December 31, 2015

Marvel Christmas Takeover

Because I am going on 12 years old, I pretty much had a Marvel Christmas wishlist. Military Husband puts up with me not acting like a grown up made it happen. And yes, YES, I received a lot of cool "adult" gifts (Military Husband spoiled me rotten, but I think "What I Got For Christmas" posts are so gauche. Like #justno #tacky.), but you know Marvel.

December 28, 2015

Lifetime Movie Network Refueled: Stalked By My Doctor

On Saturday, I was happily playing with all my new Christmas gifts, drinking wine and beguiling the  New Year upon us. Then, this conversation happened:

Military Husband: OH. I saw your movie. It looks really stupid and crazy. I was going to tape it for you.

Me: What movie?

Military Husband: You know, the Lifetime one.

Me: But, BUT, what happened to all the Christmas movies? "Deadly Christmas Husband"? "The Miracle Stepmother of Christmas"? "Santa's Sleigh Full of Surrogates"? Surely there has to be one more Lifetime holiday movie with Lacey Chabert? 

Legit. She was in like EVERY.SINGLE.MOVIE.

I realized my holiday break was officially over when I saw:

Le Sigh.

December 27, 2015

Pug Posts: Santa's Pugs Are AWESOME!

Hi Friends!

#MaddiethePug's Christmas was more than #prettykewl. Santa's pugs brought me:

Editor's Note: I captured Maddie's face the second she realized it was hers.
This made my whole year. #lovemypug


Editor's Note: I purchased this bed on Etsy from OnePoshPup
They are absolutely charming and created an oversized bed for Maddie. 
I highly recommend purchasing from them!

I will be taking naps until New Years.

Did you all have a wonderful Christmas? What did Santa's pugs bring you? Let me know in the comments below.

Hanging out in my new bed, I am,

December 23, 2015

Mili Wifey and Military Husband's Christmas Jam

"Well, the weather outside is frightful.
80 degrees is so not delightful.
Cause there's heat everywhere we go.
Ain't no snow, ain't no snow, ain't no snow."

It is Christmas week, and we are in the middle of unpredictably warm temperatures. And nothing says ho-ho-ho like wearing booty shorts and crop tops during the holidays.

Santa booty, booty, booty rocking everywhere.

December 21, 2015

How To Cook Marinara Sauce That Kicks Ass-more'

As my Christmas gift to you, I am sharing another recipe in my "How To Cook" series. You guys know I am all about teaching you simple, easy recipes that do not require some Martha Stewart dramarama in the kitchen. Because booboo, I know you are not about that #kitchenwars life.

December 20, 2015

Pug Posts: Christmas Vacation 2015

Hi friends! #MaddiethePug is back on the blog. I am so excited because this is Christmas week. Christmas is #prettykewl. Santa Claus comes to my house on his sleigh with Santa's pugs. Do you know Santa's pugs? They come to all the houses that have pug babies waiting on Santa Claus. You can hear them snorting all the way down the chimney.

Dashing through the snow, snortin' all the way! 

December 8, 2015

Gamer Girl Guide: Awesome Games For Christmas 2015

Does someone in your life love video games? Do you have no idea what to buy them because you are not a gamer? 

Does the idea of wandering around a Gamestop have you like:

I feel the EXACT same way when I am in a comic book store.
Tumblr hipsters are all kinds of NO.

December 6, 2015

Pug Posts: So Glad It's Christmas Vacation

Hi Friends! #MaddiethePug is SO excited for Santa Claus. And, I am even more excited because we are going on a vacation this week. Time for the #ho-tel!

Vacations and the #ho-tel are #prettykewl.

December 3, 2015

Mili Wifey's Ratchet Christmas Music Playlist

Aw, c'mon girl.

In my Agent Trip voice. #AgentsofSHIELD

You really did not think I would not address hoodrat shenanigans for the holidays, did you? However, this time, I am bringing it to you musically. If you did not know, I love music. Military Husband and I even did an entire post together about some of our favorite music; you can read it here at:

Military Wife & Husband (Guest) Post: Our Top 5 Favorite Albums of All Time!

Christmas music, on the other hand, is annoying as all hell not your girl's favorite. Why? 1) The over saturation is obnoxious (EVERY.SINGLE.STORE.PLAYS.IT.OVER.AND.OVER. - do they all have the same mix tape or what?) and 2) Everyone in the industry, including some actors/actresses/(*groan*)YouTubers, think they need to do a cover of a Christmas tune.