February 2, 2016

Agent Carter Season 2, Episode 4 Recap: Smoke and Mirrors

As we closed Episode 3: Better Angels, Whitney Frost demonstrated her supervillian powers. Who else is excited to see Whitney undergo a full facial transformation before the end of Season 2? 

From reading the comments on my prior posts, I am thrilled to learn some of you are watching Agent Carter (or at least giving a few episodes a look). Nothing pleases me more than to know I have turned some of you on to Marvel television. As an aside, I will be recapping the entire season, and will begin recapping again on March 18, 2016 when Daredevil returns for its second season on Netflix. 

Now, let's get started because there is much to cover in tonight's episode.


Episode 4: Smoke and Mirrors

Don't worry about what other people think. 
You were meant to fight. ~ Michael Carter

Episode 4: Smoke and Mirrors is all about the ladies. Two extremely intelligent ladies, Agent Carter and Whitney Frost, who grew up to take very different paths in life. Marvel has always been about creating the backstory which helps the audience to relate to heroes and villains. This episode is just that and, incidentally, was written by Sue Chung. Proving that Marvel and DC can co-exist, Ms. Chung is also a writer and story editor on Gotham (Military Husband should love this factoid).

We open Episode 4 in a flashback. Agent Carter is a young child playing slay the dragon with her brother, Michael. Carter's mother scolds her and reminds Carter that one day she will need to act like a lady. We then to move to the present to find Carter sloppily eating a sandwich while talking to Wilkes. Mayonnaise drips on the table passing through Wilkes' body and Carter wipes it up, licks it off her finger and proclaims she is hungry. And Wilkes? Well, he has more information on Agnes Cully/Whitney Frost. Wilkes tells Carter that Cully patterned a reactor three years ago. He says that she is not just a genius, but instead "defies categorization."

Speaking of Frost, she receives a package full of lab rats that we can assume are to be used in some sort of testing. At the same time, Jarvis is leaving Chadwick's campaign headquarters. He tells Carter that no one has seen Frost since her director disappeared. Suddenly, Chadwick leaves the headquarters with his driver. The driver's hand is injured; the same hand that was shot by Carter in Episode 3! Carter learns the car he is driving is registered to a Rufus Hunt, who is head of security at the Arena Social Club. She needs to find out what Hunt knows, thus she and Jarvis concoct a plan. Jarvis shows Carter a tranquilizer rifle.

I LOVE Agent Carter's sunglasses. 
Her wardrobe is always on point.

To which Carter responds, "What are your feelings on committing a felony, Mr. Jarvis?"

We flashback to Broxton, Oklahoma in 1920 and find a young Agnes Cully fixing a broken radio (Fun Marvel Fact: Broxton, Oklahoma was featured in Thor comics when Asgard became a floating landmass outside the city).

Agnes's mother's lover "Bud" comes to their home and taunts Agnes, asking her to smile for him. Agnes tells her mother she does not like him. Back in the present, Frost still has the radio. She writes in her journal "Zero Matter Experiment #1" and picks up a lab rat. However, he does not disappear. Then, Chadwick enters the room and tells Frost the photographer will meet her at 6 p.m. to take her photograph for the cover Life Magazine. After he leaves, Frost attempts the experiment again and this time, it works. The lab rat disappears into the zero matter.

And every single time she uses her "power," the mark on her head grows larger and spreads on her face.

Meanwhile, Jarvis is knocking on Hunt's apartment door pretending to be cop. Hunt attempts to flee, but Carter shoots him. After a struggle, Hunt is tranquilized. Carter and Jarvis bring Hunt back to Stark's mansion, however, Sousa is waiting for them. Sousa tells Carter that Thompson approved her "vacation days" and he has more information on Frost. Carter brushes him off and Hunt begins knocking on the trunk of the car. Sousa asks what she is hiding.

To which Carter responds, "It's a possum. Or I have a man stuffed in the boot of the car."

Sousa is furious, but simply asks Carter to allow him to help her. Sousa interrogates Hunt, but obtains no information.

Thus, Sousa hands Hunt over to Carter. Carter tells Hunt she has no intentions of torturing him because there is no time.

We then flashback to Bletchley Park, England in 1942. If you are a history buff, you may recognize Bletchley Park as the home of Britain's codebreakers during WWII. Carter is at Bletchley working as a codebreaker and is engaged. Because she is exceptional, Carter is tapped to join the SOE (Special Operations Executive - a REAL espionage organization created by Winston Churchill) as a female spy. However, Carter does not think she is meant for that sort of job.

We move back to the present and Carter has shot Hunt with a needle full of serum she says is malaria. She tells Hunt if he gives them information, they will give him the cure. In reality, she gave him a cold, a very intense cold created by Howard Stark, that produces symptoms within minutes.

We then flashback again to Broxton, Oklahoma in 1942. Agnes Cully is busy sketching models of the reactor and her mother is fighting with Bud. Bud tells her mother that he wants them both out of his home the next day. Agnes's mother tells Agnes she could have been nicer to Bud, but Agnes reiterates she did not like him. Her mother shows her a letter of rejection from college and reminds Agnes the only thing that will get her anywhere in life is her face.

Back in the present, Frost receives a call from Chadwick. He is furious she is an hour late for the meeting with the photographer, but Frost tells him that she is ill. And we see her face - it is getting worse!

