January 20, 2016

Agent Carter Season 2, Episode 1 Recap: The Lady In The Lake

The most exciting show on television is back!

And the most inspiring woman in the MCU.

If you have been following my blog, you know Agent Peggy Carter is my hero. She should be yours, too, and here is my post on why:

On Tuesday night, just five minutes into ABC's Agent Carter, I could see that Season 2 would be filled with lots of fun, quotable sayings, ass kicking by strong women and of course, Hayley Atwell.

Source:  MovieWeb

Could she just stop being so darn beautiful? Le Sigh.

If you are not watching Agent Carter, you are missing out on a terrific show. Of course, if you are an MCU fan, you need to watch this season because there will be a connection to the upcoming movie Dr. Strange #itsallconnected. Now, let's get started because there is SO much to cover in the first hour of the season premiere.


Episode 1: The Lady In The Lake

I'm not sure whether you follow the adventure, or the adventure follows you. ~ Chief Sousa

We open Episode 1 with the most badass cosplay ever:

Dottie (Dorothy Underwood) is back from Season 1 and she is robbing a bank dressed as none other than Agent Carter. You might remember Dottie as the original Black Widow (we learned all her origins in the Red Room last season; that SAME Red Room we saw Black Widow training in during Avengers: Age of Ultron). After a terrific fight scene, Agent Carter knocks Dottie out with a bag of coins and finishes her triumph with:

"Love the hat."

We then move to the West Coast Bureau of the SSR (Strategic Scientific Reserve) where Chief Daniel Sousa is investigating the death of a woman found in a lake in similar fashion to "The Lady In The Lake Killings" that occurred two years prior. He calls the New York Bureau looking for an agent to help. And Agent Jack Thompson is inclined to send the one and only Peggy Carter. 

But, Agent Carter is a bit busy questioning Dottie about a lapel pin she was attempting to steal from the bank. Thompson tells Agent Carter he will deal with Dottie and Agent Carter is off to Los Angeles for a new adventure.

She is joined by a familiar face, Howard Stark's butler Edwin Jarvis, played by actor James D'Arcy.

Jarvis enlists to escort Agent Carter around Los Angeles.
Agent Carter will be residing in Stark's mansion.

The West Coast Bureau of the SSR is located under the guise of a "theatrical agency." Agent Carter arrives and Sousa is surprised to see her. It seems Sousa has been avoiding Agent Carter's phone calls, amongst other things. Nevertheless, Sousa, Agent Carter and Detective Henry are off to investigate the dead body. Once they arrive at the coroner's office, they find the body is completely frozen solid. Oh, and when you turn out the lights, the body glows because Marvel.

No, really, the reason? The body was found near a particle accelerator. There is only one of those nearby at a company known as Isodyne Energy. Agent Carter and Sousa arrive at Isodyne Energy and are shooed away by the receptionist. But because Peggy Carter, she asks to use the bathroom and sneaks into the company headquarters where she runs into Dr. Jason Wilkes. She shows him a picture of the dead woman and Dr. Wilkes identifies her as Jane Scott, a coworker. Scott was "involved" with the owner of Isodyne Energy and senatorial candidate, Calvin Chadwick. Agent Carter plans to confront Chadwick at a racetrack. But first, Agent Carter goes home and we meet:


Played by actress Lotte Verbeek who is charming.

Ana Jarvis has fashioned Agent Carter a garter belt with a holster for her gun. All of these women are so fantastic, right? 

At the racetrack, Chadwick is with his wife, actress Whitney Frost. Agent Carter is not familiar with Frost because she has "no time for the cinema." This prompts Jarvis to ask, "what do you for fun, assemble guns?" #yessssss. Then, Agent Carter walks up to Chadwick pretending to be a supporter. She quickly changes her tune and asks him if he knew Jane Scott was dead. She tells him she is Agent Carter and demands a list of employees from Isodyne Energy.

Can we just take a moment to talk about Agent Carter Season 2's wardrobe?

If you do not watch for any other reason.
Watch for the FAB clothes.

