March 30, 2015

He Has A Talent For Causing Things Pain!

If you have read my blog, you might already know how I feel about the dentist.  If not, catch up a little bit here.

You see, there's always some kind of shady shit going down at the dentist office.  Most likely involving pain, your teeth, which include the tiny little nerves in your mouth and, THEN, that special someone who enjoys inflicting said pain.

See what I mean?

March 24, 2015

Come and Knock On Our Door, Swingers Waiting For You....

Oh, I think of all the things I thought about before I became a stay at home wife.
The law.
Eleven years of college, seven degrees, all that money spent on an education...

And today, I am talking about swingers.

Not just any swingers, the swingers on A&E's new show Neighbors With Benefits.