Meanwhile, Hunt thinks he is dying and finally gives Carter a name - Thomas Clouster. Hunt tells Carter that the Council of Nine, the men he works for, are extremely dangerous and he is dead already. Further, he says there is a storage room beneath the Arena Club which houses tapes that have everything that Carter wishes to know. At the same time, Wilkes and Jarvis are attempting to work on a solution in the lab. However, Wilkes power to survive is fading fast. Suddenly, Carter arrives and tells them that they are going to raid the Arena Club with a warrant based on the information Hunt supplied.

At the SSR, Sousa and Carter gather everyone to prepare for the raid. But, BUT, Vernon Masters arrives and halts everything with an audit of the department. And because of course he does, he wants to speak with Carter.

Carter tells Masters she has information obtained from a source about members of the Arena Club's involvement with the zero matter. Masters wants to know her source immediately and Carter refuses to tell him. Then, Masters gives Carter a thinly veiled threat which Carter, to be blunt, could give no f*cks about because she is Agent Carter, bitch (catching on yet?).

Once again, we flashback to Hampstead, England. Carter is introducing her fiance' to her brother Michael at her engagement party. He leaves and Michael asks Carter why she turned down the SOE job. He was the one who recommended her! Michael tells her that marriage would never make her happy and Carter was born for a life of adventure.

Back in the present, Sousa tells Carter that anything at the Arena Club that is incriminating is gone. He apologizes and Carter says, "don't apologize for believing people have ethics and morals." Carter then tells him to save himself and not worry about her. However Sousa says, "I'm in this with you until the end, Peggy."

Does this sound familiar Marvel fans?

Loyalty is a value that Marvel is continuously teaching its youngest fans.

Thus, Sousa goes back to Hunt and holds a gun to his head. However, instead of shooting him, Sousa attaches a listening device to Hunt's back. Hunt leaves and heads to Frost's home with Carter, Sousa, Jarvis and Wilkes listening.

And we flash back to the past again where we find Carter trying on her wedding gown with her mother assisting. Outside, a car full of soldiers arrives and Carter's mother learns that Michael has died in war. Peg is heartbroken. Thus, she takes the SOE job that Michael recommended her for and dumps her fiancé. Back in the present, Carter asks Wilkes how he feels and Wilkes admits that he is ready to give up. Carter tells Wilkes that her brother told her she was meant to fight and she believes the same about him.

Meanwhile, Chadwick arrives home and Hunt tells both him and Frost that Carter kidnapped him. Chadwick says Carter is finished, but Frost wants to know what Hunt told her. He admits he told Carter a name and then starts threatening them both with the counsel. Suddenly, Frost tells Chadwick she needs to show him something. She grabs Hunt and he disappears into zero matter! Chadwick is screaming for her to stop and the signal is lost on listening device.

We flashback one last time to Hollywood, California. Frost is outside a theater where she is attending a movie. A talent agent named Ned Silver stops her, asks her to smile and tells her how pretty she is when she smiles (does all this creepy smile stuff remind anyone else of Jessica Jones?). Silver tells Frost he could get her work as a model or actress, but they need to change her name to something "pretty." He says, "The beauty of Hollywood, you can be whatever you want."

In the present, Frost's face is worse. She tells Chadwick she is fixing another one of his problems.

And Chadwick says: "What are you?"

Whitney Frost: "I'm whatever I want."

Click here for Episode 5: The Atomic Job.

As always, I am Marvel'ed at Agent Carter and I am,


  1. Need to watch this show! Currently watching War & Peace! Have you watched it?

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    1. Yes girl! But it's in my dvr (the past two eps). I just haven't gotten to it yet! :)

    2. Ohhh I will!! I'm excited! The first episode was great!! Xxoo

  2. I like reading your recaps before I watch this with my hubby. Then I feel all in the know when things happen :)!

    1. Ohhh!! Omg you should impress him. Toss in the stuff you read here like you know it! Be like "omg Bucky said that SAME thing to Captain America...with you till the end." He will be all huh? And you can just smile and giggle to yourself. ;)

  3. Your reviews are soooooo much betters than watching the programme, I luffs them!
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  5. WE are like MADI.... Soup Rrrrrr Bowl Commercials are More OUR STYLE...

  6. You save me so much time! Now if you can recap American Idol! LOL!

  7. Jarv-e-lous Recap!! I went as far as to google "where to buy Agent Carter sunglasses", I MUST have them!!!

    1. I know I know!! Those look very vintage Chanel.

  8. We still haven't made it to watching this show this season. I have TONS on my DVR, so the less we record, the better I guess. HA! I'm not sure if he didn't really care for this show or what, but he's not even mentioned it once, so I'm A-OK with that! HA! Have a great day! :)

    1. Haha. We watch a lot too!! Or Military Husband does!

  9. Great review and it sounds like an interesting show, will have to check it out. Thanks for always leaving me such kind comments on my blog.

    1. It's a great show!
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  10. Hey, is that the dad from That 70s Show?

  11. "She doesn't wish to torture him because there is no time". Haha that's a badass girl!! I see you already must have gotten into it, but I was going to request Gotham reviews. I don't have cable...

    - Harlynn

    1. Haha yeah Gotham is coming back soon! Military Husband loves it, but I heard Fish Mooney is returning. I despise her and Jada Smith.

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