Anyhoo, Thompson is in New York unsuccessfully questioning Dottie and back at the coroner's lab, the medical examiner is frozen solid and falls to pieces, literally. Agent Carter learns that Jane Scott was stabbed AFTER she died; she was killed by the substance that froze the lake. Outside the lab, Detective Henry freezes the water as he attempts to drink from a water fountain. He kidnaps Dr. Wilkes, telling him "FIX ME!" Sousa and Agent Carter are quick on the case to find Detective Henry.

But, BUT, his car is frozen!

All the while, Detective Henry tells Doctor Wilkes he cleans up other people's messes for the right amount of money. He was hired to kill Jane and make it look like "The Lady In The Lake" murders. Sousa and Agent Carter find Detective Henry and he is beginning to freeze. Another police officer arrives, panics and shoots Detective Henry causing him to shatter.

Back in New York, the FBI take custody of Dottie. Thompson is furious, but he learns that the SSR has become "irrelevant." The war is over and now is the time for Thompson to reposition himself. #somuchdrama

Meanwhile, Dr. Wilkes thanks Agent Carter for saving his life. He asks her to accompany him for dinner and dancing. Agent Carter politely declines. Then, we see the police officer who shot Detective Henry meeting with Chadwick and Whitney Frost. He tells them "the job is done" and Whitney is very pleased indeed.

Oh, but we Marvel fans know Whitney is a Marvel Supervillian to be!

We close Episode 1 with Agent Carter learning Sousa has a fiancee'. But that is not all! Doctor Wilkes is at the lab again with a substance captured that looks an awful lot like the portal substance we saw in Agents of Shield. Could this be MORE of the story behind the portal? #itsallconnected

Speaking of Agents of Shield, check out your recappers new MacBook sleeve:

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Is it not awesome? #MCU

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As always, I am Marvel obsessed,


  1. I haven't heard of this show, I need to check it out!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire


    1. Ohhh if you like shows about amazing strong women, this is one for you!

  2. Eeek, I just keep getting behind now...! I'll have to set time aside and just binge watch everything...!

    1. Haha there's so much goodness out there!!

  3. Watched it last season but it just didn't grab my attention so I skipped it last night

  4. i will check this out on our on demand channel. love the photos

    1. Please do and let me know what you think!

  5. Ohhh Ohhhh mom saw it advertised. That is as close as she has come to watching it.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  6. Funny, but although the name sounds familiar, I never actually knew what this show was about, let alone have watched it. However, it actually looks like something I would really enjoy, and the period costumes are incredible. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. You're so welcome!! I hope you love Peggy Carter as much as I do!!

  7. I love the clothes she wears. I might have to add this one to watch, I have been watching The Flash with my oldest kiddo who thinks its the BEST thing ever. lol

    1. Military Husband loves The Flash!!
      You should totally watch this one!

    2. I definitely think I'll check it out!

    3. Aw yay!! Tuesday night at 8pm Central Time Zone on ABC, doll. Let me know what you think!!

  8. I'm disturbed that I've never heard of this show, but she looks like one kick-butt agent!

  9. Never heard of this, but her outfits are fabulous.

  10. Jordan and I were talking tonight about going to see Captain America and Dr. Strange!!

    1. Hey, my dress just came in today! I'm wearing a Marvel For Her Limited Ed. Captain America dress to the premiere! Hahahaha yippee ;)

  11. OMG...Just finished the first 2 episodes and can't wait for Episode 3!! I have to say, besides Agent Carter being a total badass, I just love Jarvis!!

    Loved your recap! You're so right about her clothes, I would sooooo love to have a red fedora!

    The only problem I have is Mr. "One Tree Hill"....and his role. I wasn't sure last season how I felt about him, and the jury is still out this season.

    1. I'm putting up Ep 2 tonight! In a few minutes actually. It was just all around awesome. I like this season as much as last season! Basically, Agent Carter and I need to be best friends like today. Haha
      Oh I agree. I TOTALLY agree! Mr. One Tree Hill, dead....lol lol

  12. Mommy doesn't watch this one, but it looks very exciting.

    Ziggy Out!!

  13. My husband loves this show. I still haven't watched. I know, I know...

    1. This seems to be popular with the husbands. Lol could it be because Hayley Atwell? Hahaha


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