November 26, 2015

Netflix Jessica Jones Episode 8 Recap: AKA WWJD

We left off in Episode 7: AKA Top Shelf Perverts with Jones arriving at her childhood home to meet Kilgrave. In my last recap, I discussed my thoughts on Kilgrave as a Marvel supervillian. We will see more about his supervillian origins in this episode which lends heavily to my feelings of empathy for him. 

Am I the only one who prefers a supervillain I just love to hate all day/every day to one I just sort of feel sorry for?

Right. Let's press on.


Episode 8: AKA WWJD

Everyone wants to be the hero. We can't be. There's us and there's them. ~ Will Simpson

We begin this episode in a flashback to the day Jones's parents died. Back in the present day, Jones is in her childhood home with Kilgrave. Kilgrave hired an armed guard, and he checks Jones who has secreted in a cell phone to record a confession from Kilgrave. Kilgrave is not mad though, more like disappointed. You see, Kilgrave wants Jones to choose him. And Jones?

Well, she wants him not to touch her. #ouch

Kilgrave has set up the home exactly the way it was when Jones was a child. After obtaining photos from the relator that sold the house after Jones's parents died, Kilgrave was able to buy exact replicas of Jones's furniture. He even used a magnifying glass to identify the CDs Jones had in her bedroom. Just creepy. And when Jones goes to take a nap, Trish calls and Jones puts her on speakerphone at Kilgrave's request. She tells Trish she has left the city and Trish replies that Simpson has "gone missing." Kilgrave leaves Jones to rest before dinner, and gives her a present, a purple evening gown, which Jones promptly rips to shreds. 

Jones chugs wine straight from a drinking glass stating "I'll be having a liquid dinner." 
Gosh, I love Jessica Jones. #mykindofgirl

During dinner, Kilgrave tells Jones that he does not think the time they spent together was all that bad. He even goes as far to say that he did not force Jones to kill Reva Connors; she did that on her own. This infuriates Jones who breaks a glass. Kilgrave has his wait staff hold knives to their throats to calm her down. Disgusted, Jones heads upstairs where she finds Simpson hiding in a closet. He is worried Jones is under Kilgrave's control. Jones explains she is not, but Simpson does not care because he has put a bomb in the basement. Jones tells him that Kilgrave cannot be killed while Hope is still in jail, grabs his phone and tells him to leave. Then, she tells Kilgrave there is a bomb in the basement. The guard finds the bomb and Kilgrave is thrilled that Jones saved his life.

Meanwhile, Wendy and Hogarth are in a mediation for the divorce hearing. Wendy wants more money. She is still furious Hogarth sent her "goon" Jones to threaten her. Pam interrupts the mediation to tell Hogarth that she received a text from Jones and Jones is with Kilgrave. Around the same time, Trish finds Simpson. Simpson tells Trish that Jones can take care of herself and seems to be completely done working as a team with Jones and Trish.

In another flashback, Jones sees her parents and little brother bleeding before her, demanding her to make it right. Jones awakens and has breakfast with Kilgrave. While eating breakfast, a neighbor named Mrs. DeLuca recognizes Jones. Kilgrave invites her to join them for breakfast.

Kathleen Doyle plays Mrs. DeLuca.
She has been acting since the show Barnaby Jones.

Mrs. DeLuca reminds Jones that she duct taped her brother to a tree the day before the car accident. And she says she "knew" the accident would happen. Jones is clearly upset. Thus, Kilgrave mind controls Mrs. DeLuca to admit that she had no idea there would be a car accident and that she just wanted attention. Mrs. DeLuca leaves humiliated, and Kilgrave tries to touch Jones. Jones slaps his hand away, and Kilgrave reminds her that they used to have sex. Jones reminds him that it was rape. Kilgrave tells her that it is difficult to have his powers because he has to be careful what he says around anyone.

Kilgrave tells Jones his parents were bad people. He shows her the zip file they stole from Reva Connors. On this file are tapes of Kilgrave's parents testing him at 10 years old. They were scientists and performed various methods on their son, including cerebral spinal fluid extractions. It is horrifying and you definitely feel empathy for Kilgrave. He was not born a Marvel baddie, he was made that way. And he does not know any better.

