November 26, 2015

Netflix Jessica Jones Episode 9 Recap: AKA Sin Bin

We left Episode 8: AKA WWJD in a huge cliffhanger. A bomb has just detonated and Simpson's life hangs in the balance. But who cares, right, it is just Simpson. As an aside, Episode 9 and 10 are by far two of my favorites of my series. Carrie-Anne Moss dominates these episodes as one of Marvel's nastiest villains. If this woman does not receive an Emmy for her performance, it will be just criminal. She totally steals the show.


Episode 9: AKA Sin Bin

My powers of persuasion could right away any wrong. ~ Kilgrave

We open Episode 9 with Kilgrave at the safe house incarcerated in the hermetically sealed room. He is standing in water that is hooked to conductors to give him a shock. Jones calls him by his given name, "Kevin," and wants him to confess to his crimes on camera. At the same time, Trish is racing Simpson to the hospital. He is alive, but barely. Simpson insists on seeing some Dr. Kozlov once they arrive. 

Meanwhile, Jones shows Kilgrave footage of other children his parents ran tests on. Hogarth arrives and reminds Jones that any confession she receives from Kilgrave will be under digress and inadmissible in court. Jones needs Kilgrave's confession on tape with a witness who has legal authority. And Hogarth has some other news for Jones - Hope has been offered a plea bargain. She will receive 15-20 years in lieu of a life sentence. Jones is unhappy with the idea of Hope taking a plea, and leaves to call Detective Clemons to see if he will be her witness. While she is gone, Hogarth receives a call from Wendy. Wendy now wants 90% of her assets.

By the way, Wendy is played by a talented actress named by Robin Weigert.

She played Ally Lowen in Sons of Anarchy and helped Tara
get a restraining order against Gemma.

Anyhoo, Hogarth reminds Wendy that if she gets disbarred for the jury tampering, Wendy will receive nothing. However, Wendy does not care. Throughout the conversation, Kilgrave is watching. He knocks on the glass and asks Hogarth to hear his side of the story.

He slyly reminds her that he has mind control powers that could be put to some "good" use. Hogarth seems intrigued. And I silently remind myself that Hogarth is an attorney (plain evil) and she is in the Marvel Universe (SUPER evil). #troubleisafoot

Back at the hospital, Simpson emphatically tells Trish to leave and kill Kilgrave. Dr. Kozlov arrives and hands Simpson different colored pills ("red to get you going, two whites to keep you even, one blue to bring you down."). #dingdingding #MarvelComicsalarm

And I looked at Military Husband and said, "I think Simpson is supposed to be Marvel's supervillian Nuke."

Frank Simpson, also known as Nuke, was a test subject of the same supersoldier program that created Captain America. The enhancing and conditioning program went awry, causing Simpson to be seriously deranged. Nuke has a second heart and takes pills to produce different effects. Aside from his artificial heart, Nuke has superhuman strength and durability. He is also a complete schizophrenic.

Oh. And he is super evil. 

Yep, he is messing with Captain America in this still.
#BabyBellePugdoesntlikethis #CaptainAmericaisherfavorite

Not sure who Dr. Kozlov is supposed to be in Marvel Comics, but a safe guess would be someone who works with or for HYDRA. Finally, we have established who Simpson is (which is pretty damn scary and definitely setting us up for a Jessica Jones Season 2 #yesssss) and we can press forward.

Back at the safe house, Jones attempts to get Kilgrave's confession by going in the room with him. First, she attempts to seduce him, and then, she taunts and hits him (Jones is always beating the crap out of everyone and asking questions later; I love it). Hogarth and Trish are watching from the outside. Just as Jones is about to finish Kilgrave, Trish shocks her. Once Jones comes to, she decides they could find his parents and use them to break Kilgrave. Meanwhile, Hogarth is still battling Wendy. Wendy sent the bribery evidence in a email to everyone in the firm. Lucky for Hogarth, Pam caught it just in time. Pam tells Hogarth to handle the problem so they can go on with their lives.

