December 25, 2016

Mili Wifey And Military Husband's Christmas Jam In Boston

Long time, no bloggie.

It has been forever and day. 
#amIright #oramIright

As many of you know, at or around midnight Thursday, December 15, Military Husband and I left (him in a U-Haul, myself in the Nick Fury mobile) my home state to PCS all the way from the Deep South to Boston, Massachusetts. It was a harrowing adventure full of twists and turns, ice, sweat and tears. But, BUT, we made it and it was well worth the journey.

December 4, 2016

That Night We Starred In Tex Mex-Machina, Or Donna The Evil Robot Waitress

Ah yes, I have been extremely absent in the blogging world. Alas, we are in the process of making the move to Boston and it has been a wee bit stressful and dramatic. Of course, a life changing event with me has to involve some soap-operatic type drama.

I know, I KNOW. But for real though, I am the drama QUEEN.

But truly, I digress.

November 10, 2016

Pug Posts: Happy Veteran's Day 2016

Happy Veteran's Day To Our Daddy!

We love you!

BabyBelle and I also want to wish a Happy Veteran's Day to all the brave men and women who have served our great country.

Lots of pug hugs,

November 9, 2016

Currently Giving Me All The Marvel Feels (Winter 2016)

It is that time again. 

You know, the time in which I completely geek out and my heart gets to fluttering about all things:

Le Sigh. #nerd4life

Here is what is Currently Giving Me All The Marvel Feels (Winter 2016).

October 27, 2016 In My Hood

As you all know by now, Military Husband, #MaddiethePug, BabyBelle Pug and I are moving to Boston. Recently, I had a conversation with my friend Julie at Jewels Wandering that went like so:

Mili Wifey: So yeah, I am going to know NO ONE in Boston. I mean, aside from Military Husband. But, BUT, no one else. It is just ME. Ridin' solo, ridin' solo, as Jason Derulo sings.

Julie: You should check out when you are in Boston!

Mili Wifey: Right. I think I have heard of that before. We do not have that here in my city. This is Ratchetopia. Hoodrat Central.

No meetups here except meet up at the corner for hos and dime bags.

They start em young here in Ratchet City.

October 23, 2016

Mili Wifey & Husband (Guest Post) : Top 5 Fictional Villains We Sympathize With

A few months ago, my blogging friend Caitlyn wrote a post titled 20 Random Questions. One of these questions was "What villain do you really feel for?"and she answered with Cal from Titanic. As I was reading this, I thought this question would make an incredible blog post and I immediately asked Military Husband if he would participate.

Many hugs to Caitlyn for the idea. You should all follow Caitlyn at:

She lives in San Francisco and is obsessed with her dog and her husband. I adore her and you will too. Thanks again dollface.

Anyhoo, really though, who does not love a good villain? And there are some you just plan feel sorry for overall. Being that it is Halloween season, a post devoted to a few of our favorite villains seems fitting.

October 18, 2016

Mili Wifey's Ratchet Life Lately

I thought I would do one of those "Currently" or "Life Lately" posts. Normally, I find them as dull as a marathon of Two Broke Girls. As an aside, how the hell is this show still on television? Cancel this show! It is shit on a shingle, legit. You wanna tell me Agent Carter was cancelled, but we still are gonna air Two Broke Girls


But truly, I digress.

Anyhoo, even though these "Life Updates Of A Blogger" are kind of lame and narcissistic, surely I could spice it up a bit for your enjoyment. After all, I am not exactly normal.

Or full of couth and tact. Pretty much, it is like:

Every single time I arrive. 

October 13, 2016

Netflix Luke Cage Episode 13 Recap: You Know My Steez

When we left Episode 12, Diamondback had gone full supervillain which is always fun! Time to finish up the series in our final episode.

Friends, this is my favorite episode of the entire season. It is an AWESOME, if not one of the best, season finales to a Marvel series. It gave me all the #MarvelFeels. My hats off to the director, producers, Marvel Studios and all of the incredible cast who made these characters come to life.

Now, let's finish the season!


October 12, 2016

Netflix Luke Cage Episode 12 Recap: Soliloquy of Chaos

When we left Episode 11, Luke Cage was arrested, Shades was arrested and Diamondback had escaped. Now, we need Detective Knight to clear Cage's name. There are only two episodes remaining in this powerful series!


Netflix Luke Cage Episode 11 Recap: Now You're Mine

When we left Episode 10, Detective Knight had been shot and Cage was hunkering over her to protect her from more gunfire. Let's see what happens next in Episode 11!


October 11, 2016

Netflix Luke Cage Episode 10 Recap: Take It Personal

When we left Episode 9, Cage was flatlining! Let's hope Claire and Dr. Burnstein can save his life and remove those nasty super bullets in Episode 10.


