February 9, 2016

Agent Carter Season 2, Episode 5 Recap: The Atomic Job

Last week, on Episode 4: Smoke and Mirrors, Calvin Chadwick finally saw what Whitney Frost was capable of, and friends, she is capable of becoming "whatever she wants." With only five episodes left, tonight we see Carter coming face to face with Madame Masque. 

I know, I KNOW, ABC only gives us ten episodes. #Lame

Anyhoo, last week I saw a conversation on another blog regarding Agent Carter's love life. Some are not too thrilled about Marvel creating a pseudo-relationship for Carter with Wilkes. Others, even yours truly, are tired of the back and forth will she/won't she between Carter and Sousa. But, BUT, I think they are playing a little game with the audience. Remember in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, when Carter briefly mentioned her husband in a film reel and stated that Steve Rogers saved his life? I think ALL of us were curious about the identity of her husband. A good portion of the fans think it might be Sousa. But some others think it could even be Thompson (I guess people could change? Still, EW!).

What do you think? Or are we over analyzing this series? 

Now, let's press on to tonight's episode!


Episode 5: The Atomic Job

Here's your song. I want to be loved. ~ Agent Carter
Don't we all. ~ Dr. Wilkes

We open Episode 5 in Carter's bedroom. The camera pans to a bottle of whisky, jewelry, guns and sunglasses on her nightstand.

Gotta love Peg.

Wilkes wakens Carter and takes her to the lab. The tissue sample from Jane Scott's autopsy is somehow drawn to Wilkes. And Wilkes knows the whereabouts of Jane Scott's body. Armed with this information, Carter tells Jarvis they are going to steal the body.

I always manage to get Hayley Atwell making the funniest faces.
#lol #sorrylove

Meanwhile, Violet comes home to find dinner on the table and Sousa fast asleep waiting for her return. Once he wakes, Sousa proposes to Violet.

Maybe she is not evil?

Later, Carter is slipping into the storage area to steal Jane Scott's body with Jarvis's help. They pause as they hear Frost and Chadwick arguing through the air duct. Frost claims the body called her there. She grabs it and absorbs the zero matter. Suddenly, she says she needs an atomic bomb.

Carter and Jarvis return home and Wilkes tells them Frost wants zero matter to replicate the original Isodyne tests. He claims setting off an atomic bomb to open the rift is an original variable in the experiment. They must find the bomb, but it could be in any number of facility locations. Jarvis says Stark may have the answer. There is a facility just outside of Los Angeles, but it is impenetrable. Carter deducts they need a key to get in the building. At the same time, Frost is arguing with Chadwick. He thinks it is insane to steal an atomic bomb. But, BUT, Frost tells Chadwick to think of the possibilities they would have with all that power.

They could "bend the world to their will if they had more zero matter."

Because taking advice from a woman who killed a man in front of you,
AND is covered with that creepy goo scar on her face is a good idea.

Back at the SSR, Carter has learned that Sousa is officially engaged. Sousa tells her that Thompson has been poking around looking for her. He asks, "how many vacation days do you have left?"

To which Carter responds:

"Plenty. I haven't had a day off since Pearl Harbor." 


Carter needs to sneak into Hugh Jones's office to get the key. She goes to Dr. Samberly to find a deliciously fun device to help her with the process. Samberly has a memory inhibitor which allows for temporary memory lapse. Armed with the device, Carter sneaks in disguised as an American secretary named Wanda.

And she is adorable.

Once in Jones's office, Jones quickly enters and recognizes her. However:

And he forgets. But that is only temporary. Thus, Carter uses the device on him five more times. Legit thought she was going to fry the man's brains #badass. Carter finds the key in Jones's belt buckle and is off to save the world.

Back in evil supervillian land, Frost and Chadwick find Joseph Manfredi eating lunch.

Wait, who? *Spidey Senses* You mean....


Two supervillians in one season? #YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Frost tells Manfredi she needs some discreet men to help her move equipment. Distracted, Manfredi beats the crap heck out of one of his own men because crazy and because supervillian.

