November 24, 2015

Netflix Jessica Jones Episode 5 Recap: AKA The Sandwich Shop Saved Me

In Episode 4 AKA 99 Friends, Jones learned that the mysterious photographer was none other than her friend and fellow neighbor, Malcolm. Episode 5 is intriguing, indeed, as we see lots of flashbacks which entail more history behind Jones's life pre-Kilgrave and her former superhero days.


Episode 5: AKA The Sandwich Shop Saved Me

C'mon Jessica, don't play the hero with me. ~ Kilgrave, aka The Purple Man

We begin this episode with a flashback to 18 months ago. Jones is quitting her mundane cubical job, and heads off to happy hour with her best friend, Trish. A man comes up to Trish in the bar and makes lewd comments about Trish's teenage stardom days as Patsy Walker. This causes Jones to challenge the man to a strength challenge, which she easily wins. Trish asks Jones to be her hero and Jones seems uninterested in the whole gig.

Not everyone wants to be a superhero.

Back where we left off in Episode 4, Jones is looking for Malcolm. Six months ago, Malcolm was a regular guy, without a drug habit. Jones finds him in the present day meeting up with Kilgrave in Union Square Park He is exchanging more pictures for what appears to be an envelope (we can only guess filled with money for drugs). As Jones puts it, pre-Malcolm lived a normal life, but one morning he met Kilgrave and all that changed. Four months later, he moved down the hall from Jones. Jones heads back to her apartment and smashes a whisky bottle. Her neighbor Ruben shows up at the door with banana bread for Jones. Jones takes the bread, eats a slice and ignores Ruben. Then, Jones calls her friend Trish.

But, Trish is a bit "busy" with Simpson in bed. Therefore, Jones travels to Trish's apartment and beats on the door. She plans to rent a van to kidnap Kilgrave, and needs Trish to be the driver. Simpson, in his underwear, gives Jones advice (he claims to be a combat veteran) and insists he help. He has a safe house they can use so Jones agrees. Jones leaves and receives a call from Hope. Jones visits her in prison, and Hope wants money which Jones reluctantly gives up. At the same time, Simpson tells Trish he Google'd her and he knows her family took Jones in when she was just an orphan.

At this point, Simpson is REALLY starting to annoy and bother me all at the same time. What has Marvel got up its sleeve? Who is Officer Will Simpson, really?

That role is taken, already. But, BUT....

We flashback again and see Jones on the street dressed as a sandwich, passing out flyers. A little girl crossing the street is nearly hit by a taxi, but Jones rescues her. Then, in another flashback, we see Trish making Jones a superhero costume. Trish thinks she needs a persona since Jones has been running around New York saving people. She wants Jones to use the superhero name "Jewel," and Jones replies it is a "slutty stripper name."

It looks JUST like the real costume Jessica Jones/Jewel wore in her superhero days.

Minus the pink hair and all.

Back in the present, Jones, Trish and Simpson are all in the van. Malcolm is, once again, meeting Kilgrave - this time at an outdoor cafe'. Simpson approaches Kilgrave and Kilgrave spots him. Jones tells Simpson to pull out, but he decides to take the shot anyway. Thus, Jones distracts Kilgrave and Simpson shoots Kilgrave. They grab Kilgrave and pull him to the van. While in the van, Jones takes a swing at a incapacitated Kilgrave. Unfortunately, they are not aware that Kilgrave is wearing a tracker. Once at the safe house, a group of men with tasers rescue Kilgrave. Simpson and Jones capture one of the men who admits Kilgrave hired them because he thought he was going to be attacked (he knew that Jones had the anesthesia).

Back at Jones apartment, Jones finds Malcolm in an argument with a drug dealer. He has no money for the drugs since Jones and her friends kidnapped Kilgrave before the exchange. Jones saves him, but Malcolm tells her, "you can't save me again."

And then, we flashback to a night on a street when Jones is saving Malcolm from a mugging. Who is also there? 


I know all you Dr. Who fans are stoked to see David Tennant. #nerdalert

He sees Jones, asks her name and then invites her to dinner. It all goes down eerily sort of like this:

Except Kilgrave is not purple.
And no costume or topless Jessica Jones.

Back in the present, Jones tells Malcolm he has a choice to stop using drugs. Malcolm admits he did not always take the photographs because of mind control - he was hooked. Jones tells him to stop and save her for once. Meanwhile, Hope is being beaten up in prison #moretofollow and Kilgrave wakes up, finally. He calls Jones and tells her that he will release Malcolm if she will send him pictures. Jones finds Malcolm in the bathroom detoxing, and the drugs in the toilet. 

Thus, she sends Kilgrave the first of many "selfies."

As always, I am still,


  1. Are you on episode 5 already....this is almost binge watching, be careful not to overdo the popcorn!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. Yes, we've watched it all now! I'm just slow getting these written!

  2. Hmmm I am definitely intrigued by this!!

    1. You should definitely check this out. Military Husband loves it because Jessica Jones is all about kicking ass. She just wants to kick everyone's ass and then ask questions later.
      That's pretty much how all the Marvel women are...ass kicking strong women.

  3. We sent you an email today.
    stella rose

  4. My daughter just marathon watched this show. David Tennant is her favorite Doctor.
    Love Noodles

    1. Ahhhh she's a Dr. Who fan!! True nerd!! Love it. Xxoo

  5. I had to laugh because when we were naming our daughter there were some names that we decided sounded like stripper's names! LOL!

    1. Oh I know! We've already chosen our daughter's name. And I think it will be non-stripperesque!

  6. Another great episode...Love David Tennant playing the super villain, very Barty Crouch Jr-esque and so opposite his Doctor persona (I think I get double #nerdalert points for that LOL)

    Now you have me intrigued about Simpson.....I have just thought of him as sort of a "red shirt" sidekick, expendable or side kick-ish...BUT, this is Marvel, where anything is possible!!

    Loving the recaps!

    1. Ah I will have ALL your Simpson answers very, very soon!!!
      Just you wait!

  7. Hello! Admittedly, I am not reading this carefully as I want to watch it... x

    1. Lol no worries!!! I know you are here!!!!!!!

  8. too bad the anesthesia didn't help anyone! I liked this episode as it provided more background.

    1. Yes I did too. I loved that they paid homage to the comic book here with the costume and Kilgrave meeting taking her to a restaurant at their first meeting!


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