October 10, 2016

Netflix Luke Cage Episode 9 Recap: DWYCK

When we left Episode 8, Luke Cage was shot and lying in the back of a trash truck! All thanks to his old pal Diamondback. Let's see where this takes us in Episode 9.


October 9, 2016

Netflix Luke Cage Recap: Episode 8 Blowin' Up The Spot

When we left Episode 7, Cottonmouth had been murdered by his own cousin, Black Mariah. Not to mention, Luke Cage had been shot and was in deep trouble! 

Let's see what happens next in Episode 8.


Netflix Luke Cage Episode 7 Recap: Manifest

Well, when we left Episode 6, Scarfe died and Cottonmouth had been arrested for all his dirty deeds. I would like to apologize to all my readers for being a bit behind on posting these recaps. CBS Big Brother OTT and all the new (GOOD) fall shows are taking over my mind! I promise to finish the series this week because #MarvelForever. I hate myself for letting my Marvel fangirl self down.

Now, let's press on to Episode 7.


October 6, 2016

Netflix Luke Cage Episode 6 Recap: Suckas Need Bodyguards

When we left Episode 5, Cage was totally embarrassing Cottonmouth at Pop's funeral. I really feel like this show has picked up momentum and building towards something great. I absolutely LOVE our two villains, Cottonmouth and Black Mariah (to me, she is the more sinister of the two). Can't wait to see what is in store in Episode 6.


October 3, 2016

Netflix Luke Cage Episode 5 Recap: Just To Get A Rep

When we left Episode 4, Cage was crawling out of the rubble with his landlady. Will Detective Knight learn of his abilities? 

Let's press on to Episode 5!


Surrender Mili Wifey, Or That Time I Met The Wicked Old Witch Of Ebay

I thought I would take a Netflix Luke Cage recap break to give all of my lovely friends a story time. Even though, you should be embracing the Marvel-osity because superheroes are awesome and avenging is just one big party.

Until you catch the #nerdfever, I will bring you another chapter in my soap operatic life. I know, I KNOW, why do I have to be so dramatic? Because drama keeps popping up out of nowhere. My life should seriously be a Broadway play.

Scratch that. A musical.

*Over the top orchestra music*
*Obnoxious singing voice begins here*
It's Mili Wifey's Life, there's passion and pizazz!
In Mili Wifey's Life, and all that jazz!
She's just trying to be a milso and pug mommy.
But the crazy is coming at her like a Drama Tsunami.
It's Mili Wifey's Life!
There might be some strife!
But she's blonde and she's lively,
and you best believe she's fiesty,
She's Mili Wifey!
Mili Wifey, you better run for your Lifeyyyyyyyyyyy!

Oh come on, you guys would pay $175 to watch this on Broadway, right? #oramIright

But truly, I digress.

October 1, 2016

Netflix Luke Cage Episode 4 Recap: Step In The Arena

When we left Episode 3, Luke Cage and his landlady were blown up by Cottonmouth! Will they survive? Well, we know Luke will, but what about the poor Asian landlady? 

Let's find out in Episode 4.


Netflix Luke Cage Episode 3 Recap: Who's Gonna Take The Weight?

When we left Episode 2, Pop was dead thanks to Cottonmouth's goons. Cage is mourning his death, but will he come out of hiding and begin helping the citizens of Harlem to respect Pop's wishes?

Let's find out as we begin Episode 3!


September 30, 2016

Netflix Luke Cage Episode 2 Recap: Code of the Streets

When we left Episode 1, Cottonmouth's cronies Tone and Shades were escorting Shameek to meet  Cottonmouth. Cage, washing dishes in the kitchen of the nightclub, spots Shades. He recognizes Shades from prison where they shared a cell. Meanwhile, in Cottonmouth's office, Cottonmouth begins beating on Shameek to find out Chico's whereabouts. Then, Cottonmouth beats Shameek to death.

And yes, Cottonmouth has a huge portrait of Biggie in his office.

Detective Knight finds Shameek beaten to death in the streets. She and Detective Scarfe, portrayed by Frank Whaley, look for Chico. Scarfe suggests Knight talk to the man who replaced Dante as the bartender at the nightclub. Later, thugs are roughing up the Asian woman Cage rents from and her husband. Cage interrupts them and the thugs attempt to attack Cage. Of course, he stops them with his powers.

The Asian couple want to hire Cage! But, BUT, Cage tells them he is not for hire, but he assures them that he's "got them."

BUT, BUT, Luke Cage is a HERO FOR HIRE!


