November 24, 2015

Netflix Jessica Jones Episode 7 Recap: AKA Top Shelf Perverts

Episode 6: AKA You're A Winner ended with Kilgrave moving into Jones's childhood home. We know this as Jones, per her past therapy, would repeat over and over the street names of her home to keep Kilgrave and the past out of her head. I would also like to mention we are nearly halfway through the series, and although these recaps have been daunting, this has been some of the most rewarding writing I have yet to do on my blog. I have a true passion for writing about television and movies, and nothing gives me more joy than to share my love of Marvel with you.

For those of you hanging in there with me, I appreciate you.

With that being said, let's move on to Episode 7.


Episode 7: AKA Top Shelf Perverts

The right people are going to pay for what's been done. ~ Jessica Jones

Creepy Kilgrave is in Jones's apartment sifting through her personal items and peeing in her toilet. when Jones's neighbor Ruben arrives at the door with banana bread. Kilgrave asks him why he is there and Ruben replies, "because I love her."

Oh, this is not going to end well for Ruben.

In the meantime, Jones is being thrown out of a bar. As this occurs, she sees Wendy on the street and follows her. While trying to serve divorce papers on Wendy, Jones grabs her and accidentally drops her on the subway tracks.

She saves Wendy and stands on the track to allow herself to be hit. At the last minute, she jumps off. Later, Malcolm discovers her passed out in the elevator. He takes Jones to her apartment and Jones gets into her bed. But, BUT, there is blood everywhere. Who does the blood belong to?

Ruben. Kilgrave has instructed him to cut his own throat.

Jones, frustrated, is ready to give up. She says this is the third death she has been directly connected to and she wants to go to jail. More specifically, she wants to go to a super max prison. Jones decides to find Detective Clemons to make this happen. She first calls Trish, but Trish is having sex with Simpson. Then, she goes to see Hogarth.

Jones tells Hogarth she needs an attorney because she wants to be placed in a super max prison by the evening. Hogarth tells her only "top shelf perverts" are in super max, hence the name of this episode. Jones tells her to meet her at the precinct by 8:00 p.m. and heads to Cage's bar (Cage is not there, though). Meanwhile, Malcolm is attempting to clean up Jones's apartment and Ruben's sister Robyn catches him there. Malcolm tells her that Jones is not a "bad person."

Back at her office, Hogarth is interrupted by Wendy. Wendy is furious that Jones intimidated her with the divorce papers. She also plans to tell the New York State Bar Association about emails that implicate Hogarth in jury bribery.

Hogarth is displeased.

At the same time, Jones is at Stars & Tykes Talent Agency which is headed by Trish's stage mother Dorothy Walker. Apparently, Jones was able to get Trish away from her mother and get her cleaned up from drug abuse. She tells Dorothy to stick to their agreement and stay 500 feet away from Trish, "or else." 

Dorothy Walker is played by actress Rebecca De Mornay.
She was the "it" girl in the 80s who played in Risky Business with Tom Cruise.

Remember back in Episode 5 when I said I thought something was wrong with Officer Simpson? Yeah, well, still do. Trish has called him and asked if he has seen Kilgrave. Simpson tells her no, but the entire time he is watching Kilgrave move into his new home. Why, WHY is he lying to her? Anyhoo, after she hangs up, Malcolm calls and asks her to come to Jones's apartment. She does, and once she arrives, Malcolm shows her Ruben's body. Malcolm begs Trish to help him clean up the mess so that they can protect Jones. Once Jones arrives home, the body is gone. Trish cleaned up all the blood and Malcolm dumped the body. But this is not what Jones wants at all. She goes to find the body, retrieves the head and heads to the precinct.

And she dumps Ruben's head directly on Detective Clemons desk!

Oscar Clemons is another Marvel comic character.
He is an NYPD Detective who attempted to stop The Punisher (a Daredevil supervillian).

Detective Clemons questions Jones, but does not believe she is a killer. Hogarth barges in the questioning and tells Clemons she is Jones's attorney and they are pleading insanity. Jones waives her right to counsel and fires Hogarth. She literally begs to be placed in a super max prison. When Clemons refuses, she breaks out of her cuffs to show her superhuman strength. But, BUT, this is all interrupted when a police officer comes in with "orders" to let Jones leave. Jones walks out of the holding room and finds:

Everyone either holding a gun to their own head, or to someone else's head.
It is pretty damn eerie.

