January 20, 2016

Agent Carter Season 2, Episode 2 Recap: A View In The Dark

When we left Agent Carter in Episode 1: The Lady In The Lake, we learned that Sousa has a fiancee' and Doctor Wilkes is in possession of a strange substance that has been creeping around Marvel television. Further, there is something of the supervillain nature afoot with Whitney Frost. Season 2 looks to be full of intrigue as we move into the second hour of the two part Season Premiere.


Episode 2: A View In The Dark

I've performed far more strenuous tasks in heels. ~ Agent Carter

We open Episode 2 with Jarvis wearing a wrestling singlet. 

It was just as ridiculous as it sounds. But, BUT, in a good way.

Agent Carter has walked in on him during "training" and after a feisty little scene, Agent Carter quickly puts Jarvis on the ground.

Because she is Agent Carter, bitch. #duh

Ana Jarvis tells Agent Carter that Jarvis is "never more lethal than when he is flat on his back" which leads to a laugh from Military Husband. 

Soon after, Agent Carter returns to the West Coast Bureau of the SSI where we meet Violet, Agent Sousa's fiancee'.

Violet is played by actress Sarah Bolger.

At the same time, Jane Scott's body is stolen on its way to the SSR. Then, Chadwick is meeting with a secret group of men to discuss Isodyne Energy. The men tell Chadwick that Jane Scott's body is disposed, the lab is being cleared and he should simply focus on his Senate race. This secret group of men is known in the Marvel Universe as The Secret Empire run by the Council Of Nine (the person holding the rank of Number One was the leader).

The Secret Empire was a originally a subsidiary of HYDRA.

Agent Carter and Sousa learn that the body has disappeared and head to Isodyne Energy with a search warrant obtained by Thompson.

Once they arrive, they are not allowed inside due to a "containment leak." Wilkes, however, is inside the lab stealing a file labeled "Isodyne Atomic Program." He sends a message to Agent Carter to meet him at 7:00 p.m. at the Dunbar Hotel. Agent Carter meets Wilkes at the hotel bar looking all sorts of fabulous.

Wilkes is worried about betraying Isodyne Energy and claims the company threw around words like "treason" and "hanging" when threatening him. And then, he asks Agent Carter to dance! She obliges and all I can think of is how poor Captain America never got that dance with Agent Carter. We are reminded in an instant how life for Peggy simply moved on while Cap was frozen on ice.

Le Sigh.

Wilkes tells Agent Carter that the research at Isodyne Energy is bigger than she thinks and that the best way to explain is to show her.

Meanwhile, Whitney Frost is working on a movie set. Chadwick tells her that The Secret Empire is scraping the experiments. Whitney tells him that with zero matter (that mysterious substance we saw at the end of Episode 1), they have at their fingertips the means to change the world.

Gosh, I love a good Marvel supervillian tie-in.
By the way, Madame Masque is eventually taken down by Dr. Strange.

Chadwick tells her the lab is being scrubbed and zero matter will be gone by the next day. He needs to focus on his senatorial campaign. Whitney does not seem exactly thrilled about this chain of events.

At the same time, Wilkes and Agent Carter are at Griffith Observatory. Wilkes tells Agent Carter that he applied to 14 different labs and Isodyne Energy was the only one who would hire him due to racial prejudice. This is why he so reverently protects the company. He then shows Agent Carter a film strip. Isodyne was working on atomic explosions. One of these caused an anomaly that created a black hole which sucked up everything around and left only what is known as "zero matter." Wilkes says that perfect fluids have no stress or heat conduction, therefore zero matter is always drawing energy to itself and is always the coldest object in the room. This is what killed Jane Scott. Wilkes believes it may have extraterrestrial origins. Upon hearing this, Agent Carter wants to steal the zero matter immediately.

Now, Marvel fans will recognize that zero matter is what is known as the Darkforce in Marvel Comics. The Darkforce is a form of unstable and powerful cosmic radiation made of pure negative energy. For those of us who watch Agents of Shield, we are quite familiar with The Darkforce (Agent Ward is not coming back from this one, folks). And, it is my understanding will be seeing The Darkforce in the upcoming movie Dr. Strange.

Marvel is extremely proficient at tying everything together in their television series and movies to make one large universal story.