Oh, she will handle it alright. #justyouwait 

A little later, Jones and Trish watch the tapes of Kilgrave as a child to find clues. In one of the videos, you can hear Kilgrave's father saying, "you don't see Eric crying when he goes in the Sin Bin." Sin bin is a rugby term and Eric Brantford was a rugby player at the University of Manchester. Jones calls Professor Davies at the university's neuroscience department to ask about Kilgrave. He tells Jones that Professors Albert and Louise Thompson headed the program before it was shut down.

At the same time, Hogarth is offering Hope the plea agreement. However, Hope does not want to plead guilty. She insists on talking to Jones. Once she does, she tells Jones that she is tired and wants the entire ordeal over and done. Jones begs her not to take the deal as she is so close to proving Hope's evidence.

Then, Jones heads to the "Kilgrave Survivor Meeting" to find Kilgrave's parents. His mother, Louise, shows up and leaves upon seeing Jones. She tells Jones that Kilgrave had a degenerative disease and the experiment was to save him from ending up brain dead. They had no idea about the side effects. Kilgrave burned his mother's face with an iron one day and they left. Nevertheless, Louise and Albert agree to see Kilgrave because Louise says Kilgrave is their problem.

Back at the safe house, Hogarth is sharing a moment with Kilgrave. She tells him, "I'm listening" and it appears the two are up to no good. Before she can do anything shady, Jones, Clemons, Trish, Louise and Albert arrive.

With everyone inside (Clemons is handcuffed to a pipe), Albert and Louise enter the room with Kilgrave. They talk and seem to reconcile, but out of nowhere, Louise stabs Kilgrave with scissors. Kilgrave orders her to pick up the scissors and stab herself for every year she left him alone. Jones attempts to shock Kilgrave, but the device does not work! Then, Kilgrave orders Albert to do the same to himself. Jones opens the door and saves Albert. Kilgrave runs out of the room telling Albert to cut his own heart out, telling Clemons to follow him (he pulls the skin off his hand while removing it from the handcuff) and telling "Patsy" (Trish) to put a bullet in her head (she is out of bullets, luckily). 

Jones grabs Kilgrave's arm and he tells her to let go.

And she does not obey.

Jones is immune from Kilgrave's mind control.

As always, I am still,


  1. Happy Day after 'stuffin' day! We hope you all had a fine day. My peeps came home from my uncle's with leftovers
    I heard a rumor I might get a slice of turkey too
    Hugs madi your bfff

  2. OMD....First, can't believe Simpson was alive!! Totally blew my mind....and I would love to know if he and Kozlov are Hydra...hmmmmmmmm

    Next, I love the way Kilgrave twisted his childhood, making his parents out to be bad guys....when they were just, in an albeit twisted way, were just trying to save his life....Not feeling sorry for him anymore, but still not sure if he is a strong enough to be a "super villain" or if he is just tier one villain material!

    You know who is super villain material....Hogarth!! Is bitchy greed a super power???
    Thanks for the recap!

    1. YESSS!!
      See, you totally are on point with me! I really love Marvel, but this was not one of their best supervillians. One of my fave Marvel supervillians is Red Skull. Now, I though the guys did a great job writing his role in Captain America: The First Avenger (because that could have come off stupid, and instead, he was pretty damn scary). I just like my villains evil for the sake of being evil.

      Hogarth is horrible! Hahaha. Carrie-Anne Moss kicked ass in this show!

  3. I loved that Jessica didn't have to listen to Kilgrave! So much happened in this episode. So Simpson is a bad guy after all? And so is Hogarth? Hmm! BTW, do you think I should watch Daredevil?

    1. Oh my gosh I do!!! I loved Daredevil! It might be one of my favorite of all the Marvel series. Just to let you starts out a little slow. But it picks up steam fast and you are hooked!


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