Back at the lab, Carter and Jarvis are planning out how to diffuse the atomic bombs. Sousa will be going with them as he was a former reconnaissance scout (Hmm. Could he be Agent Carter's husband of the future? Maybe?). Then, Carter suggests Rose, the woman who handles the rouse talent agency that hides the SSR, as another assistant. Sousa disagrees, but once she charms Dr. Samberly into letting them use more of his instruments, he is sold. Samberly also appeals to go with the crew. And the best #squadgoals EVER hashtag comes to life in 3..2..1...

And a slow mo walk, too!
This was GOLD.

Outside the facility, Samberly and Rose pose as a lost husband and wife. Then, they toss out an instrument to stun all of the security guards. Carter opens the door and, once inside, they find a security guard dead. Frost must already be inside. And yes, YES, she is and currently is flipping out looking for the bombs. Fortunately, Carter's posse finds the bomb and Samberly works on the elevator to escape. Carter heads off to kick ass per usual and keep anyone from stopping them. Somehow, Jarvis is locked in with the bomb and Sousa must talk him through the diffusion.

Although he is scared, he disassembles the bomb.

At the same time, Frost and Chadwick are fighting and Carter arrives to their surprise. Carter offers to help fix Frost after being exposed to zero matter. But, BUT, Frost doesn't want to be fixed. She feels more powerful (and more evil) than ever in her life. Frost grabs Carter's arm in an attempt to suck her into the zero matter. In a struggle, Carter is left hanging off one of the railings. Frost kicks her off and says "Sorry Agent Carter, not everyone's cut out for Hollywood!" Carter falls and:


And Military Husband is all: God Agent Carter is a badass.

Then, Sousa takes Carter to Violet's house so that she can help her. Sousa and Carter share a tender moment which Violet observes. Once Carter leaves with Jarvis, Violet accuses Sousa of still being in love with Carter (The "will she/won't she/is he game" is HARD at play, folks). Meanwhile, Frost is complaining that she needs more uranium. Chadwick wants nothing more to do with her and Frost threatens him. Once Frost is asleep, Chadwick calls for an emergency meeting with the Council of Nine.

As we close Episode 5, we see Wilkes and Carter talking. And all of the sudden, WILKES COMPLETELY DISAPPEARS!

Click here for Episode 6: Life Of The Party.

As always, it is Marvel-ous over here, and I am still,


  1. I sense that you enjoyed this????
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Yep fur sure this is one of your favorite shows. Mom was all kinds of mad last night a dog gone basketball game came on in place of NCSI and NCSI:NO. She dvr'd them in the wee hours of this am.
    Hugs Maddie and Baby Belle and you
    Madi and mom

  3. I need to watch this show, I think I would like it!

  4. We are hoping when dad has his surgery and is drugged up at home mom can then control the remote.
    stella rose

  5. You review the most interesting shows, but honestly I haven't heard of one of them. Maybe you are streaming from Amazon Prime or Netflicks. Glad you enjoy them.
    Hugs, Noreen

    1. This is on ABC Tuesday night at 8central/9eastern! Check it out sometime. They even play great 1940s music!!
      We do love Prime and Netflix tho!

  6. I've thought about getting into Agent Carter, but it hasn't happened it. I'm still sad that Captain America and her can't be together hahah

    1. Oh you should! Peggy Carter is queen!!
      And oh so am I!! So sad! It breaks my heart. You'd like Season 1. She talks about Cap a lot.

  7. Another awesome episode and I also hate that these are only 9 episode seasons!!! I wonder if, between the wardrobe and effects, it is too expensive. Maybe they just don't want to leak too much info??

    OH...and was it me, or was the music extra awesome this week???

    Going to Kauai in 3 weeks and: Still.Need.Those.Sunglasses!

    1. I would imagine it is; it's the only series exclusively done at Marvel Studios. I also think it's just a "filler" for abc when shows are on break. I wish this show was on Netflix! That would have been fun.
      Omg the 40s music this week was on! Still can't figure out how people aren't watching!!


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