Anyhoo, Isodyne has sent a crew of men to stop Wilkes and Agent Carter. Agent Carter sends a distress signal to Jarvis via her car (which is one of Howard Stark's marvelous innovations). She also finds a lapel pin in car seat similar to the one Dottie attempted to steal from the bank. At the same time, Jarvis learns of the distress signal and calls Sousa to tell him Agent Carter is in trouble. Agent Carter and Wilkes walk a ways until they find a donut shop to obtain change to make a call. The employee is fairly racist because 1950s America and this pisses off annoys Agent Carter. Wilkes buys an eclair so they can get the change, but Agent Carter wanted to punch the employee. This leads to Wilkes asking Agent Carter if she wanted to go around punching all of Los Angeles.

Agent Carter replies: Maybe. I could do with a hobby.

And Military Husband and I both are laughing. Do you see why I love this woman? She is fierce.

Then, Agent Carter and Wilkes share a kiss. A BRIEF kiss. Because Agent Carter can go from goo goo eyes to general badassery in 2.0 seconds. She tells Wilkes: "I have an idea. We are going to steal that car" and she hot-wires a car to take them both to Isodyne Energy.

Wilkes is going to put zero matter in a tube, but before he can leave, Whitney arrives. Wilkes is startled to see the famous actress. Oh, and outside the lab, Agent Carter is kicking everyone's ass, AGAIN, to keep Wilkes safe. Whitney pulls a gun on Wilkes and orders him to hand her the zero matter. In a brief struggle between the two, the tube holding the zero matter breaks. Whitney runs, and Wilkes is sucked up!

Sousa arrives and Agent Carter is nearly in tears. She tells him Wilkes did not survive. Sousa heads home and finds Violet waiting for him. She is happy Sousa is safe and offers him up a bear claw. With this, Military Husband says:

I don't trust her.

Well, he has a point. She is being awfully nice to a fiance' that runs off to aid the beautiful Agent Carter. And no one in Marvel should be trusted. Or considered dead. *cough cough* Wilkes *cough cough*

As we close Episode 2, we see Whitney looking terrified. All of the zero matter is gone, except some that has landed on her face!

Click here for Episode 3: Better Angels.

As always, I am Marvel obsessed,


  1. Okays, Ma had to skip half your postie, cause she's only seen half the show!!!! I knows, can you believes it??!!! She is gonna watch the rest of it tonight, butts she saw the Agent Carter and just squealed! ☺ So, she is lovin' the furst part of the postie, butts she will check back to see the rest...she wants to be surprised!
    Anyhu, loves me the Agent Carter! (with a margarita...☺)
    Ruby ♥

    1. Yay! Let me know what she thought!
      Agent Carter is the best ever. I'm obsessed. xxxoo

  2. Are you binge watching? I nose you luffs this programme
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Good thing you have lots of good tveee shows on it is gonna be a messy weekend outside
    Hugs madi your bfff

  4. I'm with Military husband...Violet must be evil...she is WAY too friendly!!

    Great recap and I hope Wilkes isn't gone forever..but then again, I don't want him to turn evil!!! I really am enjoying the fact #itsallconnected it's going to be a great Marvel year all around!!

    1. I know! I doubt he is....but I agree....no more evil returns! Hahahaha. Poor Agent Carter never is going to get a love interest if her men keep disappearing!

  5. Seems complex! And is that the Griffith Observatory in that third-to-last picture? If so, I'm going to do the whole, "I was there!!!" excited squeal.

  6. I don't watch it, but I marvel at your recap. *Pun intended* Have a great weekend!

    1. Ahh you're missing out! Peggy Carter is bomb!

  7. As always, a brilliant summary. I don't need to watch TV anymore----I can get the condensed version of shows here :)

  8. I haven't even seen season 1 yet, but I did like her in The First Avenger.

    1. Ahh! You should go watch Season 1! It was incredible. If you like the Capt America movies, it was written by the same writers. :)

  9. This is one of my husband's favorite tv shows and he's excited for Season 2 to come back. Personally, I can take it or leave it. HA! Hope you've had a great weekend. :)

    1. Haha, it is such a great show. Plus Hayley is gorgeous!!


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