Netflix Luke Cage Intro & Episode 1 Recap: Moment of Truth

It is the most Marvel-ous time of the year!

It is time for the Marvel Fandom to embrace Luke Cage on Netflix. After watching the premiere episode, I can honestly describe Luke Cage in three words: different, intriguing and powerful. Marvel fans should not dive into this series looking for the same feels they receive watching the Avengers. This is a grittier tale, deeply woven in corruption, crime and weapons trafficking. And Luke? Well, he is still the impenetrable superhero we all remember from Jessica Jones, but he is low key, hiding out working menial jobs. While there is no mention of the Sokovia Accords, we must assume Luke is well aware of the new laws.

Mike Colter once again takes the reigns as Cage and gives a believable performance. Aside from Colter's Cage, there are other standouts which I will get to during my recaps. Also, I am extremely impressed by the use of music in the series. Did you know that every episode is named after a track by legendary hip hop group Gang Starr?

You can learn more about that here:

Why All Luke Cage Episodes Have Gang Starr Song Titles

With that being said, I begin my episodic recap of Luke Cage. As you may remember, last spring, I did a complete recap of all episodes of Netflix's Daredevil Season 2. These will be written in the same format and available in the Marvel Forever section of the blog. The first episode will be the ONLY recap without reference to major spoilers. While there will be some mild ones, I will not reveal the ending for those of you who would like to watch the entire series.


September 29, 2016

Pug Posts: Exclusively Pet, Inc. Fall Treat Gift Box Review

Disclaimer: Exclusively Pet, Inc. provided my Mommy with a Fall Gift Box filled with yummy treats in exchange for our pug-opinion and review. There was absolutely no pug bribing involved in creating this post. We aren't about that life. Unless, it involved an unlimited supply of cheeseburgers, pizza and trips to fancy ho-tels (with unlimited room service because duh).

Hello Friends!

It has been FUR-ever since I wrote one of my Pug Posts. Mommy has totally been hogging the blog. However, I cannot complain because Mommy has taken advantage of her Puggy Pimping Power on Instagram.

Mommy friended a pawsome company called Exclusively Pet, Inc.

September 15, 2016

5 Date Ideas That Don't Suck

Do you ever find yourself on Pinterest on a Saturday night and.....

Wait a minute, did I just say that? Suddenly, I am "finding myself on Pinterest" on the weekends. What the hell happened to these days?

Le Sigh.

Do you ever peruse Pinterest and see articles titled:




And you click the link immediately thinking to yourself:

"Oh, I might find something fun for me and my husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, Prancing Tree Frog (you know, whatever floats that boat you have going on in your nether regions) to do this weekend. AND, it will not cost me a penny which is awesome since I blew all my cash on jello shots, scratch off lottery tickets and extra lives on my Cookie Jam phone app."

Same. Naturally.

September 11, 2016

Sharing Mili Wifey Lifey: Birthday Weekend

Ever since I made an Instagram account, I feel like we can share a tiny bit more of our lives with all of you. If you are not following me yet, please do (our Gram' Handle is "militarywifeandpuglife") but, BUT be forewarned - I am a tiny bit obsessed with "stories." 

The overshare is extremely obnoxious.

I know, I KNOW. 
#willstopsoon #maybe #cantstopwontstop

But truly, I digress.

September 6, 2016

Lifetime Movie Network Recap: Stalked By My Doctor The Return

Alas, Christmas has come early on Lifetime and I have received a special present from the writers, directors and powers that be ridiculously stupid gracious. The gift came wrapped in the form of a sequel. 

Dr. Albert Beck, aka Stalked By My Doctor, aka Dr. PawPaw The Lech, aka Dr. McCreepy is BACK!

So old, so lecherous, so McCreepy.

September 1, 2016

Q&A With Author Stephanie Faris, Piper Morgan Book Tour + GIVEAWAY!

I am super excited today to introduce all of my readers and friends to my phenomenal friend and children's author, Stephanie Faris. Stephanie is an incredibly inspiring woman because she is basically living my dream - she is a successful published author!

Photo Credit: Stephanie Faris

Stephanie is currently launching two new books in her Piper Morgan series. Piper Morgan is a delightful character who moves to a new town excited for an adventure. She is determined to have fun, be brave and make new friends.


I agreed and am honored to be part of her press tour. If you are here from Stephanie's blog, thank you for stopping by!

August 23, 2016

Happy Birthday To My Bestie Julie @ JewelsWandering!

Today is one of my best friends birthdays, Julie at Jewels Wandering

Since birthdays are pretty much the most incredibly important holidays of the year (celebrating the birth of yourself, bitches!), I thought I would dedicate this blog post to her. Especially since I cannot physically be in Singapore to say: