January 26, 2016

Agent Carter Season 2, Episode 3 Recap: Better Angels

Last week on Agent Carter, SO much happened in the two hour series premiere! You can read my recaps for both episodes here:

and here:

Tonight's episode, Better Angels, was captivating, filled with conspiracy and a fascinating glimpse at this season's supervillian at work! I can honestly say if you are not watching ABC's Agent Carter yet, you are missing out on all the fun.


Episode 3: Better Angels

That's why I trust my instincts. 
They are more reliable than what I am told to believe. ~ Agent Carter

Agent Carter, Chief Sousa and Agent Baker arrive at Wilkes' home which is surrounded by the press. Once inside, Carter steps on a hollow floorboard. Inside, they find a Russian passport, a one way ticket to Moscow and $50,000.00. Agent Baker suggests Wilkes was a Russian spy, and Carter believes Isodyne Energy is attempting to frame Wilkes as a communist. This leads Carter to head to a movie set where we find:

Howard Stark! He has returned and is filming a movie which leads Carter to say:

"They're ready for a movie based on a comic book. That sounds like a dreadful idea." Gotta love this tongue in cheek humor.

Carter shows Stark the film reel on zero matter and Stark thinks it could be the greatest find of the century (well, we know where Tony gets his egotistical mad scientist behavior from). Stark also recognizes the pin Carter found in Episode 2. It belongs to the Arena Club (aka The Council Of Nine), a social club consisting of wealthy, powerful men in existence since 1906. Carter tells Stark that Dottie had a pin just like this in her possession. Stark is surprised a soviet spy is in an old boys club and says, "What the hell have you gotten yourself into Peg?"

These two make for great villains.
Good work, Marvel.

Meanwhile, Whitney is concerned about the zero matter that landed on her face. Chadwick interrupts and shows her a paper accusing Wilkes of being a communist. He tells Whitney the plan worked. Whitney quips that she wants to retire from acting, but Chadwick quickly dismisses same suggesting she quit when he becomes Senator.

Agent Thompson is SO annoying.

Back at the SSR, Agent Thompson informs Carter that he "fixed" the details of her report by writing that Carter was chasing a Russian spy. Carter is furious and does NOT sign the report. She implores Thompson to watch the film reel and see what Isodyne Energy is hiding.

Carter heads back to Stark's home enraged. She wants to take matters in her own hands (because she is Agent Carter, bitch) and implant listening devices at the Arena Club. Stark comes up with a plan to aid Carter on her mission.

At the same time, Thompson is watching the film reel. Vernon Masters suddenly arrives and asks if everything has been taken care of with Isodyne Energy. Thompson assures him of so, and Masters tells Thompson that Wilkes stole something of a sensitive nature from Isodyne (*cough* the film reel *cough*). He says that if the information fell into the wrong hands it could be very dangerous. Thompson promises he will let him know if he finds anything. 

Later that evening, Stark, Carter and Jarvis all head to the Arena Club. Stark unexpectedly surprises the club by bringing in his harem of women. This distracts everyone so that can Carter can sneak around implanting the listening devices.

While looking fabulous, of course.

She finds a meeting room through a secret passage in a bookcase. On the table in the room, Carter spies a newspaper with a future date and a caption that Chadwick's opposition has backed out of the senatorial race. She darts under the table to plant a device which suddenly makes a loud noise. Someone comes in the room carrying a gun. He calls security and Carter sneaks out through the bookcase. She narrowly escapes with Jarvis and Stark in tow.

The next day, Carter returns to the SSR and Thompson is angry. Carter tells him about the newspaper she saw; she thinks the Council of Nine are trying to intimidate the Senator and rig the election. Thompson tells her that without the newspaper, she has no proof. Carter tells Thompson to stop acting like a coward and waiting around for honors. Thompson tells her she is "done" and to pack her bags for New York. Sousa reluctantly agrees with Thompson and reminds Carter she cannot go around acting like a lone wolf because of her guilt over Wilkes' disappearance.

And then, STUFF IS FLOATING AROUND AGENT CARTER'S DESK! Carter recognizes this activity as the result of zero matter. She races to Stark's mansion to see if he can help. Once there, Stark notices the temperature around Carter is seven degrees cooler than the rest of the room, but Carter is not contaminated. He concludes there must be a destruction of the gravitational force surrounding Carter. Stark creates a solution using silver nitrate to spray in the air and:

WILKES IS BACK! One thing I absolutely LOVE about Marvel is they do not waste time dragging out a plot twist or keeping the audience hanging around waiting for answers. 

Stark sprays Wilkes vocal chords and Wilkes tells Carter everything that happened in the lab with Whitney Frost. Then, he disappears again. Stark gives Jarvis a list of items he will need to attempt to bring Wilkes back. In the meantime, Carter wants to "poke the bear," aka talk to Whitney.

At the movie studio, Carter asks Whitney what happened at Isodyne Energy the night of the incident. Whitney tells Carter she has no idea. Carter says that security guards saw her at the building, but Whitney brushes it off reminding Carter there are many rumors about famous actresses.

At the SSR, Thompson is turning over the film reel to Vernon Masters and I am all:

Thompson just sucks. Plain and simple. 

Anyhoo, at Stark's lab, Wilkes has returned, but they still have to find a way to get his corporal self back. He is concerned he will never be the same. And, at the same time, Whitney is home freaking out because Agent Carter.

She informs Chadwick that something needs to be done about Carter. She wants Mr. Hunt to take care of Carter. Chadwick tells her no and Whitney starts crying. She says if things go wrong, it would be a shame for the Council of Nine to find out. Chadwick becomes nervous and tells her that he will call Mr. Hunt. Whitney dries up her fake tears and smirks.

Meanwhile, Carter is seriously beating the h-e-double hockey sticks out of punching bag. Jarvis offers to help. Then, he tells Carter that if she needs a sparing partner, well, he is sure Mr. Stark will be happy to hire her one. 

Jarvis leaves and out of nowhere, a man grabs Carter and begins strangling her! They fight and land in Stark's pool. After a brief struggle, Carter grabs a gun and shoots him in the hand as he flees the scene. Military Husband also wanted me to add that Jarvis was helpful in this struggle as well; he did a little butt kicking! (Military Husband's words: "Jarvis is the man.")

The next day, Stark leaves for Peru to find his old professor who he thinks will help them cure Wilkes. Wilkes tells Carter that he is appreciative of Stark and how he welcomed Wilkes into his home. Wilkes does not want to stay and place Carter in any further danger. However, Carter implores Wilkes to stay. Then, Carter returns to the SSR. Sousa tells Carter he found out more information on Isodyne. The head inventor was a woman named Agnes Cully. And Agnes Cully?


At the same time, Thompson is being thanked by Vernon Masters for all his pansy ass behavior help. Masters introduces Thompson to Chadwick and hands Thompson a newspaper revealing that the current Senator has dropped out of the race and Chadwick will run unopposed. Yep, you jerk, Agent Carter was RIGHT.

As we close the episode, we see Whitney in her dressing room. Her director enters and tells her that the studio wants to replace her with a fresh face. BUT, he told them he would quit if she was replaced. Whitney is elated and hugs him. As she does, he attempts to hit on her. Whitney grabs his arm to stop him and he disappears into the zero matter!

And the spot on Whitney's face? It is growing LARGER.

I am absolutely loving the development of Madame Masque in this season. I cannot wait to see how Marvel transforms Whitney's face. Also, this was exciting:

Ironman's arc reactor in the stained glass! Love all these little nuances Marvel throws in here and there.

Always over the moon for Marvel, I am,


  1. As much as I luffs watching Agent Carter, I haf to say your summary is sooooooo much better!!!!
    You really do need to start writing scripts fur the TeeVess
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. Haha that would be great but I know nothing about script writing!

  2. May have to watch it this season after all. I'm actually surprised my husband hasn't been recording it, because he seemed to enjoy it last year a lot. Hoe you're having an awesome week! Big hugs :)

    1. Oh maybe he doesn't know it's on? It's so good this year!!

  3. I don't need to watch Agent Carter...you mom has the best play by play E V E R
    Hugs madi your bfff

  4. We have never even SEEN this Agent Carter show... We feel CLUELESS... Just sayin.

    1. It's a great show!
      Thanks for coming by today. Hugs!

  5. Ours imposter dad is holding the remote hostage and ours mom is not giving him what he wants......cough...cough.....stella rose

  6. Whitney has gorgeous hair! I know, irrelevant to story line haha. Carter in the (13th?) picture has his thug life face on haha. I love the iron man stained glass!! You should watch and review Gotham. As I'm not a fan of the Batman but...those villains have my heart.

    - Harlynn

    1. Military Husband loves Gotham. I do watch with him, but you know...Marvel Forever. The villians are great in that show, but I'm not sure how I feel about Gordon. Well I'm not a huge DC fan so I better shut up haha.
      Carter is always straight thugging!! Lmao

  7. Believe it or not but we have never watched it! We think you have us the full scoop and did a great job with no commercial interruptions! Btw, thanks for the Blogger info!

    Keep Calm and Bark On!

    Murphy and Stanley

  8. I have it recorded! Gonna have to watch it tonight. Also, I REALLY need you to watch this whole OJ simpson movie coming out, I feel like it just wouldn't be right without a summary of it from you!

    1. Aw yay!!!! Let me know what you think!
      Oh I plan on watching it girl. Keep in mind, I watched the whole OJ ordeal on tv in my 20s. Gosh I can't wait to relive it! *insert sarcasm here

  9. Great episode, great recap, great show!!! Just L-O-V-E the maroon flower dress Carter wears in this episode, that and OMD WILKES IS ALIVE!!! LOL....totally pawesome!!

    PeeEss...Thompson is soooooo annoying!

    1. Omg I loved it too!! She has the best clothes.

  10. I'm currently watching the series War & Peace, so good!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire


  11. I watched this episode with my husband, in honor of you. He thanks you by the way, since I rarely like any of his shows! Mostly I just enjoyed the hair and wardrobe :)!

    1. Aww yay!!! Isn't it fab? I may have to be Agent Carter for Halloween this year!! I'm obsessed with her style!!

  12. I realized that I don't watch a whole lot of current shows or tv for that matter. I'm solely an online watcher via netflix and the works haha. But you've just become my new favorite person because of your love for Marvel! I'm not a Marvel connoisseur at all, but I enjoy most of the movies and a couple of ther tv shows. Glad we found each other!

    1. I love Netflix! It's awesome! Was just telling Julie I recently got into a show called Luther that can be found on Netflix. It has Idris Elba in it.
      Also, yay! We love Marvel people here! #MarvelFandomUnite


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