Of course, this is all Kilgrave's doing.

He is wearing a purple suit! #ThePurpleMan

He tells Jones that he loves her and wants her back. He wants her to decide on her own to come with him, and he has left a gift for her at her apartment. When she finds it, he wants her to come see him. So basically, Kilgrave's motive this whole time was some weird stalker-like romantic obsession with Jones. 

At this juncture, I feel we have to address the big purple elephant in the room.

*Cue the Marvel nerd wars now*.

Time to give you my overall thoughts thus far on our villain Kilgrave. Honestly, I was little dissatisfied at this anti-climatic reveal of Kilgrave's motives. It seems Kilgrave suffers from what I like to call: "Marvel supervillian syndrome." Unfortunately, supervillains just are not always Marvel's strong suit. Kilgrave is just plain annoying, and in many ways, pathetic. I found a couple of other people in this series to be much more despicable, horrible and frightening than Kilgrave. While I think Tennant did a fantastic job with the character (along with the fact that Marvel simply could not go as far as the comics do with The Purple Man or this show would be NC-17, at best), I would never put him on the level of Heath Ledger's Joker or even Robin Lord Taylor's Penguin.

I know, I KNOW these are different shows, but when you look at Fox's Gotham, you can honestly say that Robin Lord Taylor dominates that show as a supervillain. You cannot keep your eyes off him whenever he is on screen. I never really felt that with Tennant even though he is a formidable actor.  Now, let me just point out that I think Marvel does a good job with its regular villains, for example Grant Ward on Agents of Shield (though, there is a shot in the future he may morph into a supervillian). However, so far, the only writers who have power housed through Marvel movies with excellent supervillians are Markus and McFeely in both Captain America: The First Avenger and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Otherwise, supervillians are just a womp, womp, womp in the Marvel world and Kilgrave is no exception.

And yes, I do have a dog in this race because I prefer Marvel all day, every day over DC Comics. I will always agree that superheroes are Marvel's strength. Marvel has a gift of turning ordinary people into extraordinary. Jessica Jones is proving that over and over again in this series, and is 1,000 times the superhero CBS wishes it had in its new fall series, Supergirl. But, there needs to be a bit more gusto in the supervillian department. I hope to see that in Season 2 of Netflix's Daredevil with The Punisher (Jon Bernthal is a great actor; I expect him to "bring it"), and perhaps in Season 2 of Jessica Jones #moretofollow.

But truly, I digress. Back to our show.

Jones heads home and finds Kilgrave's gift - her childhood diary. She tries to leave, but Robyn arrives looking for Ruben. Jones tells her that Ruben is not coming back. Then, she takes a taxi to her childhood home and has a flashback remembering that she could not find her journal. In the present day, she sees Kilgrave waiting for her.

And Simpson? Well, he is still watching it all unfold.

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  1. OMD, you're on ep7 already!!!!!!! Er...when this ends do we get Doctor Who back????
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. I am thinking hard about Kilgrave. He is a bit "wishy-washy" in the supervillain department and you've really have me evaluating Marvel's supervillains....Hmmmmmmm, give me until the end of the series to think this one over!

    I've just started watching Gotham on Netflix, and am about halfway through the first season. I totally agree with you about Robin Lord Taylor! As a gal who grew up watching the original Batman (ok, so maybe the first round of reruns), I can tell you that Robin Lord Taylor has nailed the Penguin! From his walk, his pointed features and, most important, his ruthlessness!!

    I have to say, I am just loving these recaps!!

    1. Yes!! Robin Lord Taylor is the best thing about Gotham! I watched the old Batman series too! It was hilarious! Hahaha.

  3. The scene in the police station was really creepy. The purple suit made it creepier. I think he wears some purple all the time, yeah? I was wondering what Simpson was doing watching everything, that was certainly strange!

    1. In the comics, he wears purple all the time!
      You'll find out more about Simpson soon!!!


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