being Carter's soulmate.

In tonight's episode, we see the return of the OG Black Widow Dottie Underwood. Bridget Regan is a fun actress to watch, so without further ado, let's begin.


Episode 6: Life Of The Party

"Sometimes you have to put your faith in others to get the job done." ~ Daniel Sousa

As we open this episode, it appears Wilkes is fading into a familiar place for Marvel fans. If you follow Agents of Shield, this appears to be much like that desert world that inside the monolith. Wilkes finally comes out of its grasp and tells Carter he can no longer fight the dark force. He needs more zero matter to build a containment chamber to restore himself so he does not vanish forever.

Meanwhile, Frost is furious because that darn Peggy Carter keeps getting in her way. However, Chadwick has set up a meeting between Frost and the Council of Nine. If the Council of Nine sees what she can do, they will give her whatever she wants. Frost is elated.

Carter is still in severe pain from her impalement, but heads down to the lab in full fabulousness (who other than Peg can manage to get fully dressed, in red lipstick and liberty rolls, after being impaled?). She informs Sousa that Wilkes needs a sample of zero matter. She plans to steal it from Frost at a charity ball Chadwick and Frost will be attending the next evening. Sousa thinks it is a bad idea because, duh, Frost knows Carter is coming for her. So, Carter needs a highly skilled unknown face who can blend in with glamour.

Her idea? Bring in the OG Black Widow or Dottie Underwood to help!

Carter heads to see Dottie posed as Dr. Wexford. Of course, Dottie is no fool; she knows Carter needs her help. First, Carter wants to know why Dottie was trying to steal the pin from the Arena Club. While Dottie refuses to tell Carter, she agrees to help with a little persuasion. Carter give her a device to escape and tells Dottie to go right once she is outside. Of course, she goes left and Sousa and Carter are waiting to trap and stun her.

Then, Dottie is preparing for the ball with Carter's help. She must wear a necklace that is a tracker and if she attempts to remove the necklace, Dottie will be injected with a neurotoxin that will kill her. Carter shows Dottie a picture of Frost and tells her to obtain a blood sample with a vacuum made by Wilkes.

In the meantime, Frost does not want to attend the ball because, you know, goo face. So, Chadwick gives her a side hat to wear to cover her face. Marvel fans, I guess this is going to be our "mask" for Madame Masque (but I really wanted the gold mask tho).

The ball begins and Sousa and Carter are outside listening. Jarvis and Dottie are dancing, preparing for the mission. And out of nowhere, Thompson shows up!

Thompson is SUCH a tool.

Thompson, Vernon Masters, Frost and Chadwick are all discussing the future. Masters tells Thompson that Carter is disobeying his orders and if he wants to get ahead, he should not let a female subordinate "make an ass out of him." Then, Jarvis distracts Thompson while Dottie races upstairs to follow Frost to the bathroom. Dottie obtains the sample from Frost and tries to escape.

Soon after, Frost is meeting with Council of Nine. She tells them zero matter will bring the world to its knees. Frost shows them her power by absorbing a rat.

Once they see what she can do, they are horrified and attempt to strangle her to death. However, the zero matter starts pouring out of her - she has become stronger. Thus, she absorbs several of the the council members and kills Chadwick! Dottie is watching and hiding as this all takes place, horrified.

There are only four men left now and they are terrified of her. She gives them orders, including informing them they will produce a story to cover up Chadwick's death. At the same time, Carter and Sousa are going to help Jarvis find Dottie, but Carter pops her stitches attempting to open the car door. With Sousa at her aid, Carter learns Violet broke off the engagement because she thinks Sousa is in love with Carter. She apologizes for messing up his life. And they are about to kiss!

BUT NO! #wompwomp. A man falls on the roof of their car that Dottie has killed and Carter and Sousa rush outside. Dottie is inside kicking ass and is stopped by Thompson. She drops the sample!

Commercial Break: Agents of Shield returns Tuesday, March 8! Hurray!

And back to the show....

Carter and Sousa are able to grab the zero matter sample, but must leave before they can find Dottie. Then, Masters learns that Frost is calling the shots now. He tells Thompson that the whole night fiasco was steered by Carter.

No, that is not the same picture as above.
Thompson just has one facial expression - constipated.

Masters tells Thompson to destroy, discredit and disgrace her. Thompson does not want to do it, and Masters realizes she has something on him. He will have to dig something up on her to take her down.

Back at the lab, Wilkes is thrilled that they have the zero matter. But Sousa and Carter are more concerned about Dottie's escape. Suddenly, Thompson arrives at Stark's home. Thompson accuses Carter of being Dr. Wexford. He tells her she will be coming with him to New York. She refuses and would rather find a new job. He tells her she will lose. But Carter is like #nahhhh.

She has zero fucks to give.

And where is Dottie? Well, Whitney Frost has her trapped!

Click here for Episode 7: Monsters.

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  1. is it wrong that I much prefer watching shows through your eyes? Way more entertaining

    1. Aw thanks so much. You really should watch tho! This show is much more entertaining then I am!

  2. I agree, I finks your recaps are BETTER than the show!
    Don't they get to wear sum great outfits!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. We don't watch the TV ones... so we only have your version to base thingys on... We think it is sort of FUNNY...

  4. I think I need to watch this show haha

  5. I soooo love your recaps...AND I love the show!! I got a strange vibe from Thompson in this epi, almost like he may try and stand up for Carter at some point. Maybe One Tree Hill boy will make us proud??? Hmmmmmmmm...I am with you in hoping that Carter and Sousa will get together and hope Marvel will make it happen...but I worry it may be awhile :-(

    I'm catching up on Hulu, and will get to Monsters this afternoon...OH, and I added Luther to my, "Watch List" on Netflix!! Thanks for the heads up!!!


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