Jones has a plan, though. She hears on the television about a situation where a man is holding his family hostage a few hours away and decides Kilgrave can help. Jones takes Kilgrave to the home and has the man release his wife and children. Kilgrave wants to kill the husband, but Jones tells him to mind control the husband to turn himself into the police. He does so, and feels good about their success. Jones really wants to show Kilgrave he can be good. 

But can he ever be good or moral? Kilgrave does not think so because he wants to "work" with Jones - he needs Jones to be his moral compass.

This whole scenario with Kilgrave brought me back to an episode of Agents of Shield that Military Husband and I recently watched. More specifically, Agents of Shield, Season 3, Episode 7: Chaos Theory. In this episode, Daisy was angry with Rosalind for her treatment of the Inhumans at the ATCU. At the ATCU, Inhumans are treated like someone with a deadly disease that desperately needs to be cured. And at Shield, Inhumans are kept isolated and helped to fine tune their abilities with the intention that they will "do good" with same. Rosalind finds this whole line of thinking naive. She tells Daisy that not all Inhumans will be morally responsible or heroic. 

Her exact words were: "For every Daisy Johnson, there is a Lash." 

This is exactly how I felt about this episode with Kilgrave. Kilgrave will never understand right from wrong because no one ever taught him same, nor could they with his mind control abilities. Not every power given is a "good thing" nor will it always be used in a morally responsible way (take Ultron for example, Stark and Banner never intended him to be bad). And with that being said, Kilgrave will never be able to use his powers for good. Kilgrave has no moral compass, therefore, he will never be a hero.

Some will say this is the need for the Superhero Registration Act forthcoming in Captain America: Civil War. The argument is that superheroes need to be monitored and regulated. But, BUT, I can see the opposing side's position as well - there is a huge danger in superheroes lacking any sort of anonymity. I mean, after all, in the Marvel Universe, HYDRA is always creeping around the government and it has no problem letting villains run wild. And with a registration system in place, these villains could easily track any of the superheroes families (and we know they have families, thanks to Whedon and Age of Ultron). 

Do you see all these dilemmas we deal with over in the comic book universe?

I mean, Captain America NEVER got that dance with Peggy Carter.

Anyhoo, Jones goes for a walk to think and has a flashback to the day of the accident in which her parents and little brother were killed. 

She and her little brother, Phillip, were in the back seat of the car arguing over a Gameboy. Jones's father turned around to stop the argument and then:

Jones is the only survivor.

Jones calls Trish and admits she has been living with Kilgrave and asks her what she should do - "what would Trish do." At the same time, Wendy is threatening Hogarth again. Hogarth texts Jones demanding dirt on Wendy. But, BUT, Kilgrave responds to the text instead. Jones returns to the home with Chinese food. Kilgrave thinks she poisoned it, so Jones takes a bite of his food and insists the wait staff eat with them. The staff passes out, and in the midst of confusion, Jones stabs Kilgrave with the needle full of Sufentanil. 

And she says, "This is what Jessica Jones would do." #yessssssssss

She grabs Kilgrave and the flash drive. The armed guard nearly catches her, but Simpson, who has been hiding outside, shoots him. Simpson wants to kill Kilgrave, but Jones flies off with him instead. Yes, you read that right, SHE FLIES! Is this the first Marvel superhero we have seen with flying capabilities? #whoohoo 

Simpson remains behind at the house. And here comes Mrs. DeLuca. She has something for Simpson from Kilgrave.


As always, I am still,


  1. We're a bit late, but we came by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. OMD..This episode was full of twisty turnies....Especially in the last few scenes!!!

    Of course, they left me questioning on whether or not I was right about shirt??? I'm back to one a day and will be back tomorrow to read more about your take :-).

    I soooooo appreciate having a place to talk about all things Marvel!! Thanks for these recaps!!

    1. Oh I'm so glad you're here too! And pretty soon Agent Carter is back. She's my favorite!!

  3. I don't know, I kind of like the idea of Kilgrave turning into a hero, but I agree that he wouldn't know how to!

    1. Yeah I don't think it would be possible. He's got no moral compass!


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