October 29, 2015

Currently Giving Me All The Marvel Feels (Fall 2015)

Friends, I have a confession. I have neglected my Marvelosity on this blog. It has been since September 4 (MARVELous Friday: Cap All Day, Everyday) that I last posted something involving all things Marvel Comics. 

Really, that is just tragic.

I know, I KNOW. 

Currently, so many things are giving me ALL the Marvel feels. You know, the feels - as in waves of emotions that just cannot be explained. And yes, I am aware these posts do not peek everyone's interest, but I must be true to my inner geek. I must be true to the #MCU. #poetandyoudidntknowit

10 Halloween Treats That Will Get You Tricked

Very soon my friends, you will have little ghouls and goblins (and a few grown ass ratchet ones, too - read more about that at Mili Wifey's Trick or Treating Guide For Ratchets) knocking on your door begging for free treats. Why? Because this is America, land of the free #gimmegimme. 

And because it is Halloween, my witches. The night that is all about that "boo."

Many of you will be passing out lots of fun treats tonight. Hopefully, those treats consist of the good stuff or else, well, you know:

October 26, 2015

Lifetime Movie Network Road Warrior: 16 & Missing

On Saturday night, I smelt something familiar in the air - the whiff of teens in peril, really dumb parents and situations in which I am to suspend all plausible belief of logistics. Yes, my friends, Lifetime movie recaps have returned with the latest film o'week and the satisfaction is like finally finding that random turd #MaddiethePug dropped in the grass last week. 

Lifetime has a library of these. 
16 & Pregnant, 16 & Stalked, 16 & Deadly, 16 & Dumber, 16 & Yo Momma. 

Now, as you know, Military Husband and I try to watch something good on Saturdays, prior to me swishing my Lifetime medicine around in my mouth. However, this weekend, and honestly, this was completely my fault, we watched The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and it was AWFUL. The worst part? Jennifer Lawrence's acting. And this woman is complaining about not getting paid enough?

Two hours of Katniss crying and making #poutface. No. Just NO.

But truly, I digress.

October 25, 2015

Pug Posts: #Ho-tel For Daysss

#MaddiethePug is BACK! Did you miss me? I missed you, but only a little because I was living it up at the #ho-tel with Mommy, Daddy and BabyBelle Pug. We left last Thursday morning very early and stayed until late Monday afternoon. We were going to stay until Tuesday, but Mommy felt bad and was ready to come home (which won't be our home for much longer, more on this #prettykewl stuff later).

October 22, 2015

10 Horror Movies That Don't Suck (Ones You Should Watch On Halloween)

This year, Halloween is on a Saturday night and I have every intention of enjoying my witches "brew" and watching my favorite horror movies. No way in the Underworld of All Things Satan am I letting Syfy Network get one up on me with that "31 Days of Horror" nonsense. Exsqueeze me, Chiller Network, but I am the original queen of all things scream. Horror movies are the foshizzle to my nizzle jammy jam. And I am one scary beeyatch.

Too much? #nahhhhh

Because of this, I want you to enjoy the Halloween magic with me and I feel like you might need a little help. No offense, but I have read your all your "Fall Tags" and when the answer to "What Is Your Favorite Halloween/Scary Movie" is this:

I am pretty much like:

October 14, 2015

Mili Wifey's Trick Or Treating Guide For Ratchets (10 Trick Or Treating Tips)

Hands down, Halloween is my favorite holiday. Horror movies are my jam; I am fairly certain I discussed this in my post I'm Gonna Unleash My Inner "Annabelle" On You!. But, in case you were not aware, whenever there is anything scary, I am all about that life. On Halloween, I normally decorate the outside and inside of our home, prepare treat bags for all the kids in the neighborhood and dress up to hand out candy.

Before I met Military Husband, I was always the designated candy passer-outer at my parents' home. My parents' neighborhood gets crazy on Halloween night with anywhere from 200-300 kids on the streets. The neighborhood is well known for having the best candy and treats (some people even handed out money one year), and two different families set up haunted houses.

October 13, 2015

Lifetime Movie Network, Inc.: The Unauthorized Melrose Place Story

On Saturday night, I watched Insidious: Chapter 2 for the 5,432,000th time. James Wan did such a brilliant job with this film and the original Insidious; both movies are always on our Halloween Night movie list. Somewhere near the end of the film, this conversation took place:

Military Husband: Hey, your movie is on.

Me: Yeah, but, I, um, want to let the commercials run for a bit, so I can fast forward. Or something like that.

Yep, folks. Here I am, AGAIN, saying anything and everything to avoid my Saturday night enema which this week came in the form of:

October 11, 2015

Pug Posts: Update On Daddy & #Ho-tel Trip

Hello Friends From #MaddiethePug and BabyBelle Pug! We want to thank you all so much for all the well wishes and prayers for our daddy. He felt every single one of them and is doing much better. Unfortunately, my mommy and us all had a touch of the stomach bug, too. We are all ok now, but just so you know, the stomach bug is NOT #prettykewl.

We are going on another big #ho-tel trip this Thursday and we are so excited. We will return from our trip next Tuesday, so Pug Posts will return on Monday, October 26, 2015.

Thank you again and love you all!

Your friends,

October 8, 2015

6 Kinds Of Annoying People In The Grocery Store

Ah, the grocery store. What is it about getting married? Ever since I tied the knot, it seems like I am grocery shopping more than ever.

You feel me, #dawg?

Do not get it twisted. I love to grocery shop because, you know, shopping. Plus, you never know what you will find in the grocery store that you just HAVE to take home because you were hungry.

October 6, 2015

Lifetime Movie Network United: The Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story

If you read Monday's Pug Post you know that Military Husband spent most of the week and weekend in the hospital. Me and the pugs were are really worried about him. We would like to thank every single one of you who has written well wishes and sent prayers to Military Husband. He feels all of them and it means so much to our family.

As you may know, Military Husband was able to return home late Saturday evening to recover. And even better, he was home just in time for this:

I doubt his doctors would see Lifetime as part of his recovery process.

But truly, I digress.

October 4, 2015

Pug Posts: Prayers For My Daddy

You see this face:

This is the face of a sad #MaddiethePug. Know why? My daddy is very sick. On Wednesday night, he had to go to the hospital because his tummy was hurting real bad, plus he kept throwing up and stuff.

October 1, 2015

Let The Sunshine In, Or The Sunshine Blogger Award

This blog has been a blessing for me in many ways. For one, it keeps me entertained, and two, it keeps Military Husband from being like:

When he returns home from work. Because friends, I love to talk and the blog gives me someone to talk at. Notice I wrote "talk at" and not "talk to" and yes, I know I ended the sentence with a preposition. I can do that from time to time if I wanna.


Third, I have made some pretty sweet friends blogging. Like my blogging bestie Julie at Jewels Wandering. She and I have gotten pretty tight, and being so, she has nominated me for another award.