November 24, 2015

Netflix Jessica Jones Episode 6 Recap: AKA You're A Winner!

Episode 5: AKA The Sandwich Shop Saved Me left Jones choosing to save her friend Malcolm and complying with Kilgrave's requests to see her "selfies." Can we just say yuck? Marvel supervillains are even requesting selfies now. What has this comic book world come to?! 

But truly, I digress. Let's press on.


Episode 6: AKA You're A Winner!

You are a hard drinking, short fused mess of a woman. ~ Luke Cage

We open this episode with Kilgrave doing exactly what I do if I had mind control abilities.

I would hit up Vegas and NFL games. #showmethemoney

Playing poker! Because of course he does, he wins over a million dollars. One of the men playing with him demands Kilgrave allow them to play another hand to win their money back. And Kilgrave tells him to put his head through a post. Meanwhile, Malcolm has detoxed and is helping Jones figure out a way to nab Kilgrave. Then, Cage shows up and he wants Jones to find a man named Antoine, who has not been paying a loan shark. Cage is looking for him as a favor to his sister. Suddenly, Hogarth calls to tell Jones that Hope was attacked in prison.

At the prison, Hope tells Jones that she paid a fellow inmate named Sissy Garcia to beat her up with the money Jones loaned her. Why? Hope is pregnant with Kilgrave's baby and she says "every second it's there, I get raped again and again."

Wow. Pretty deep stuff, Marvel.

Jones leaves the prison and arrives at Antoine's apartment where Cage is waiting. Jones finds, by searching through his mail, that Antoine is a contest junkie. So, she leaves Antoine a voicemail letting him know he won a free X Box. Outside the apartment, Jones and Cage run into the loan shark. Cage suggest Jones work with the loan shark to find deadbeats. Meanwhile, Hogarth is proposing to her girlfriend Pam.

Carrie-Anne Moss's Hogarth is delightfully sinister.

Soon after, Jones and Cage head back to her apartment where they find Malcolm. When Jones leaves, Malcolm asks Cage if he has met a British guy and Cage questions him about Kilgrave. Jones returns and Cage apologizes for not believing her about Kilgrave. Jones tells Cage she is a piece of shit, and Cage tells her she is many things, but definitely not a piece of shit.

And they snuggle. #aww #Marvellove

The next day, "Antoine" calls Jones looking for his X Box. But, BUT, it is not Antoine and it is obvious to Jones he is dodging calls. Then, Cage reveals why he wants to find Antoine. His sister, Serena, a woman Cage has never met, has information on Cage's wife's death. She told him it was not an accident. After Reva Connors died, Cage went through her effects and found an envelope that told him to go to a warehouse. She buried something there that Cage never found. And, through a flashback, we learn that Jones did - it was a flash drive. Reva, Kilgrave and Jones were all there, and after Jones dug it up, Kilgrave instructed Jones to kill Reva.

By the way, Reva Connors is played by an actress named Parisa Fitz-Henly.

She also played an extra role on House of Cards.
Another Netflix original.

Jones slips away from Cage to send Kilgrave another selfie and Kilgrave gets pissy Jones was late sending it to him (geez, Kilgrave; he really needs a selfie stick shoved right up his British ass). Then, Jones heads to the prison to give Hope an abortion pill. Meanwhile, Kilgrave arrives at a stranger's home and instead of using mind control, offers him 1.26 million to buy said house. 

And Military Husband is all, "He can have my house for 1.26 million dollars, today."

A little bit later, Jones heads to find Antoine. She tries to get to him first, but Cage is already there.  There are also dogs there, but Cage scares them off. When Jones asks if the dogs are alright, Cage replies "of course they are ok, I don't hurt dogs." 

And your girl wrote YESSSSS in her notes; hurray for animal-loving Marvel!

Two paws up, Marvel.

Anyhoo, Cage and Jones finally find Antoine at a warehouse turned into a marijuana plant. The loan sharks appear and Cage and Jones fight them off. Jones runs off to attempt to find Serena before Cage can read the information she has on Reva Connors. But, she is too late. Cage appears, reads the information and learns that on the night Reva died, a bus driver named Charles Wallace was driving drunk. Cage decides to kill him. Before he can, Jones admits everything to Cage.

Cage is furious and saddened by the news. He tells Jones, "you touched me with the same hands that killed my wife. I was wrong, you are a piece of shit."


Back at the prison, Hope has an abortion. Hogarth is eerily standing by her hospital bed waiting to collect the fetus and send it to the lab. I will talk more about this at lengths later, but Hogarth quickly became my favorite "villain" in this series. She is truly despicable.

As the episode closes, we see Kilgrave moving into his new home at the corner of Birch Street and Higgins Drive. Which is?

Jones's childhood home.

As always, I am still,


  1. You're enjoying this I can tell!!!!! Or is it the popcorn??????
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. OMD...I was floored after seeing the house Kilgrave bought was Jessica's childhood home...but then I was annoyed with myself for being surprised!! Jessica is quickly turning into one of my favorite Marvel heroes....Not being a big adult reader of graphic novels I just asked my hubs to find me any and all he could find on JJ for Christmas!!

    Oh...and I may have shed a tear watching Luke telling off Jessica...and looking at that look on her face!!

    1. Amazon has all the comics and I believe they are in book form. Just tell him to search Alias comics at Amazon and they should have 1-23. You should definitely read them! I need to check Etsy and see if they have any cool JJ stuff yet! Yes, JJ, Agent Carter and Agent May on AOS are all just such badasses!! Hahaha.

  3. Wanted to let you know I'm without Netflix until Saturday, but will be playing JJ catch up on Sat afternoon and Sunday๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Whoo hoo! All episodes will be up by then!! Enjoy your weekend love!


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